Become a Partner

The Enhance marketplace opens up access to over 30,000 marketing professionals, increasing brand exposure and opening up new revenue streams.

Become a Partner

Featuring in the Marketplace is quick and easy,

consisting of just three steps:

Once you have your access to the Enhance Marketplace, just decide on how you want to use and develop this direct marketer-to-marketer channel.

Enhance Benefits

Enhance gives you immediate access to marketing professionals around the world.
Instant access to thousands of potential clients across the world.
Increase brand awareness with co-marketing activities.
Benefit from the Emarsys expertise and global brand recognition.
Integrating your technology with Emarsys increases adoption likelihood.
Access is free, with on-demand activities available to fit any budget.

1. Join Enhance

Getting started involves filling out a short form where you provide company information. You are then sent a welcome toolkit which includes:

  • Partner portal login
  • Support and development and ticketing platform credentials
  • Development documentation

From there your company features in the Enhance Marketplace and you are ready to go!

2. Engage with Enhance

Featuring in the Enhance marketplace is only the beginning.

As an Enhance partner you can harness the power of the global Emarsys marketing team, including copywriting, design, and promotional resources.

In addition you will be given the option to participate in co-marketing activities, giving you the opportunity to promote your brand or product in a highly focused environment.

Using Enhance as an additional marketing channel lets you decide when, where, and to what degree you want to participate – from thought leadership events, through to generating buzz for new version releases.

3. Expand your influence with Emarsys Certification

Develop your Enhance presence further by integrating your technology with Emarsys, allowing clients to seamlessly work with the product, or simply to enrich their own database.

Every integration is certified, which builds trust and increases the likelihood of adoption as the marketers know that this has been developed with their workflow in mind.

Development and Certification involves the following stages:

  1. Kick off development by submitting a timeline and scope.
  2. We lay the foundations for your add-on in the Emarsys cloud, including security keys, UI entry, etc.
  3. Submit your add-on for security review.
  4. You are done! Your Enhance presence will be certified as integrated.

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