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Botfuel is a custom-build chatbot platform designed for testability, scalability, connectivity and data privacy. Botfuel allows you to build chatbots that are able to deliver natural conversational experiences to your users.


Why Botfuel?

Botfuel comes with best-in-class Natural Language Understand (NLU), User-friendly back-office for bot monitoring and training, great Interoperability through easy-to-build connectors and SDK. We keep it open-source SDK so no vendor lock-ins. And to top that, Botfuel has the best-in-class team and high execution speed of chatbot projects.

What does it do?

Botfuel provides a simple use-friendly interface to build highly interactive chatbots that support both complex & simple use-cases that help companies in reducing cost & time in engaging with their customers or internal teams. We take care of machine learning and NLP and let you focus on developing the best services.

In addition Botfuel provides the best-in-class Customer Support Automation chatbot solution that lets your live chat agents focus on complex tasks rather than the simple ones like ‘Rest my password’, ‘what’s my username’, etc.

Botfuel Dialog

With our open-source Node.js-based SDK, develop highly conversational chatbots with just a few lines of code. We take care of machine learning and NLP and let you focus on developing the best services.

  1. Build with Node.js:  Get started easily and leverage one of the largest package eco-systems ever built.
  2. Dialog Management: Design conversations with just a few lines of code and deploy highly conversational chatbots.
  3. Pre-built Modules: Boost your development speed by using add-on modules to carry-out complex tasks.
  4. Connect to Most Messaging Apps: Talk with your users on Messenger, Kik, Skype, Twitter, SMS … and even Web Chats.
  5. Powerful Test Framework: Use non-regression tests to ensure the correctness of your bot all along the development process.
  6. Host Anywhere:  Whether in the cloud or on-premises, decide where you want to host your chatbots.

Botfuel NLP

Off-the-shelf natural language processing technology to build chatbots even from small datasets.

  1. Intent classification: Interpret input from your users to understand what they want to do.
  2. Entity Extraction:  Recognize up to 31 complex entities like dates and addresses, in 4 languages.
  3. Spell Checking: Spell-check your user inputs using generic or custom dictionaries.

Botfuel Trainer

Powerful web application for training conversational bots with straightforward integration with Botfuel Dialog.

  1. Simple classification training: Empower non-developer teams to train intent and Q&A classification.
  2. Custom synonym sets: Create synonym sets to let your chatbot understand business-specific vocabulary.
  3. Powerful test panel:  Easily assess quality of training

Botfuel Webchat

Integrate your chatbot on any website using 1 line of code.

  1. Large number of components: Create rich conversations with your clients thanks to a wide range of features.
  2. Quick integration: Embed your chatbots on any page of your website with only 1 line of code.
  3. Fully customizable: Easily adapt your chatbot interface to fit your brand’s identity.

Customer Support Automation

  1. Increase conversion rates by answering customers quickly.
  2. Reduce voice-calls cost
  3. Engage with your users while they’re browsing through your services/products.
  4. Support customer during out-of-office hours.
  5. Reduce response times for customers
  6. Automate repetitive tasks for live chat support agents

Internal Bots for work efficiency

  1. FAQ bot for internal teams.
  2. Teams get their common questions answered quickly.
  3. Teams feel more connected with the company.
  4. Bot can help with basic to advance repetitive tasks creating efficient workflow.
  5. Bot can send & receive info/documents for teams.

Lead Bot

  1. Catch & qualify leads on your website & Messenger.
  2. Follow up with leads that on 2nd, 3rd visits.
  3. Reach out to leads that seem lost on the website.
  4. Follow up with non-active leads.
  5. Pass on important updates on leads to sales teams.


  1. Bot helps your customer identify & buy the desired product.
  2. Customer feels engaged and doesn’t browse away from the site.
  3. Bot upsells related products after first purchase.
  4. Bot gets customer satisfaction review immediately with a rating.

There are tons of use-cases that help in reducing cost, increasing revenue and building efficient workflows for companies. Botfuel helps in conception of an idea, provides full A-Z support and assists in Build & Run phases.

In 2016, Yan Georget and Javier Gonzalez decided to enter the conversational agent market, founding their start-up, Botfuel, incubated for a year at ParisTech Entrepreneurs.

Botfuel is aimed at businesses that want to provide their customers with a high quality user experience. The fledgling business offers companies state-of-the-art technological building blocks to help develop these intelligent conversational agents. It therefore differs from the process typically adopted by businesses for designing chatbots. Ordinarily, chatbots operate on a decision-tree basis, which is established in advance. Developers create potential scenarios based on the questions the chatbot will ask the user, trying to predict all possible responses. However, the human mind is unpredictable. There will inevitably be occasions where the user gives an unforeseen response or pushes the conversational agent to its limits. Chatbots that rely on decision-trees soon tend to struggle, often leaving customers disappointed.

Botfuel is headquartered in Paris with a fast-moving tech team, super-responsive customer support & clients like Société Generale, BlaBlaCar, La Poste, Total, Banque Casino, ClubMed & partnerships in place with Capgemini, Keyrus, Accenture, iAdvize, etc.

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