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Add value to your Emarsys Marketing Platform



The Lifecycle Social Advertising Platform

Driftrock helps advertisers communicate with customers across their entire lifecycle on social channels. As a Facebook Marketing Partner, we want to help brands measure and optimise social activity to sales conversion.



  • Consumers are changing the way they communicate from traditional media like email, SMS and phone to Social
  • Search is not a natural entry point on mobile. Users are diving straight into an app
  • 1 in 4 minutes on mobile in the UK is on Facebook and Instagram
  • 968m people visit Facebook every day, 844m of those log in with a mobile


Ad creation

  • Create hundreds or thousands of ads from a single template
  • Localised messaging to each store/location
  • Reduced CPC and higher CTR

Lead response

  • Real time processing of leads to CRM
  • Manage, track and convert leads from social channels
  • Downstream conversion tracking & optimisation

Audience syncing

  • Extend CRM strategy to social channels
  • Automate syncs with multiple segments every 3 hours
  • Find new customers like your best ones with Lookalike audiences of up to 20%

Offline conversion measurement

  • Optimise for sale rather than cost per lead
  • Attribute sales offline to specific ads to optimise your budget
  • Optimise the quality of newly generate leads

Key Benefits

Acquire, nurture and convert customers with Emarsys

  • Increase downstream lead quality
  • Increase lead gen volume
  • Decrease cost per lead
  1. Ultra fast, single sign-on, custom styled wizard based campaign deployment
  2. Extend email CRM to social ads
  3. Out the box lead generation
  4. Market to similar customers by automatically creating Lookalike audiences.
  5. Out the box reporting for downstream ROI
  6. Remove the need for lengthy Facebook ads training



Combining people data and Driftrock’s social ads and CRM sync technology means advertisers can generate new customers and extend email CRM activity to social ads. Users can unlock what we see as a gold mine of untapped data that can be used to deliver the next generation of digital marketing on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.

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