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free machines

The most advanced AI decision engine for steering customer interactions

free machines provides Artificial Intelligence solutions based on adaptive Deep Reinforcement Learning to solve key decision problems along the customer journey.

Why free machines?

Advanced requirements can lead to a large amount of programs to optimize. free machines provides a state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence that automatically optimizes your program, freeing you from a significant amount of manual work.

How does it work?

free machines provides the Smart Split that replaces the regular A/B testing and Segmenting. Trying to find out which of 5 emails work best for which customer? You just need to plugin the five actions to the free machine node, and you are done.

What does it do?

In the background, free machines uses a highly sophisticated Artificial Intelligence based on Deep Reinforcement Learning that allows to match the right actions to arbitrary small segments. It works in a fully automated way.

  1. Automatic selection of best action

    Instead of iteratively implementing actions, testing them, analysing the result with respect to segments and starting over, free machines realizes a highly automated process, that frees you from a high amount of manual work. This leads to superior uplifts.

  2. Automatic Segmentation

    While normally, you have to define segments to best cater for the different needs of customers, free machines automatically derives the optimal segments.

  3. Automatic adaptation to changes in the environment

    Ordinary A/B testing is not really capable to adapt fast to changes in the environment. For instance, it may be that segments and alignment treatments are found, but soon become ineffective due to environmental change. free machines is able to cope with that by design.


    As a first module, we offer the “Smart A/B node”.

free machines comes in handy when you have lots of customer segments (e.g. defined by product categories) and want to develop ideal marketing strategies for them that adapt dynamically to environmental changes. It is able to generate a significant uplift and saves you a lot of time.

free machines is a Munich based startup based on state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence. Building on the combined research of three PhD founders and significant industry expertise in large-scale data processing and machine learning, free machines tackles problems in customer journey and conversion rate optimization.

IBM Watson IOT Center
Mies-van-der-Rohe-Str. 6
80807 München




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