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Customer Prediction by CrossEngage

The CrossEngage Customer Prediction Platform provides simple and precise customer value and sales forecasts in order to intelligently and automatically manage audience communication in cross-channel marketing

What is the CrossEngage Customer Prediction Platform?

With the Customer Prediction Platform (CPP), you can create and maintain fully-automated hundreds of machine learning models very easily, quickly, and accurately to optimize strategy and budget decisions in marketing. Using artificial intelligence, you are able to understand and predict each customer’s behaviors, intentions, and preferences and act on them intelligently and automatically. 

What are the benefits? 

Our platform provides automated, intelligent customer analysis to support customer centricity and leverage processes in cross-channel marketing. Our system is intuitive and easy to use. You don’t need to involve data engineers or any other department to get started. All our use cases are very simple to get done. We provide full control. Marketers are able to monitor all ongoing actions at any time. Risks associated with trying new actions are always detected and addressed.

How does it work?

Our platform is based on best-in-class artificial intelligence (AI) and automated machine learning (AutoML) that serve only one purpose: understand the changing and future behavior of your customers. Based on customer data such as transactions, master records, marketing activities, and various other data sources, the CPP provides you with the most relevant customer-individual KPIs automatically.

Predefined Use Cases to Predict CLV, Churn, Second-Order, And More

Using predefined algorithms, you can easily and instantaneously create and scale predictive models for CLV, second-order, churn, and more

Model Builder to Create Business-Individual Machine Learning Use Cases For Everyone

Our easy-to-use model builder allows you to operationalize your individual marketing use case without being an expert in data science. Easily get precise predictive models and customer selections for tailored marketing campaigns.

Advanced AutoML Workbench for Experts and Data Scientists

If you’re an expert in machine learning, the CPP allows you to create and maintain a myriad of machine learning models straightforward and in an instant. All data science processes, like data understanding and preparation, modeling, scoring, evaluation, deployment, are fully-automated and optimized for marketing use cases.

Audience Intelligence

Detect and automatically act on the changing, future behavior and preferences of your audiences in real-time

Customer Lifetime Value

What customer value are my customers likely to achieve in the future? Which customers are the most profitable?

Customer Acquisition

Which of the interested customers are likely to buy in the future and which are likely to become the most valuable?

First-to-Second Order

Which of my new customers are likely to repurchase?

Cross- and Upselling

Which customers are likely to buy which product next?


Which customers are at risk of not buying in the future?


Which of my former clients am I likely to reactivate in the future?

What data do I have to provide?

There is one single table that is ultimately required in a simple data scheme. It includes basic master and transactional data (history at least 2 – 3 years, better 5). Based on these basic data types, the CPP is able to generate reliable predictions. Optional data are behavioral data (click data), outbound data, or product data.

How long does it take until I get the first predictions?

This depends on the amount of data that you have. The software does some very serious number crunching. It can take up to one day until you get your first prediction values. After that it will constantly be updated automatically.

What proficiency in data science is required?

You do not need any experience in data science. The software will carry out all the processes on its own. In case you are a professional in machine learning, you can use our advanced AutoML Workbench to create and maintain a myriad of machine learning models straightforward and in an instant. 

How is my data protected?

Data protection is taken very seriously at CrossEngage. We fully comply with the GDPR and host data on secure servers in Germany. Moreover, CrossEngage is ePrivacy certified.

Which kind of companies use CrossEngage?

The platform serves different industries and business models. The spectrum ranges from (Online-) Retailers to mobility and travel to the insurance industry.

CrossEngage GmbH

Bertha-Benz-Straße 5 

D-10557 Berlin

Phone: +49 30 25766033

Email: info@crossengage.io

Website: crossengage.io

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