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Madgicx.com - The 1st Full-Stack Facebook Advertising Platform

Madgicx gives you knowledge and expertise of the ultimate marketer, condensed into an AI-backed Facebook Ads platform. Madgicx is the ultimate Facebook ad toolkit: your ad account personal assistant- 24/7 productivity out of the box that never stops working for you.


How does it work?

Take control of business performance like never before – Our unprecedented level of detail reveals hidden metrics so you can align business KPIs with Facebook Ad strategy to truly revolutionize results.

Performance dashboard designed for advertisers – Analyze all events and actions and their impact on performance, so you can focus on delivering better results.

Understand what works – The adset storyline visualizes your past actions and how they influenced results against KPIs with an intuitive action-to-performance overview.

Tailored media buying algorithms – Upgrade from basic automation to smart tactics fueled by world-class advertising experience, which you can adjust to meet your strategic goals.

Instantly deploy adsets that works – Using your data, our rich data modelling quickly identify the next best audience for you to target, so you can effortlessly add more adsets and scale horizontally.

Enjoy agency class reporting – Our zero-effort reporting function provides rich reports triggered at daily, weekly, and monthly intervals, give you in-depth performance overviews at all times.

The Ultimate Facebook Ad Toolkit

  1. Autonomous media-buying- Autonomous media buying boosts efficiency so that you can create and manage high-performance ads-faster.
  2. Scaling technology- 1-click automation takes care of scaling ad-account performance for you.
  3. Knowledge powerhouse-Programmatically execute strategies built on the knowledge and expertise of world-class advertisers.
  4. Proactive support- Performance and growth-focused specialists have your back, giving peace of mind even when things go sideways.
  5. Immediate results- Get setup in minutes. Enjoy results in days!


Facebook Ads: Automation Reimagined

To squeeze out every last drop of performance from adsets we put together a series of short term and long term revenue maximization tactics.

  • Day-Trader Tactics automatically adapt individual adsets during a 24-hour to boost ROAS performance.
  • Long-Game Tactics are designed to protect your revenue performance over time.

Campaigns Overview: Your Performance Cockpit

See all adset performance benchmarked over time in a single, intuitive overview that lets you identify strong performers and build on their success.

Create winning adsets in under a minute.

Our streamlined creation process gives you a selection of audiences with the highest potential and your best performing creatives to pick from. Avoid clunky interfaces or data analytics and skip straight to creating punchy adsets with just a few clicks.


Stop making bad business decisions using misrepresented performance data, by switching to clear metrics that show the true growth impact of your activities. Use reporting based on actionable data to seriously improve acquisition, retargeting, and retention results.


Single Dashboard Across Your Entire Client Portfolio – Get an overview of all clients from a single location and quickly focus your attention where it’s needed without wasting any time getting there.

Work smarter and automate more of your operations to maximize results for clients, while reducing your own overheads.

Headquarters: 9 Maskit Street, Herzliya, 4673309

Email: partners@madgicx.com

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