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Mercanto AI Personalisation Platform

Boost email revenues and engagement with Spotify-style AI personalisation.
Mercanto is the leading AI personalisation platform for commerce, powering Spotify-style email personalisation within your Emarsys campaigns.

At a time when every interaction is becoming digital, artificial intelligence can help businesses ‘surprise and delight’ shoppers with Spotify-style personalisation based on their unique tastes and interests.

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Why Mercanto?

Today relevance isn’t about segment-driven campaigns or generic ‘people who bought x also bought y’ messaging, it’s about using artificial intelligence to power an entirely new relationship between you and your customers. Mercanto uses world class artificial intelligence technologies to match each customer’s tastes (realtime and historic) to your catalog. It’s easy to deploy and injects AI personalization into your existing Emarsys platform. And the best bit? It delivers a 30%-70% boost to email revenues and reduces campaign production time to less than ten minutes.

How does it work?

Mercanto’s proprietary Natural Language Processing and machine learning algorithms build a taste profile for each consumer based on their realtime and historic interests. This enables you to deliver individualized content that surprises and delights at scale.

1. AI email preferences

Mercanto builds a multidevice cross-channel profile that is the weighted sum of the entire history of the consumer’s tastes and preferences – rather than a collection of individual items. This enables you to understand the customer based on their ranked lifetime tastes, preferences, and interests – and not just the last click or abandoned purchase.

2. Product discovery

It’s critical to encourage browsing and shopping – even when the consumer does not have an identifiable need. Mercanto provides real-time ranking of content at every customer interaction. Relevance of each piece of the content is computed and continuously iterated, based on customer actions and reactions. New content is iterated from what was used yesterday and different from what it will be tomorrow. Even ignored content is an implicit customer signal that is used to adapt the next experience. By consistently showing fresh and relevant content, marketers, maximize product discovery and purchase.

3. AI email personalization

Dynamic content is fading. AI personalization is on the rise. Why? Because smart marketers recognize that artificial intelligence can be used to combine consumer tastes with a deep understanding of product-level data to increase revenues and margin. You can use the ranking engine to select optimum products from your entire catalog, from a predefined filter, or to match your featured promotion.

What does it do?

Connecting to your product feed and web analytics platform, Mercanto ranks catalogs, product collections, marketing promotions, and individual products. It then evaluates all your content types, allowing them to be blended into a single communication. For example, it could create a personalized email that includes the right items, categories, and suggested products for that individual consumer but also includes those that match a specific promotion. Using the tool, a retail marketer coordinates and combines different content types in relation to each other. The output is a code snippet that can be used in email templates, on web pages, and in mobile environments.

1. More Cash

AI-powered merchandising analyzes each customer’s unique behavior, in-the-moment, to merchandise your catalog for their tastes. This approach delivers massive revenue gains, minimizes the need for discounting, and maximizes your overall profit contribution. Your Finance team will not only be happy, they’ll be impressed.

2. More Match

Mercanto dynamically matches the set of featured products for each user. Our ranking engine selects products from your entire inventory, from a specific filter, or can match your featured promotion or catalogue. This individualized approach boosts your click-to-open rates, engagement, and customer lifetime value.

3. More Dash

Up to 80% of a marketer’s time is spent on campaign assembly and execution. Mercanto’s AI-driven platform removes manual labor from the campaign production process, allowing marketers to build and deploy 100% individualized campaigns in less than 10 minutes.


Relevance pays. Spotify-style personalization enables you to deliver individualized content that relates directly to each consumer’s tastes, and achieve a revenue uplift of between 30-70%.

  1. Determine shopper interest and intent

    Immediately recognize anonymous shoppers and existing customers, and cater to them based on their unique tastes and interests. Utilize deep behavioral tracking and on-page engagement monitoring to truly discern what interests them the most.

  2. Merchandise what your shoppers really want

    Many recommendation engines and merchandising technologies use historical data and tools that promote “popular” products vs. what your visitor would really like to buy. Not Mercanto. Its AI can immediately know what consumers want for throughout your complete catalog – including new products – making sure that all of your products are being merchandised effectively.

  3. Boost Average Order Value 

    Up-sell and cross-sell to your customer via sophisticated personalization algorithms, with easy drag-and-drop functionality.

  4. Enhance customer loyalty

    AI email merchandising allows marketers to generate content tailored to each consumer’s evolving tastes. This decreases customer churn and enhances customer lifetime value.

  5. Every individual, not every segment 

    Unlike traditional ESPs and merchandising systems that depend on collaborative filtering, Mercanto doesn’t target your shoppers via segments or audiences. Instead, it learns the tastes of each unique individual, using their every action to learn their sense of style, and showcasing products customized to their unique tastes and preferences – not the preferences of “people like” them.

  6. Give I.T. a rest 

    Rather than rip-and-replace your existing systems, with Mercanto you can deploy the AI inside your current campaigns without changing ESP or configuring anything on the back end. Also, Mercanto includes preconfigured components you can use immediately so that it is easy to get the AI working in your campaigns.


Retail is a fast-moving industry. Using the Mercanto platform, marketers can combine the power of AI with drag-and-drop technologies to deploy 100% individualized campaigns in less than 10 minutes.


  1. Drag-and-drop simplicity

    The Mercanto platform is incredibly easy to use, operating in the exact drag-and-drop way you’d want it to. Select an element by simply clicking it, then drag the element onto the canvas. Then reorder elements by dragging them into any other order.

  2. AI marketing intelligence

    Recent advances in AI enable marketers to use ‘Spotify style’ personalization that recognizes the unique tastes of each consumer. This AI-first approach adds 50% to email revenues.

  3. Sync with Emarsys

    It’s easy to create send-ready HTML code that’s ready to load into your current Emarsys platform.


We are more than a technology provider. Our top priority is to lead you to success.

  1. Dedicated Account Director and Data Scientist
  2. Build a successful AI personalisation strategy from the very beginning. The dedicated Client Success team will guide you in determining the data setup and personalization strategy. We help optimize program performance during regular meetings.
  3. We help you build a personalisation strategy structure that delivers results. Our Data Science team  will create and implement the right personalisation algorithms for you, based on industry standards and individual business needs, so you get the real value of the data generated by your email program.
  4. Data analysis & reporting
  5. Understand the revenue uplift your personalisation strategy generates. Get actionable insights, as well as the knowledge on how to incrementally improve your marketing campaigns.



The combination of Mercanto and Emarsys is designed to provide 1:1 email experiences that dramatically boosts revenues and engagement. Mercanto’s machine learning engine understands your products, analyzes your customers’ tastes and intent, and applies what it learns to increase revenues and conversions, and delight customers at every step.

  1. Build unique relationships with every single person on your list – If you have 1,000,000 subscribers in your MailChimp database, you can send 1,000,000 unique emails. Mercanto’s personalization engine precisely tailors your product recommendations to every consumer’s individual tastes and interests. Turn on the A.I. and watch your engagement soar.
  2. Get more out of Emarsys with Mercanto – Brands can now create unique relationships with each of their customers thanks to a combination of Mercanto’s next-generation machine learning algorithms and MailChimp’s campaign deployment capabilities.
  3. AI so powerful, you’ll swear it’s magic – Marketers can automatically recommend the most relevant products to drive revenue and engagement metrics. Since Mercanto’s personalization is powered by self-optimizing predictive algorithms, recommendations only improve over time..


  1. Boost revenues and engagement with personalized email experiences –  By harnessing the power of AI, Mercanto builds a taste profile for each consumer and predicts what that consumer will want to see – and buy – in future.
  2. Deliver massive revenue gains –  Mercanto delivers a 30 – 70% revenue uplift by matching each consumer’s unique tastes directly to product attributes.
  3. Achieve more in less time –  Don’t waste time trying to manually select email content that appeals to everybody. Mercanto enables marketers to build and deploy 100% individualized campaigns in less than 10 minutes. One campaign. Millions of possibilities.
  4. Launch in weeks, not months –  Mercanto was built on the concept that on-boarding should be straightforward. Simply install Mercanto’s lightweight JS snippet on your website and provide access to the product feed. The integration with Mailchimp enables you to deliver the most relevant content for each individual consumer.


To help understand the concept, imagine a three-legged stool. The three legs of this stool are (1) an auto-tagging or tokenization system that understands everything about each of the retailer’s products, (2) a Spotify-style ‘taste profile’ for each consumer, and (3) the algorithms that take all this data and automatically rank products for each consumer.

  1. Products  – The first leg of the stool – product tagging – is based on a particular AI technology called Natural Language Processing (NLP). NLP automatically extracts ‘tokens’ from products based on the product descriptions. These could include single or multi-word tokens such as ‘party shirt’, ‘slim fit jeans’, ‘Tommy Hilfiger’, ‘work to evening’ – there can be millions of tokens extracted across a retailer’s entire product catalog. The goal is to look beyond the standard product data to understand the product’s most important features and attributes.
  2. Consumers – As consumers interact with products, these interactions are married with each product’s tokens to construct a ‘taste profile’ for each consumer. This the second leg of the three-legged stool. The taste profile is a collection of everything a consumer interacts with – online, in-store, and in-app – broken down into a collection of ranked tokens. Taste profiles are the foundation of personalization: they aid retailers in recommending new products as they’re added to the catalog. And if a consumer happens to like the most quirky and unusual product in your catalog, something that only 20 people in your database would dig, you can find those 20 people and connect the dots between the product and the consumers. At the end of the day, it’s about understanding each consumer’s personal tastes, and making recommendations accordingly.
  3. Algorithms bring it all together – The connection between data from the retailer’s product catalog and each consumer’s personal taste profile is the third and final leg of the stool. We take all of these tokens and the user behavior data and then we use sophisticated Deep Neural Network algorithms to figure out what’s most important and what we should weigh. It’s all about the data. On one side, we build a model of the retailer’s products, and on the other side, we have a taste profile for each consumer. We continuously take these two things, do a little magic filtering, and rank products to match products to each consumer’s taste profile, while also incorporating new and popular products, together with an element of diversity.

To get started with Mercanto for Emarsys, you must have an account with both Emarsys and Mercanto. The only technical requirements are (1) provide access to the product feed, and (2) place a Mercanto tag in the header of your website. Mercanto’s Customer Success team will guide you through the setup process. Once you are set up, adding Spotify-style AI personalization to your email campaigns becomes as simple as drag-and-drop.

Step 1: a bit of setup

(1) Provide access to the product feed, and (2) install a lightweight JS snippet on your website.

Step 2: Create your campaigns

Then, use Mercanto’s drag-and-drop interface to create beautiful emails that’ll render individualized content – without needing to know HTML code.

Step 3: Paste and send!

Export send-ready code from Mercanto, paste into Mailchimp, and send!


If you have a question or want more information, please either contact us via the form, visit our website, read more about best practices in retail and travel, or check out our explainer video.

We try to answer all enquiries within 24 hours on business days.

Direct marketing messages should feel relevant and welcoming to consumers. Yet too much of the content we are faced with online uninspired and impersonal. Because, too often, it is. But it’s not the marketer’s fault. How can you treat everyone as an individual when you have more customers than seconds in a day? We help you use the power of Spotify-style personalization to inject AI-driven content into your Emarsys platform. This AI personalization adapts your message in realtime for each individual, ensuring your campaigns are always fresh and relevant.

Headquartered in London, Mercanto was founded in 2016 by a multidisciplinary team of marketers, developers, and data scientists.  We knew we could change marketer’s lives if we could harness the power of machine learning for true 1:1 personalization that was as helpful as the in-store personal shopper experience.

Our mission
We aim to help marketers add 30 – 70% to email revenues via Spotify-style personalization technologies.

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