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Content marketing cloud for news organizations to double audience engagement with 10 times less efforts

Newzmate helps news media companies to increase audience engagement and retention through personalization of audience reading experience and automation of content delivery

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Personalize the reading experience

Using a mix of the latest in machine learning technology and content semantic analysis, you can give your users an experience that is more personal than ever before. You can deliver recommendations based on the content that they like to read about, and the news that they are interested in. Grow and engage your audience by giving them a reading experience that is individually tailor-made.

Let the content deliver itself

We’ve designed a workflow specifically tailored to the needs of news organizations so that they can focus on achieving their goals instead of simply managing their tools. This hands-free approach results in putting the processes of mailing list growth, content selection and email delivery, all on autopilot.

Streamline your revenue growth

Apply our personalization engine to generate more revenue from commercial content. It can be applied in-house or can use third party advertising to serve ads based on user interest, location or device type, in real-time, on the website or in emails.

Content recommendations that are relevant to reader’s interests. Based on machine-learning and marketing automation

The personalization of the audience experience is no longer a feature but a key function of a company’s marketing activities. The Newzmate personalization and content recommendation engine was built specifically for news organizations and content-driven businesses to deliver fresh and relevant content to each unique reader no matter if you have an audience of 100 or an audience of 100 million.

Email marketing on autopilot. Focus on reaching goals instead of managing tools

Changes in audience behavior have required a more complex approach to behavior analysis and management and as a result, marketing automation is becoming a leading force in audience engagement, retention and conversion. But while there are many products focused on marketer’s needs from different verticals of the market, Newzmate is attached to the news media industry with a content delivery workflow that puts automation on a new level – autopilot

Build a foundation of loyal audience with 10 times faster growth of subscriber base

A loyal audience is the foundation of media company growth and subscribers are one of the most engaged segments of the audience, but to make subscribers a substantial part of the the core audience, you need to make sure that there is a high conversion rate from new visitors to subscribers and that the quality of this database is high enough. This is where Newzmate can help you as no one else.

Drive more revenue with intelligent advertising

Advertising is a key revenue stream for 90% of media companies around the world, but while display advertising is almost invisible to the audience and video advertising stills needs to prove itself, the majority of buying platforms are quickly moving to accommodate native advertising, with a projected 74% of all ad revenue by 2021. Newzmate complements this trend with a new level of targeting – based on deep understanding of individual reader’s interests.

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What is so special about Newzmate?

  • It’s vertically integrated solution that was built specifically for news media companies, that’s why Newzmate optimized in a way that delivers highest performance for content driven businesses (higher CTR and open rate from newsletters, higher engagement – visit time, pages views for on-site traffic)
  • Since we analyze the content and related audience interest based on a full text analysis of the article we can define reading preferences more precisely and easier (there is no need for difficult API integration with CMS, as we don’t care about categories, tags, etc.)
  • Simplicity of management – once you defined the workflow for content selection and distribution the system works on autopilot no matter if it’s a once campaign for a few readers or hundreds of campaigns for millions of readers in both cases it’s an automated and highly personalized process
  • Flexibility and more control over the content – Newzmate provides variety of options to define from which sources and how you want to select content for different purposes. Including the possibility to combine personally recommended and most popular content, or define mandatory content among personalized recommendations that you want to promote to your audience

How it will help me?

Newzmate will help to Increase of audience engagement and retention – more engaged readers spend more time with the content, so you get more revenue from advertising and they also tend to convert faster to paid subscribers. At the same time fully automated workflow will frees up time of your team and lets your team to focus on strategy and optimization instead of just managing tools

What is needed for integration?

Simplicity of integration is one of Newzmate’s strongest sides – you just need to add an RSS feed in the system, adjust the look & feel of email campaign / on-site recommendations widget / opt-in forms / or dynamic block with personalized content recommendations and add the JS-tag on the site so Newmate can gather the data about your audience interests and show widgets on the site. That’s it. Can be done in 10 minutes.

How to try it?

Just send a demo request so we can better understand your needs. And get a 30-days free trial period right after a product demo



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