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Emarsys Direct Mail

Turn direct mail into your most powerful channel

Automate and personalize your direct mail


Turn direct mail into your most powerful channel

Emarsys Direct Mail is powered by optilyz, the leading direct mail software. Whether sending postcards, self-mailers or letters, we harness the power of automation and personalization through seamless customer journey integration to help the most innovative companies bring better targeting and analysis to their direct mail activities.

Our customers achieve average conversion rates of 4%, increase their performance by 30-70% and reduce their efforts by up to 80%.

How to reduce your manual efforts while increasing your conversion rates by up to 70%?

  1. Create Direct Mail campaigns in just a few minutes
  2. Automate recurring send-outs
  3. Personalize mailings, including 1:1-image-personalization
  4. Integrate Direct Mail into your Cross-Channel-Strategy
  5. Optimize formats, incentives, slogans, and visual imagery of your direct mail
  6. Eliminate cost of unsuccessful deliveries
  7. Send your mailings internationally with local providers


Automated campaigns

Use triggers to automatically send out your mailing-campaigns. Determine whether your mailings should be sent out automatically at a given point in time (ex. every Tuesday) or as soon as a certain number of recipients is reached.

Single campaigns

Create single send-outs of letters, postcards, self-mailers etc. in just a few clicks. You can choose from all common standard formats and easily upload all required documents or transmit them via Emarsys.

Analysis and Optimization

Analyze the output of your campaigns directly on the platform. Our integrated analysis tools enable you to compare multiple campaigns and always keep an overview of your campaigns.


Key Features


Make use of extensive personalization- and segmentation-possibilities to make your mailing as individual as possible. We can even handle 1:1 image personalization. Additionally, you can use A/B-tests to determine the optimal formats, slogans, incentives, and visual imagery for your target groups.

Address Cleaning

Reduce unnecessary costs for undeliverable send-outs. Roughly 6% of address data are faulty. optilyz automatically conducts deliverability and duplicate checks of your data.

Price calculator

Calculate the expected costs of your planned campaigns before committing to a mailing. During the creation of your campaign you are always on top of the price of your designed campaign due to our real-time price calculation.

International Mailing

You can also send out international campaigns with country-specific standard formats while taking advantage of cost savings provided by local vendors.

Direct Mail can be used for a broad range of use cases. The list below gives you an overview of the most relevant cases for which direct mail touchpoints are added to customer journeys.Direct mail does not require any opt-in, which is why you can reach almost all your customers. Take your CRM to the next level.

  1. Reactivation – Reactivate valuable customers after prolonged periods of inactivity who are not responsive in other channels or do not fulfill double opt-in requirements for email communication.
  2. Second-Order-Push – Encourage first-time-buyers to a second purchase and invest in a high potential relationship with a well personalized mailing. Lacking newsletter opt-ins or unprovided email addresses are no longer holding you back from connecting with your customers.
  3. Abandoned Shopping Cart – Incentivize indecisive customers to convert with personalized mailings and show them what they just left behind (e.g. via 1-to-1 image personalization).
  4. Churn Prevention – Prevent important customer churn with an exclusive and careful personalized mailing.
  5. Cross- & Upselling – Increase sales of related or complimentary products via direct mail by leveraging the fact that advertorial mail is usually kept for around 17 days and converts over time.
  6. Life-Events – Delight your customers with thoughtful mailings for special occasions. E.g. wish your loyal customers a Happy Birthday.
  7. Referral Marketing – Help your customers to spread the word and take advantage of the physical character of direct mailings as they can be passed on to friends and family. 35% of all direct mail is read by more than one person.
  8. Customer Retention Measures – Convert regular customers into loyal fans by thrilling them with not only email but direct mail too.

Both brick-and-mortar and e-commerce, as well as other businesses successfully use Emarsys Direct Mail powered by optilyz

“Due to our connection of optilyz […] our postal reactivation-campaigns are just as fully automatic as our email-campaigns”
Christian Efendic

“The integrated approach of the optilyz-platform significantly reduces our operational efforts.”
Jan Meißner
Hoesch & Partner

“Seamless integration […] perfectly fits into our agile and scalable way of thinking & working of our company.”
Martin Berky

“optilyz allows us to conduct highly segmented campaigns with minimal effort.”
Dr. Florian Bonnet

“Print marketing is making a comeback as an effective way to regain customers.”
Florian Teufel

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Campaign Costs
Print prices depend on the format, volume, printing process, and mailing country.
Postage is calculated according to the local postal rates. We are able accommodate your individually negotiated postal contracts.

Invoicing will be conducted directly via optilyz or, in the case of pre-arranged postal contracts, via the respective postal company, where applicable.

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