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The ultimate end-to-end bot platform for enterprise

Revolutionize customer support with AI bots, The collaborative platform to build, train, deploy and monitor intelligent bots. Easily create bots that truly understand humans.


The ultimate end-to-end bot platform for enterprise.

Our world is turning conversational Messaging platforms are the new OS.

Since 2014, the global market for smart machines has been growing at a CAGR of 19.7% and will reach $41.22 bn in 2024.

Bots are the way to keep up with this growth.

A bot is software capable of understanding human language and executing actions.

Robots will handle over 85% of client-company interactions by 2020 (Business Insider – Sept 2016)

That’s why we provide the best AI bot platform.

  1. Bot Builder – One tool to draw, setup and manage your bot conversational flow.
  2. Bot Connector – One integrated API and standardized message format to connect your bots on any channel.
  3. Bot Hosting – host and deploy your bot seamlessly.
  4. Bot Analytics – discover data you never knew you had.
  1. Customer support

    Provide precise instantaneous assistance for your clients

  2. Product advisor

    Promote your products directly to clients in Messenger

  3. Travel assistant

    Give travelers a 24/7 guide for their departures and itineraries

  4. Viral marketing

    Connect with your clients in a fun way, e.g our Star Wars bot

  5. Home improvement

    Diagnose your clients’ home issues and estimate costs

  6. Bank manager

    Centralize transfers, card blocks and account monitoring

Who we are

Ever googled these? How to make your own bot, how to create a bot, build a bot, make a bot, bot creator, bot platform, chatbot, AI API: these are the words you’ve googled in the past? Search no more, you’re in the right place. Recast.AI is the collaborative end-to-end platform allowing developers to create conversational interfaces, also known as bots.

We were founded by Jasmine Anteunis, Julien Blancher, Paul Renvoisé and Patrick Joubert in September 2015. The team is growing every month, and now there’s 18 of us!

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