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Powerful SMS communication in an Easy Way

SMSAPI is a worldwide SMS messaging provider offering reliable business solutions, supporting both marketing campaigns and daily notifications. It may be used to inform your customers and take effective sales activities.

  1. Why SMSAPI

    Did you know that 98% are opened within 1 minute? SMS communication reaches thousands of customers within seconds. Build your strong brand image and boost revenue thanks to the most effective communication tool.

  2. How does it work?

    SMSAPI specialize only in providing MT (Mobile Terminated) solutions which included principally Bulk/Mass SMS, SMS notifications and tools that support that process like HLR lookup service. This field of specialization allows us to concentrate all of our knowledge, experience, and passion on our services, thanks to which we are able to offer high quality SMS solutions at very competitive prices.

  3. What does it do?

    Thanks to the experience we have gained for over 10 years we provide our customers with a comprehensive SMS communication platform that enables:

  • Building loyalty, engagement and trust for the brand thanks to personalised and well targeted
  • SMS campaigns,
  • Direct sales support
  • Shortening the distance between a brand and an end-user.
  1. Bulk SMS messaging

    First of all, we did our best to give you cutting-edge feature pack combined in one solution. You can easily upload and manage your contacts that are strongly protected by encryption protocols. What is more, we constantly work on adding new feature as we believe satisfaction and quality are the core indicators in our business.

  2. Personalization

    You can easily specify what word or phrase will be displayed as a sender on receiver’s phone. Personalization puts your brand closer to the recipient and makes him feel like the message has been sent directed to him. If your contact list contains detailed information like first name, system can automatically replace it.

  3. Targeting

    Creating contact databases allows you to group recipients by any parameter you have, eg. first name, sex, e-mail address or a city. Segmentation is a key success indicator that let you send messages precisely targeted to the customers’ needs.

  4. Discount codes

    Let’s make something clear – people love to receive discounts and vouchers. They tend to like one brand more than another thanks to the extra bonuses they offer. Discount code feature allows you to generate/import codes to be used in our service. The second important reason to generate groups of discount codes is to measure effectiveness of SMS marketing campaigns.

  5. Short link cut.li

    We do not have to convince you how important it is to measure the success of every marketing activity you take. Usage of shortened link in SMS does not only decrease characters count but also allows you to monitor clicks and provides you with more specific information like user browser, click date or device type.

  6. Newsletter SMS

    We believe SMS communication is effective only if based on permission marketing. Therefore we support and educate our customers in building their own exclusive customer database through eg. Newsletter SMS widget. It can be easily put on the website and personalized to the specifics of every brand. This plugin allows you ask subscriber about first and last name, city, date of birth and sex. If you offer a discount code in exchange of these information your recipient will be more keen on providing you with this data.

  7. Birthday SMS

    Brand loyalty very often depends on details. This feature allows to send personalized wishes to your customer e. with an additional discount code. It is an easy way to shape a positive image of a band and boost sales volume.

  8. E-mail booster

    We found out that SMS and e-mail communication may be complement and combining the may be beneficial for the send and recipient alike. E-mail booster was invented just for that, to increase the number of users that will check mailing after receiving text message. SMS would remind about unread newsletter and encourage user to read it by giving an additional discount.

Put permission marketing first

To make SMS advertising effective, you have to make you go along with permission marketing. In practice it means that you should only deliver messages to these who has consciously decided to receive them. They will not ignore the text, just the opposite, it will more likely attract them. Do not also forget to give your customers an option to sign out of the base.


I guess you all know content marketing, it assumes that through valuable content you can gather engaged and loyal customers. What is more, if you provide your recipient with a useful information, he will much more likely process the message and react. Personalization means not only using name parameter that can be automatically inserted into SMS but also other data like age, shoe size, tracking numer, address, referral code, etc.


1. Before you prepare a tool to create your customer base, make sure you know which data might be useful in the future

2. Personalize every message (use selected parameters)

3. Surprise your recipient with an invitation for an event which can be interested for him, etc.

Choose a perfect time

SMS advertising can become a very effective tool of communication. If only used wisely! You cannot make your recipient feel embattled and anxious because you send too much, too often, too early or too late… It is much more comfortable for both sides to avoid early mornings (before 8 p.m.) and late evenings (after 8 p.m.). Obviously these are just the general rules and it depends on the occasion, SMS can be useful during the night events or motivate to run when the dawn is coming.


1. Test your customer, divide them into groups, send test SMS and find the most suitable time

2. Ask them about the frequency – how many times a week/month would they like to read your texts?

3. Measure success of every campaign and ask for feedback.

Introduce yourself

This moment when you recipient receives your text is the most important one. You have to make sure he knows where does the message come from (sender name), what does the sender what (purpose), what is the information he wants to pass (content). Advertising cannot cause misunderstanding, misinform or promise things you are not able to deliver.


1. Always add sender ID or introduce yourself

2. Be honest, make promises you can deliver

3. Never lie, explain the purpose of your text

Language of benefits

Effective SMS is the one that brings on the particular actions of the customer. It can be shopping, click into the shortened link or passing, information or others. This message should be simple, clear and give an added value. Messy text, full of useless content can only cause the opposite effect. You should focus on the real value and go straight for what you expect.


1. Use discount codes, gifts, voucher, etc. – a tangible value for the customer

2. Inform about changes, unavailability of some products

3. Prepare a customer loyalty program

4. Use a clever call to action, address the recipient directly (“You”)

Contracts and payments

1. Is registering an account free of charge?

Yes, you can register an account absolutely for free and it takes less than 5 minutes.

2. I’m a private person. Can I become your client?

SMSAPI service is dedicated to companies that use SMS communication for their marketing or other business purposes, that’s why we don’t offer private accounts on SMSAPI SMS platform.

3. Do I have to sign any contract?

No, as we offer pay-as-you go account you don’t have to sign any contract. All you need to do is to create an account and charge it. That’s all.

4. How to charge my account?

To charge your account go to Payments section in SMSAPI Customer panel. Charge your account using online payment (PayPal, credit card) or bank transfer. Minimum purchase is €30. And all purchased credits have no expiration date.

5. I’ve made a bank transfer, but credits have not yet been added to my account.

It takes more time to charge your account via bank transfer than through PayPal or credit card. After such payment bank needs few days to book such payment on our bank account. If you’re waiting more than 5 days – please send us confirmation of transfer (Proof-of-Payment) to support@smsapi.com and include your login in this message. We’ll charge up your account as quick as possible.

6. I’ve paid using online payment services, but points have not yet been added to my account.

If payment was made using online payments, it can take up to 1 hour to credit your account. If you’ve been waiting longer than one hour please contact us at support@smsapi.com.

7. How many characters can I use in my SMS campaigns?

It is possible to send concatenated SMS that contains maximum six parts (message is shown on telephone as one). Here you can find maximum number of allowed characters in a message: SMS without special characters – 918 characters, SMS with special characters – 402.

8. Does SMSAPI takes any additional fees for using Customer Panel?

No, SMSAPI never charges (and NEVER will charge) their users for using Customer Panel. We charge our clients ONLY for sent messages or HLR lookup.

Service features

1. How can I add and activate my own sender name?

Log in to your account and click “Add sender name” on Quick Navigation bar in Dashboard view. Enter sender ID you’d like to use. Our consultant will check whether selected name can be registered for you (in rare cases we might ask you for additional documents that will confirm your rights to selected name) and will activate selected name. We will inform you about name activation in email message.

2. Some reports have status set to SENT instead of DELIVERED. What does it mean?

It means that message was sent to an operator, but we didn’t receive delivery report. It is highly possible that the message is already delivered, but we are waiting for a report from operator. It can also mean that number is out of range or recipient’s SMS box is full.

Technical specifications

1. How many letters a sender name can consist of?

Sender ID can be up to 11 characters long. You can use A-Z, a-z and 0-9 characters.

2. Can I send SMS with other sending date?

Yes, this option can be used while composing a message.

3. What does the SMS status mean?

Expired – message not delivered due of inactivity of the number. Sent – message has been sent but operator have not returned delivery report yet. Delivered – recipient has received message. Undelivered – message not delivered (eg.: invalid number, number unavailable).

4. What is SMSAPI throughput?

We are able to send over 1 200 000 messages per hour.

Customer satisfaction is the primary indicator that made the success of SMSAPI, therefore our mission is to provide SMS delivery solutions at competitive price/quality balance and to improve our services potentiality on the basis of our clients’ needs and requirements.

SMSAPI was set up in 2007 by ComVision and originally served as a system to support sales and customer care in e-commerce, informing clients about purchase status directly on their mobile phones. As the market was very absorptive, we have decided to build self-serving API and share it with our clients. From 2015 we operate abroad, serving more than 200 countries all over the globe.

From the very beginning we put customer satisfaction and technology first, we constantly work on new solutions which make our SMSAPI more user-friendly and highly developed. In 2016 we have sent 520 million SMS and received over a billion requests and queries on our API.

ComVision Sp. z o.o.

NIP: PL9691566736

+353 76 888 72 52

(mon-fri, 8AM – 5PM CET)

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