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Boost your e-commerce sales with Socital!

Boost your e-commerce sales with Socital!

Enrich your email lists with gender, age and first name to run targeted email campaigns. Convert anonymous visitors to customers with behavioral popups and personalized recommendations.


Boost sales with on-site campaigns, exit-intent popups, personalized recommendations and targeted emails. Increase conversion rates at your online store with Socital‘s engagement tools – newsletter subscription, discount pop-ups, contest giveaways and more.

For every visitor interacting with your on-site campaigns, Socital returns a rich individual profile with Demographic, Interest and Social data. Understanding newcomer profiles and interests, you can deliver personalized recommendations and tailored email marketing campaigns – even if they have yet to order anything or browse your store.

How? Socital collects demographic, browser and social network data when visitors interact with Socital’s on-site campaigns, and applies its proprietary algorithms to generate the rich individual profiles.

Already have a long list of email addresses?

Get gender, age and subscriber name from Socital and ultra-target your email campaigns.

Get started today with 14 days free – no credit card required! After the FREE TRIAL, Socital subscriptions start from ‎£17 / month. For more information on pricing visit socital.com/pricing or contact us at sales@socital.com.

To activate this integration and access the full suite of the Socital Services, register an account with Socital at socital.com.

Need help to set up your Socital account?

Get in touch with our Customer Success Team at support@socital.com.


Start sending targeted email campaigns to men and women today. Socital analyzes your email database and generates individual profiles of subscribers with gender, age and their first name to connect with subscribers on a 1:1 level.


Grow your mailing list with newsletter subscription popups, discount popups, or offer free shipping. Increase conversion rates with Exit-Intent Popups and targeted campaigns to new or returning visitors. Choose from a large variety of ready-made templates and configure your campaigns from a user-friendly interface – no coding required.


Socital’s onsite campaigns are powered with social registration. When your visitors subscribe to your newsletter with Facebook or claim a coupon by connecting their social network profile, Socital extracts for you their social network data. Combined with Socital’s intelligence, rich individual profiles are generated with demographic and interest data.


Personalize content and product recommendations on Socital’s onsite campaigns based on the visitor’s gender, brand affinities and interests.


Automatically add new subscribers – along with demographic data – to Emarsys and send targeted emails to men and women and other segments, based on age, location and more.


Automatically sync identity and engagement data from Socital to Emarsys.

Boost Sales from existing email database


The brand had a large email database and low conversion rates on email campaigns. The client needed more subscriber data to run targeted email campaigns.

  • Analyze email database

The client uploaded their email database into Socital and got gender, age and first name for their subscribers.

  • Boost sales with personalized email campaigns

The brand ran targeted weekly email campaigns to men and women separately, personalizing emails with the subscriber’s name.

Boost Sales from anonymous visitors


The brand had a very low number of newsletter subscribers and wanted a sustainable way to increase sales with email marketing.

  • Growing the mailing list

The brand implemented Socital’s Welcome and Exit popups on their website with social subscription, offering a 10% discount to capture new leads from the anonymous traffic on the e-shop.

  • Boost sales with personalized recommendations

Every visitor that subscribed to a Socital popup was shown a product recommendation based on their gender, interests and brands they like.

  • Boost sales with personalized email campaigns

Socital enriched the subscribers’ profiles with gender, age and the first name. The brand ran targeted email campaigns to 5 different segments based on gender and age and personalized the emails with the subscriber’s name.

Does Socital offer a free trial?

Get started today with 14 days free – no credit card required! After the FREE TRIAL, Socital subscriptions start from 299.00 EUR/ month, with a 20% discount on annual payment plans. For more information on pricing visit socital.com/pricing.

Do I have to implement Socital myself?

When you activate your Socital account, a dedicated Customer Success Agent will reach out to you and provide support for the set-up process and for activating Socital onsite campaigns on your e-shop.  We tailor our recommendations to the unique needs of your business.

Where can I find more information about Socital’s solution?

Contact us at sales@socital.com and our sales team will reach out to you, or visit our website.

Check out our documentation for the Emarsys and Socital integration here, and find additional support documentation in Socital’s Knowledge Center here.

Socital helps you boost your sales!

We use intelligent algorithms to collect, unify and process data about your customers from the digital space.

As a result, you get rich customer profiles with demographic information and insights about what they like, how they spend, where they’ve been and where they want to go.

Socital’s platform gives you powerful segmentation tools that allow you to create custom audiences based on demographics, interests, location, or any other combination of attributes. Our solutions on collecting, analyzing, and acting on customer data, help you create personalized marketing content and boost your sales.

For more information, visit our website or contact us at sales@socital.com.

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