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Every website should be unique to every visitor

Increase conversion using Social Data of the top 20% of your customers. For fast growing eCommerce and media companies, SpringTab is the go to social analytics tool that, unlike on-site recommendation engines, provides instant personalized retargeting and onsite experience based on the visitor's Facebook profile in order to optimize conversion.

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  • Why SpringTab?

    98% of users are feeling disturbed by unwanted, irrelevant content. In SpringTab we are focusing on giving you a much deeper interest based connection to those 20% of your customers who are bringing 80% of your profit. This data can help you find lookalike audience with up to 400% better CTR.

  • How does it work?

    Unlike on-site recommendation engines, retargeting and analytic tools, we provide personalized experience based on the visitor’s Facebook profile. Connecting SpringTab’s API to the tools you already use will increase the conversion of retargeting, time spent on site, ad impressions, and product sales.

  • What does it do?

    SpringTab brings brands and customers closer with a data-driven understanding. It is built into websites and gives a personalized experience to visitors based on their Facebook data in order to increase conversion.

Check our demo at https://springtab.com/demo/ecommerce/

  1. Social Data Mining

    Fine-tune your Facebook Login and leverage the information to deliver the right message to the right people. In order to figure out the interests of your visitors, you need to collect their social data. In order to do that, you only need one Facebook Connect button. That’s all.

  2. Social Analytics and Reporting

    Every data without interpretation is useless. After you gathered the social interests of your visitors, it’s time to put them in a way, which makes sense.

  3. Auto-Personalized Content Publishing

    Just imagine the possibilities in showing the relevant products first to your e-commerce website visitors, based on their social footprint.

  4. Sub-target group management

    How you can automatically personalize your message to each visitor’s interest right away? We do differently: using Facebook Login and then setting up target groups the same way you do in Facebook Ads – but this is for on-site personalization and retargeting!

  5. Promotional Landing Pages

    By now, you know and understand your visitors like never before. What if you can give them a fully personalized experience on your website automatically?

  6. Market research

    Is it possible to figure out the future based on past data? Well, with extrapolation we can give you a really close estimation, so you can be far ahead of your competition.

  7. Integrations

    Add SpringTab’s snippet to your store or tools like Magento, Gravity. APIs and plugins enable a seamless integration to any eCommerce platform.

  1. SSO Authentication

    This feature enables users to register only once and wherever they browse and wish to, they can get personalized experience. In the beginning, we are using Facebook Connect, which is the most preferred login tool. Later we will be rolling out to other social login gateways, such as Google, Yahoo, LinkedIn and Twitter. Authenticate the most potential visitors and gain hidden intelligence from their social digital footprint. Accessing the visitors’ so far unrevealed social data and discovering who they really are and what they really want.

  2. Data mining and targeting

    Our Social Analytics helps to get a much better understanding about visitors then ever before. We create a detailed database of the most loyal visitors full of additional information, like interests and leisure activities. After this site owners will be able to target similar customers to their loyal ones (according to the Pareto principle’s 80/20 Rule) to get the highest conversion possible.

  3. Instant Personalization

    Once we know who your visitors are, it is time to personalize the user experience, so everyone will get what they want. Using social data we can solve the cold start problem of recommendation engines and AdServers.

  4. Tracking

    SpringTab’s data base can be used anonymously throughout any website, while recommendation engines can only work onsite. This unfair advantage opens many doors, such as conducting a promotion on Facebook, then providing personalization right away on the website; or a media house opts-in users on one site and personalizes experience on another. This would not be able to be done with a recommendation engine due anonymous tracking and not granting permissions from the users

  5. Customer Journey

    To make more money, you need to increase conversion (of sales or ad impressions). To increase conversion, you have to show the right content to the right people at the right way. To do the “right way”, you need to personalize the experience. To personalize the experience, you need to find out as much as possible about your best customers. To get more visitor info, you need to get more traffic. To get more traffic, you need to find more and have the best visitors coming back and use Pixels and Similar People targeting. To get more info about best visitors, you need to use analytics tools that track 1) on-site behavior, 2) purchase, 3) overall digital footprint. To get the footprint, you need to access their Facebook and other social data. SpringTab can help in the two core: get the user data and personalize experience.

I don’t trust Facebook Login.

This is a totally standardized process much like Google Analytics code. Anyone who advertises via FacebookAds or uses, for example, Google DoubleClick agrees to the same terms. This is true for brands and customers as well. In addition to agreeing to these terms, we require users to give their broader permission at some points.


What about the legal part?

The way this works is that you should (and obviously already) have your own terms of use and privacy policy. You will need to add one link to SpringTab’s docs. After, when creating a Facebook Login app at developers.facebook.com, you actually need to upload those to the app. What we also do with our clients, like furlabudapest.com, is only letting visitors click on the Login button if they cheked the checkbox. Then what happens is that the visitor gets an email to their inbox and need to verify their login. Once they do, the double opt-in process is done and it will be complied with all the laws, including yours (Australian), the brand you represent, Facebook (USA) and SpringTab (EU).


I don’t want others to be able to access my data/users.

We understand this, and there are two ways:

We agree on a white label cooperation.

We never use YOUR data, but the social data of users visiting your site (much like Google AdWords).

It should be noted here that others will never be able to access your users, and they will only receive data about which one of their categories a certain user falls into. We want to stay clear of database trading. Our goal is to maximize user experience and thus we have to keep their interest in mind.


There is nothing on my page to personalize. (I don’t have enough content.)

On one hand, it is always possible to personalise, the question is whether it is worth it or not. On the other, if you do retargeting, we can help you deliver the right message to the right people. Explain the situation to us.

One practically risk-free option is to do a promotion which utilizes SpringTab personalization. It is a good way to collect information for sales support.


How do I reach people who would not use Facebook Login?

Facebook Login isn’t necessary. It is possible to use unique e-mail or custom SSO for logging in, although in these cases the SetUp period takes longer. In the meantime, we use a little trick to go around this, which is to find friends of the user who have already logged in with their Facebook and use their preferences as a replacement. Plus, your Top20% customers are way more likely to login and we can find lookalikes to that pretty easily.


What is the degree of personalization that is possible with SpringTab?

This depends only on you, practically. From modifying the order of sliders to custom boxes to the personalization of the entire page, anything is possible. We deliver information about your visitors, but what the brand uses it for is their creative call.

We would like to mention that an important factor in this issue is how advanced the structure of the site is, that is, does it use keywords, categories, and so on. Once we get familiar with the page structure, we will be able to come up with better solutions too.


What are the pieces of personal infomation you consider?

We currently use Facebook profiling, so we can use all the information a user publishes on Facebook, that is: their gender, age, location, relationship status, liked pages, check-ins, etc.


This is like a recommendation engine and I’m already using one of those.

Recommenders are anonymous and analyze the users’ behavior within the site. This is why they have the cold start problem. SpringTab authenticates users first, and then personalizes the site based on their available personal information. With us, it is not necessary for the user to spend any time on your website, meaning we can create personalized service, product or content for relevant visitors on their first encounter with the brand. For the best effect, we recommend using both. After the user has spent a while on your page, recommenders can leap into action, as they can guess what is relevant for the user based on the actual search. SpringTab is positioned before those, so as to increase the percentage of users who spend time on your site, and thus boosting the effect of recommendation engines themselves. Extrapolation is the future!

SpringTab provides social analytics and personalization to increase conversion. We believe that every website should be unique to every visitor.

The company is headquartered in Budapest, Hungary with partners across Europe and USA, analyzed hundreds of thousands of user profiles. SpringTab is backed by venture capital. Already trusted by amazing companies, like Mazda, Furla, Kempinski, Sziget, Microsoft or ProSiebenSat.

Contact us by clicking on the ‘Request a Demo’ button and a dedicated team member will get in touch with you shortly.

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