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Symanto is a psychology based a.i. platform for B2C retailers & brands that automates the analysis of consumer data to drive emotional connection and ROI


1.    Why Symanto?

Did you know 70% of emotionally engaged consumers spend 2x more on a brand they are loyal to and yet 75% of all brands fail to connect emotionally. Find out how to drive consumer engagement authentically with your brand or business to drive ROI (and differentiate yourself from the competition.)

2.    How does it work?

The Symanto Intelligence Platform gathers, analyses and generates insight from any user-generated text, including open source social data to CRM or call centre transcripts. The proprietary psychology based a.i. provides a deep understanding of the behaviour of your consumers and even more importantly their motivations, personality, attitudes & emotions. All of which can be accessed in real time through personalised dashboards, enabling informed decision making at all times.

3.    What does it do?

The Symanto Intelligence Platform not only provides actionable insight that reveals how well you are engaging your consumers versus the competitive set, but it can also help identify & shape solutions that help to drive better consumer engagement and ROI and then even measure & track the success of these activities ongoing.


Measure real engagement with your consumers by going beyond standard quantitative metrics to reveal more qualitative perspectives such as intensity, resonance & affiliation. In addition consumers can also be segmented using this psychographic understanding to resonate better with them.


Whilst Symanto analytics can be used alongside other research tools, its comprehensive & distinct results will provide a complete and authentic picture of your market, business or brand to inform many critical processes from new product development to brand positioning, strategy and communications.


Tap into the vast social conversations around your brands and competitors where consumers share their feelings and opinions and even integrate with internal customer text data for a comprehensive analysis.  Our combination of deep learning means we do not rely on keywords alone, but use the a.i to detect every relevant topic around the study ensuring we have the most effective data set for analysis


Symanto proprietary a.i. is a truly global solution covering all languages and can even analyse and compare several markets at once, providing clarity in a fraction of the time (and cost) of more traditional research options, leading to faster implementation & competitive advantage


Reveal your consumes’ most genuine feelings in their own written text, without the need to ask a single question directly to consumers or wait for costly survey results


Symanto’s comprehensive approach allows us to capture & analyze historic data, not just current, in order to explore trends and implications / predictions for the future


Our AI technology surfaces audience opinion & emotions toward the exact topic & not just the post for real understanding. It has also been proven to be accurate to >98% for the English language and to correctly interpret data to a much higher level than other social analytic approaches.

The Symanto Intelligence Platform include a range of products that deliver;


Market sense delivers a unique understanding of any category / market through the lens of the consumers that define it. It is a 5 stage process that involves

  1. DATA COLLECTION – we use a.i. to go beyond keywords to collate & refine the ultimate source of unbiased consumer data to answer any key questions
  2. APPLYING EMOTIONAL A.I. – We use our psychology based algorithms to not just understand what consumers are doing but why
  3. EXTRACTING BROAD MARKET INSIGHTS – We first structure all the issues & topics that matter to consumers in the defined category, how they link together and how they differ across markets if multiple regions are in scope.
  4. REFINING DEEP CONSUMER INSIGHTS – We then cluster consumers on their intrinsic needs and motivations to create meaningful and actionable segments and deep dive any issues / topics that to each group such as why they matter, how they interrelate, the similarities / differences.
  5. REVEAL HIDDEN OPPORTUNITIES – Finally we build a 360 degree view of the topics, needs, motivations, solutions and concerns in the category and from a fully consumer centric point-of-view to reveal where and how to play from a product, brand strategy and comms perspective

Example case studies:

  • Abbot Health Care – understanding customers intrinsic needs and motivations for health care products
  • Unilever – launched 2 new hair care products and achieved market leader position as a result of a 3 market study

Brand sense

Brand sense is a unique emotional engagement measurement tool that reveals your consumers’ quality perception of your brand vs the competition and their emotional experience over time to shape & track activities that positively impact consumer engagement with your brand. It is a 5 stage process that involves

  1. DATA COLLECTION – we use a.i. to go beyond keywords to collate & refine the ultimate source of unbiased consumer data to answer any key questions
  2. APPLYING EMOTIONAL A.I. – We use our psychology based algorithms to not just understand what consumers are doing but why
  3. MEASURE EMOTIONAL ENGAGEMENT – Using a proprietary Net Emotion Score we identify how well consumers are currently engaging with your brand vs the competitive set.
  4. UNDERSTAND KEY DRIVERS – We then explore all the functional and emotional drivers of engagement to understand where current market strategies are resulting in good engagement and where there is a disconnect / where the competition is doing a better job
  5. RECOMMENDED ACTION – Using the analysis we pin point where to focus / play in order to positively impact engagement of your brand / business with your consumer for increased ROI and differentiation / cut through

Example case studies :

  • JBL : Created meaningful & measurable emotional metrics that are now integrated into brand health scorecard & CSF


Communication sense is an innovative communication strategy tool that uses psychographic segmentation of consumers to deliver deep insight not just on what consumers are doing but why and how they need to be communicated to for optimal engagement. It is a 5 stage process that includes

  1. DATA COLLECTION – we use a.i. to go beyond keywords to collate & refine the ultimate source of unbiased consumer data to answer any key questions
  2. APPLYING EMOTIONAL A.I. – We use our psychology based algorithms to not just understand what consumers are doing but why
  3. PYSCHOGRAPHIC SEGMENTATION – We group consumers based on their personality, motivations and intentions to create a meaningful psychographic segmentation before exploring the data through the lens of each segment.
  4. CREATE A BRIEF – We then work with our team of in house psychologists to create a brief that explains how to apply the learnings to any comms initiatives. This includes which profiles to focus on, where to reach them and how to adapt communication for optimal engagement including the key do’s & don’t, motivating words and statements what words to use / avoid.
  5. MEASURE & ADAPT – Having created your asset we can then measure the impact of any existing vs revised communication / campaigns to demonstrate the real uplifts & ROI and how to continuously improve performance.

Example case studies :

  • VW : delivered an improved communication strategy to rebuild trust with customers
  • Zuum : Uncover and reach bigger audience to improve lead generation & conversion for private aviation

 What does a typical Symanto project approach look like?
There are typically 3 stages to any Symanto project. 1) set up and data collection – where the objectives are agreed on and the sources of data identified, captured and cleaned 2) analysis – where the a.i  is taught  to understand your category and applied to the data set 3) reporting – where the insights are revealed and recommendations made in conjunction with the team of in house strategists and psychologists

How long does it take to deliver the insight?
A typical project from sign off to insight presentation typically takes 4-5 weeks. Once the asset has been created, it is then available to use on an ongoing basis and future tracking / analysis of the same data set is instant.

Can Symanto handle multiple languages?
Yes. We can handle multiple languages. We have done studies in over 17 languages including all major European languages, plus Chinese and Arabic.

Where can I find more information about Symanto’s solution? 
Contact us using the form and our sales team will reach out to you, or visit our website read more about the application of our analytics in our industry our use cases, or check out our research papers.

What kind of support do I get?

Any team dive report will be created by our category team with the support of our in house psychologists to ensure the insight has been correctly interpreted and brought to life for you.

Can the platform work with all size of business?

Symanto’s partners range from rapidly expanding enterprises to blue chip multi-nationals. Projects can start from as little as €25,000 and each can be tailored to the requirements of each business.

With a background in forensic profiling, Khaleeq Aziz founded Symanto Group in 2010. Empowered with the unique combination of Psychology and Technology, companies all over the world are now able to identify their different types of customers and provide a deep understanding of their underlying human motivations. “For the first time ever, we are able to find emotions, motivations and attitudes, by just knowing how people write”.

This analytical approach has been successfully applied to innovation, communication, customer experience initiatives and more across the broadest range of clients and categories including leading brands and retailers such as Unilever, Adidas, Boots and Amazon to name just a few.

Symanto is headquartered in Nuremberg, Germany and has offices in USA, UK, Germany and UAE with over 70 employees including data scientists, engineers, psychologists & industry experts from 32 nationalities.


Pretzfelder Straße 15

90425  Nuremberg,



+49 911 378 466 39


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