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Scale eCommerce revenue through high-performing, one-to-one email sends

5.5x your triggered email revenue with Wunderkind and Emarsys

Wunderkind and Emarsys

The strategic integration allows brands and retailers to leverage Wunderkind’s ability to scale eCommerce revenue through high-performing, one-to-one email sends—while keeping both marketing and triggered email sends in the Emarsys platform. Top eCommerce brands will now be able to prioritize Wunderkind triggered messages within Emarsys, sending a tailored message to the right person at the right time. This improves revenue per customer while consolidating email data in one place.

Subscriber list growth is challenging, through Wunderkind’s platform, customers can grow their active subscribers by 6x to 8x of their current list size.

By leveraging both Wunderkind and the Emarsys platform, leading online retailers like Swatch, Tumi, Samsonite, and 5.11 Tactical, see an average of more than 5.5X increase in triggered email revenue.

  1. Dramatically scale triggered emails
    Send Wunderkind-powered one-to-one emails through Emarsys.
  2. Grow your list
    Capture email addresses with Wunderkind and update Emarsys lists with subscriber status.
  3. Send high performing one-to-one messages
    Build suppression rules and logic in Emarsys that prioritize Wunderkind emails
  4. All in one platform
    Get a holistic view of customer communications through Emarsys.

“By working with these two partners, we’ve been able to recognize more shoppers onsite and deploy high-converting behavioral campaigns at an unprecedented rate. This has allowed us to increase the reach of our messaging and garner better performance.”
Jennifer Glover, Global Vice President of Marketing at 5.11 Tactical

About Wunderkind

Wunderkind is a leading performance marketing engine that delivers tailored experiences at scale. Digital businesses use Wunderkind to remember who users are better than ever before, allowing them to deliver high-performing, one-to-one messages on websites, through emails and texts, and in ads at a scale that’s not otherwise possible. Wunderkind drives $2.8 billion dollars annually in directly attributable revenue for top eCommerce brands like Uniqlo, Sonos and HelloFresh, often ranking as a top-3 revenue channel in their own analytics. Wunderkind is maniacally obsessed with ROI and aims to be the infrastructural interface between individuals and brands in a world where consumers choose what they want, from whom, and when.

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Get in touch: strategic.alliances@wunderkind.co

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