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Xeerpa: Social Login, Actionable Intelligence

Socialize your CRM to take your marketing campaigns and UX experience personalization to the next level. Xeerpa brings an innovative social network profiling technology which allows to leverage the benefits of social login by collecting and analysing the big data users share on social networks, such as their interests, travel history, brand affinity, influence and engagement scores.


Why Xeerpa?
Xeerpa’s technology provides brands with actionable intelligence that allows marketing teams to create powerful segmentations, personalize campaigns, identify qualified leads, and take the user experience to the new level. Xeerpa has a solid track record of increasing conversion rates, boosting ROI and customer loyalty of multinational companies, such as AMC Networks, BBVA, Heineken, Iberia, Nestlé, Porsche, Shiseido… as well as smaller companies from a variety of industries.

How does it work?
Through a Social Login integrated in websites, promotions, Wi-Fi spots or mobile apps, Xeerpa extracts users’ social network data, willingly shared with the brands, applies the analysis algorithms in real time and presents the results on ready-to-use, user-friendly dashboards. Xeerpa easily integrates into most CRM and BI tools.
Learn more: https://xeerpa.com/solutions/

What does it do?
Based on the social network activity, Xeerpa analyses the individual’s likes, hobbies and interests in 350+ categories, as well as the individual’s influence, engagement and brand affinity rates. These insights are presented in a form of One-to-one Profiles and Dashboards with aggregated stats. In a matter of seconds, the client can apply complex filters, and export target segments to marketing campaign management tolls.


Obtain your own Brand Dashboard with individual profiles of your clients and leads, enriched with aggregated data:

Highly detailed filters such as interests, influence, age, gender, geolocations by time…

Xeerpa Dashboard offers the possibility to filter your customers up to a highly detailed level to obtain very specific segments based on each campaign’s needs.

Hundreds of interest scores

Obtain a single score for each interest category and subcategory, based on your customers’ likes and followed brands.

Interactive map of your customers’ locations history

Use Xeerpa’s interactive geolocations map to instantly know your areas of higher impact.

Export your lists to a CSV file
Design your target, set up your filters, export your users list and upload it to Facebook Audience, MailChimp or any other Mailing/Campaign Manager.



Big Data analysis is a highly demanded field which is becoming an essential part of marketing strategies design.

Save time and resources on data analysis
With Xeerpa Affinity Reports you will be able to easily run your own data analysis reports and benchmark your results against competitors’ brands.


Know the favourite media communities of your customers

Use Xeerpa to know your customers’ favourite communities and explore the opportunities of strategic alliances with them.

Analyse the interests of your competitors’ fans
Know which of your competitors are most followed by your customers and analyse their fans’ social profiles and personal interests.



You may integrate Xeerpa with Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle and SugarCRM, among others.

Socialize your own CRM
Xeerpa can be integrated into your traditional CRM, BI platform or data lake, to enrich the information you already have about your customers.

Use Xeerpa as your main CRM
If you are not using any fancy CRM yet, don’t worry. Save costs and use Xeerpa to store your customers and prospects data, prepare creative targeted campaigns and grow your clients base.


Approach your customers differently based on their interests

Set up different users’ segments for a single marketing campaign to personalize the nuances of the approach. This system will let you manage your campaign from several points of view with a single goal, magnifying the impact of your actions.

Attract your customers with personalized keywords

Encourage your users to open your e-mails with specifically personalized keywords in your subject. Determine these keywords based on their social information to ensure accurate personalization.

Find potential influencers among your customers

Identify users with high influence scores and invite them to your events. Personalize their experience and gain visibility amongst their followers.

Aim your campaigns to different profiles based on their location

Analyse different areas’ popular trends to adjust your campaign strategy accordingly.


Improve Customer Experience
Develop your own app based on social data and offer a personalized customer experience features such as recommendations, promotional invitations, loyalty programs, etc.

Design a forecast model

Use the gathered data to analyse your customers’ behaviour and design a forecast model to determine the chance of each conversion, or to avoid the cooling of your relationship with him.

Improve the precision of your programmatic advertising

Minimize your CPC and increase your CTR of online adds, by putting a name to your cookies.

Click here to access Xeerpa’s Case Studies.

Xeerpa was founded in 2012 as an innovative B2B2C technology that helps brands better understand their customers and to address individuals instead of audiences. Xeerpa’s Partners firmly believe that One-to-one profiling based on Social Login highly benefit both brands and consumers, especially in the modern environment of digital information overload and severe competition for customers attention.

With headquarters is in Madrid, Spain, Xeerpa has satellite offices in UK, Germany, Netherlands and Mexico.

Xeerpa’s clients come from a wide range of companies from different industries: retail & e-commerce, banking and insurance, TV & Media, food & drinks, fashion & cosmetics, sports & entertainment, etc.

Some examples from the clients’ portfolio include:  Shiseido, Nestlé, Iberia, Pascual, Santander, Heineken, Grupo Damm, Bankinter, Adidas, Meliá, Porsche, Turespaña, Tuenti, AMC Networks, Grupo Prisa, etc.


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