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3radical Voco is an award-winning SaaS platform that provides organizations with an innovative way to achieve unprecedented engagement and earn data directly from their audiences by creating and delivering interactive digital experiences.


Using the 3radical Voco platform, and supported by comprehensive strategy and execution services, business users have the ability to quickly create and publish interactive digital experiences based on a wide array of template mechanics and rewards informed by the latest game science theory. These compelling online experiences are delivered directly to each recipient and optimized by preference data, real-time decisioning, and learning based on billions of interactions. Every exchange results in fully-permissioned, “earned data” provided willingly by the individual in a transparent, mutually beneficial environment – critical to informing the business and elevating communication strategies, especially as other data sources become less effective.  3radical operates globally through offices in North America, the UK and Asia Pac and serves major brands across a broad range of industries.

Prospect Acquisition:

Looking to capture new marketable prospects, perhaps following a dip in your audience post- GDPR or other local legislation? Then link a registration form to an ‘instant win’ game, such as a digital scratch-card, to reward newly acquired names with exclusive content or other rewards such as instantly redeemable vouchers.

Customer Retention:

Aiming to drive more repeat traffic to your website, store or web application? Want to cross sell additional products to your existing audience? Why not select a repeat engagement mechanic, like a customisable board game that encourages individuals to return day after day, and combine with a range of supplementary tasks that incrementally reward users the more they visit, learn, buy, engage and share?

Earned Data Capture:

Keen to build your own first party data as legislation and consumer sentiment reduces marketing data available to you, in order to improve your products, services and communication strategies? Try using a combination of survey and innovative feedback mechanics to progressively and contextually capture insight data as part of an ongoing value exchange.

Gamified Learning:

Seeking to boost engagement and effectiveness of training and transformation programmes? Turn your learning journeys into loyalty journeys by delivering content in a tailored, fun and rewarding way and encouraging progress and with symbolic badges and redeemable points for each task they complete, both online and offline.

Engaging the Audiences that Matter to You

Innovate your Customer Engagement:

By using motivational and game science mechanics, 3radical provides emotionally enriched interactive digital environments designed to support mutually beneficial value exchanges between brands and their customers; this encourages new customer acquisition and retention, willing provision of permissioned data, builds loyalty, and creates long-term advocacy.

(case study: Read about how Zizzi achieved 23% click-through rates and drove 1,000’s of social referrals, Tweets and new followers here)

Deepen and Improve Employee Engagement:

Deeper employee engagement creates a high-performing workplace. While treating each employee as an individual, by using interactive gamification mechanics, organisations can increase productivity, better connect their workforce, manage recruitment, onboarding and retention and training of talent, and ensure workforce wellbeing.

(case study: learn how National Australia Bank increased advocacy, adoption and awareness here)

Earn Zero Party Data:

It is well accepted that data driven activity will deliver better outcomes. But how do you keep learning more about your customers and prospects at a time when access to data is being made increasingly difficult? The richest data you can acquire is fully-consented, self-reported data – the result of a two-way exchange, between brand and consumer. This is referred to as earned or zero party data.

(case study: learn how Bella Italia collected 6,000 additional pieces of self-reported data on their customers here)


UK: Desklodge House, Redcliffe Way, Bristol, BS1 6NL, England, Tel: +44 117 205 0150

Singapore: 111 Middle Road, #03-02, National Design Centre, Singapore 188969, Tel: +65 6970 6400

US: 564 W. Randolph Street, 2nd Floor, Chicago, Illinois 60661, USA, Tel: +1 312 646 2542

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