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Chatchamp Messenger Marketing for E-commerce

Chatchamp helps E-commerce stores increase sales with Messenger Marketing through WhatsApp & Facebook Messenger.

What is Chatchamp?

Chatchamp is a software that helps E-commerce marketers leverage WhatsApp & Facebook Messenger to engage, retarget, and communicate with customers.

How does it work?

Through various entry points, subscribers opt-in to your messages. After opt-in, they can receive abandoned cart reminders, order confirmation and shipping updates, broadcasts, and drip campaigns.

What does it do?

Using Messenger Marketing, brands can increase sales, lower E-commerce’s average 70% abandoned cart rate, increase newsletter reach with 30% click-rates, and scale their Facebook ads with unique and fun content in Messenger.

  1. Out of the box customizable abandoned cart reminders that convert.
  2. Shipping updates and order confirmations for your customers.
  3. Integrated growth tools that help you increase your subscriber base (Customer chat, popups and floating bars, product page placements, and opt-in checkboxes.
  4. Customizable drip campaigns based on user attributes support various media types including gifs, images, galleries, videos, and more.
  5. An easy-to-read dashboard where you can see your revenue gained and ROI.
  6. A comprehensive reporting tab to track campaign progress down to the individual message and response.
  7. A/B testing, custom conversion tracking, CRM and shop system integrations.

Create chat flows easily with the Drag-and-Drop bot builder

Chatchamp has an easy to use drag-and-drop bot builder that supports various media types that make communication highly engaging, thereby increasing conversion rates.

Remind customers about abandoned carts with automated Abandoned Cart Reminders

Send reminders through Messenger when your subscribers forget to check out their cart. Increase conversion rates with abandoned cart reminders sent directly to customers’ phones with optional discount codes.

Keep customers informed with automated Shipping Updates

Provide customers with information they want to know. Have order confirmations and personalized shipping updates sent directly to their phones.

Use Website Integrations to Gain Subscribers

Increase website conversion rate with chatchamp’s integrated growth tools. Convert website visitors into subscribers with pop ups, send-to-messenger buttons, checkboxes, chat bubbles, and more.

Scale Facebook ads and Gain Subscribers

Increase subscriber base by upto 80% with Facebook ads to Messenger at 50% the cost and also gain subscribers out of it.

Product Recommendation Quizzes

Increase sales with product recommendation quizzes and track your profits from conversation to sales.

Tag subscribers with attributes for further targeting

Improve targeting by tagging subscribers with attributes based on their responses in the chat and actions on your website. Use this data to send targeted messages that are relevant to them.

Aggregate User Information between Platforms

Send Customer Information to emarsys. Automatically update subscriber information to enrich user profiles in emarsys.

Why Messenger Marketing?

Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger offer a 1:1 communication channel that has an average open rate of 90% and click-through rate of 33%.

Why chatchamp over other softwares?

Chatchamp is more ecommerce focused and has ecommerce dashboard, growth tools to grow subscriber base, integration with shop system, deep analytics for optimization and tailored support for ecommerce conversion.

Who should use chatchamp?

Ecommerce stores and their sales teams who want engage, communicate, retarget and retain their customers.

How can I learn more about Messenger Marketing?

The best way to learn about how chatchamp can help your business is to schedule a free demo where a Messenger Marketing expert will sit down with your team and create a unique Proof-of-Value program.

Want to see how the experts do it? Check out our webinar series for in-depth tips and best practices. 👉https://resources.chatchamp.com/

Chatchamp was founded in Munich, Germany with the goal of helping E-commerce stores increase sales and engagement with Messenger Marketing. Seeing the need for a solution that helps acquire, engage, and retarget customers in Messenger, they have integrations with various shop systems including shopify, woocommerce, magento, and more.

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