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Emarsys Max AI Package

Switch on Predictive Marketing and Boost Revenue in 90 days

With Artificial Intelligence, marketers can now predict their contact’s next steps on a case by case daily basis. In the past, a customer would have defected after a 90 days period of inactivity, AI can predict on a 1-to-1 level whether that user is likely to churn, purchase or remain inactive within the next 30 days. With this new predictive approach, you can generate up to +100% of your revenues in 90 days.

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Max AI is our most advanced package, it is for data-driven marketers looking to scale their marketing performance and deliver 1-to-1 personalization across multiple channels.Max AI is for you if:
– You have multiple marketing automations running currently
– You personalise most communications
– You are confident with Lifecycle Marketing
– You have 6 months worth of consistent and quality data
– You want to convert more prospects into customers
– You want to prevent customers from churning
– You are challenged to grow active customers revenue
– You want to deliver 1-to-1 personalization across channels efficiently

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Prevent Customer Churn- Convert Churning Customers to Active Customers by activating the following Tactics:

Win back defecting customers

Win back churning customers 

Customers likely to churn

Win back inactive customers

Drive Purchase Intent- Convert Leads to First-time buyers by activating the following Tactics:

Leads likely to go cold

Convert hot leads

Leads win-back inactive

Drive Repeat Purchases- Convert First-time buyers to Repeat buyers by activating the following Tactics:

First-time to repeat buyer


Improve Purchase Frequency by activating the following Tactics:


Win back inactive customers

Max AI has delivered 4x the amount of revenue for the customers who have adopted it.What can you expect?
– See an increase in revenue and active customers within 90 days.
– Have a truly 1-to-1 personalized engagement with every contact.
– Activate pre-populated Tactics powered by AI in days.
– Report on the business impact of AI Tactics by sharing the Strategic Dashboard results with your manager.
– Create your own use cases and automated programs with AI Segments, or just update your existing use cases with AI segments.
– Optimize your budget by reaching out to the right contact on the right channel at the right time.
– By preventing churn, converting purchase intent and knowing the next cart value, you are ahead of your competition in how you can engage with you customers.

Max AI automates and optimises the most common marketing questions:
– Who should you target. Max AI gives you AI segments based on scoring 1-to-1 contacts based on their likelihood to churn, make a purchase, or remain inactive.
– What content should you send. Max AI targets each contact with the relevant products for replenishment or recommended products to drive up-sell and cross-sell.
– Where should you deploy this campaign. Max AI targets each contact on the right channel, saving your budget for high value customers who are likely to engage with high-value channels.
– When should you deploy your campaign. Each contact has a their own timeline with each and every channel. AI identifies the right time to engage with each contact to drive higher engagement and conversions.

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