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Increase Sales and Retention through Engaging Video Communications

Put your customer data to use and drive action with the most effective digital communications channel: Personalized Videos. Simple deployment for campaigns of all sizes. Proven effectiveness in driving sales, retention and brand equity.

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  1. What is Personalized Video? Personalized video takes the most engaging communications medium (video) and combines it with the growing amounts of available data in order to deliver a new and effective form of communicating with customers at scale.
  2. Why should I consider using Personalized Videos?

    Primarily, because they work.  Personalized Videos beat traditional communications channels such as email or even generic video on virtually all metrics and have been proven to be far more effective at driving customer action.  Often, 75% or more of a project’s ROI can be attributed to the use of Personalized Video as the communications channel of choice.

  3. Why Idomoo?

    Our reinvented GPU-based rendering engine offers unparalleled performance, allowing for highly complex Personalized Video experiences delivered in real time and in HD and supporting all creative styles.

    In addition, our low friction API-driven platform and easy-to-use Storybuilder editing suite allow for short time-to-market and quick maintenance of existing campaigns, large or small.



Idomoo Storybuilder Suite is built for scale and a different demands.

  1. Real-time – partners can render videos is real-time
  2. HD and full HD support – partners can render videos in the best quality
  3. Supports millions of videos – partners can render as many of videos they need. The Idomoo Storybuilder suits supports this
  4. Open creative – we support any creative our partners have – 2d/3d animation; live-shooting and more
  5. Data driven – The Storybuilder Suite enable partners to incorporate customers data at scale

Engage customers every step of the way:

  1. Acquisition- Fast offers in real time for prospects on website, product catalog videos, pre-rolls video ads


  2. Informative – Monthly bill videos, explanation of complex services: quarterly statement explanation


  3. Social programs – Social apps – expand engagement channel mix, overcome CRM boundaries


  4. On-Boarding – Welcome videos, overview of customer service apps: e-portal, mobile app, order confirmation

  5. Up-sale/Cross-sale – Customized loan offerings, renewals of services, add-on offerings of complementary services

  6. NPS + Retention – Customized Promotions, personal greeting, loyalty benefits & explanation

  • Engagement:

    24% CTOR and 73% avg. video completion

  • Action:

    24% Clicks on CTA

  • Results:

    37% Chum on CTA and 23% call reduction

  • Satisfaction

    91% Average CS


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