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Increase your performance thanks to call-tracking

Is my emailing campaign more efficient than my text messages’ campaign? Which message is the most effective?

  1. Why Magnetis?

    Magnetis is a call-tracking solution which enables to improve your communication channels’ performance and to better drive your marketing strategy. For this, several indicators are provided to you: attribution of calls per channel (emails, text messages), each campaign’s performance, mapping and visitors’ path. An alert will also allow you to retrieve the missed and lost calls: don’t lose any more commercial opportunities!

  2. How does it work?

    Display a tracked number per support and per channel in order to identify the best performance and to better understand your customers’ path. The solution Magnetis can both be used to follow acquisition and loyalty marketing strategies. The data generated will allow you to target and segment the contacts for new cross-channel operations (example: sending an email following an incoming call). You will be then receive daily and weekly detailed reports by email composed of marketing, commercial and behavioral statistics.

  3. What is the aim?

    Magnetis enables you to fully exploit your phone calls’ potential and allows a better analysis of the Return on Investment of your campaign per communication channel.

  1. Access to the statistics (per channel, per location, per hour and per day)
  2. Access to the detailed call logs
  3. Daily detailed report on the previous day’s statistics
  4. Alerts on the missed calls
  5. Addition of tracked numbers upon request
  6. Possibility to install a call-tracking module on your website in order to record the number of calls that generates each channel (number of calls from the website following a click on the email)

Magnétis – Finésime SARL

55 rue de la Boétie – 75008 Paris – France

Tel. : 01 85 08 46 47

Email : contact@magnetis.fr

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