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Tailored Shipping Notifications For Your Shop

parcelLab makes your shipping process smart, emotional and personalized. Stop wasting valuable customer touch points to UPS, FedEx or other carriers and start engaging with your customers today!

Who’s a better marketer? The retailer or DHL and UPS?

After buying a product online, most customers spend days waiting for their package to arrive without any kind of brand engagement. Retailers are missing out on an important opportunity to engage customers at a time when they are most receptive. They have lost the customer contact, that is entrusting USPS, FedEx and UPS to maintain the relationship retailers have fought so hard to build.

parcelLab puts retailers in control of this critical phase, providing them with untapped opportunities to create new touchpoints between the brand and the customers, increasing their satisfaction and deepening their relationship.

How does it work?

parcelLab is the leading cloud-based service that helps brands manage customer communication during the shipping process. Using a data-driven approach to identify key customer-relevant communication triggers, parcelLab provides a scalable way to automate personalized emails post- checkout to create a human connection between customers and brand.

parcelLab customers experience dramatic improvements in their e-commerce business, including:

+25% revenue         

because happy customers buy more & more often

+90% retention

due to higher brand trust via fully individualized and branded communication

+10% cart size

through fully automated and innovative time & location-specific retargeting

+8% NPS

by means of better understanding of shipping data and customer expectations

Why parcelLab?

  • #1 for customer communication since 2014
  • Full-service integration & consulting
  • Active in 32 countries with 17 languages
  • Hustle-free out-of-the box solution
  • Serving more than 250 premium retailers worldwide
  • Deep data experience& proven technology
  1. Informs customers about status of delivery in own brand
  2. In Shop Track & Trace Page
  3. Detects delays during delivery and proactively informs the customer
  4. Notifications via: Facebook, SMS, Push/App, Email
  5. Transparency about the performance of your logistics provider

Which channels can I use?

Shipping notifications can be sent to your customers via email, SMS, Facebook Messenger or Web/App push.

What data is required?

We need only the tracking number, postal code, name, email and country of destination of the customer. Further data for the communication is optional.

How does data transfer work?

You can upload your data via BCC email of shipping confirmation, day-end closing as Excel-file or via the interface (RESTful API).

Are there plugins or addons for shop systems?

Our service can be quickly integrated into all existing systems, requires no plugins or addons. Talk to us.

parcelLab GmbH

Landwehr Str. 39

80336 Munich


Tel.: +49 89 414171740

Email: info@parcellab.com



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