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Web Channel

Transform your Website into a Channel of your Marketing Platform!

Identify visitors and selectively insert or replace content on your site, display entry or exit-recovery overlays using your CRM data from the Emarsys Platform, and really strengthen your customer conversion and retention capabilities.

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Why Web Channel?

Many online marketing solutions identify their customers using only cookie-based data, but that doesn’t even remotely cover the scope of engagement between your customers and your brand. Our marketing platform collects customer activities across all touchpoints and connects them to your website, turning it into an AI-powered, personalized marketing channel that drives better engagement.

How does it work?

Web Channel transforms your website into a personalized marketing channel.

Segmentation, automation and personalization are all available, opening doors to exceptional capabilities and an unprecedented user experience. Web Channel also enables you to insert and replace content on your site, displaying overlays on entry or exit, providing the appropriate individual treatment.

What does it do?

Web Channel Identifies visitors, selectively inserts or replaces content on your site and displays entry or exit-recovery overlays, providing an individual treatment layer to your users. Use historic data from your Emarsys contact database, email, website and mobile behavior, and customer information from Smart Insight to optimize your customers’ experiences on your website (including your mobile website) to drive ROI. Powered by AI, Web Channel automates decision-making variables, enabling an optimized performance beyond human capacities.

  1. Targeting CRM and anonymous visitors: Target known visitors on the website based on CRM segments, as well as unidentified visitors, combined with real-time filtering capabilities.
  2. Part of the Automation Center: Integrated with the Automation Center to complete the Omnichannel experience.
  3. Few clicks to value: Web Channel comes with pre-defined campaigns for key use cases (e.g. contact acquisition, exit recovery) and AI-based decision-making variables (e.g. how often to show a message) to reduce operational efforts.
  4. Maximum flexibility in content and delivery: Insert any content, with full access to the Emarsys personalization capabilities, and display it either via an overlay or as embedded content on your website.
  1. New contact acquisition: On-site overlays to optimize contact acquisition using the power of AI.
  2. Re-subscribe: Offer the unique opportunity to re-subscribe and opt in to campaigns for previously lapsed customers.
  3. Exit intent: 35% of lost visitors can be saved by exit intent offers! Visitors who show “exit intent” can be retargeted while distinguishing between a random visitor and a likely customer.
  4. Omnichannel power: Marketing messages published on more than one channel have a 24% increase in engagement. Use the same content for the same contacts via Web as used in Email to achieve a higher chance of conversion and increase the reach of website visitors who are non-responders to email.
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