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Generate more Leads with Chatchamp Chatbots

Create your digital sales-agent for lead generation, appointment booking and more for WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger & on your website.

What is chatchamp?

Chatchamp is a software that helps businesses leverage automated chats to generate new leads and additional sales. Website conversions improve by 1%, while lead cost can be reduced by 40%.

How does it work?

Businesses set up chatbots in their favorite channels like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp or their website. The chatbots sell your products, generate leads or just get you the information you need. As long as chatbots are run in messenger apps, they can directly be powered by social campaigns, making it very scalable.

What does it do?

Using lead-chatbots, businesses can increase sales, automatically prequalifying their leads while lowering lead costs by 40%. It can both help businesses to be able to use social ads at scale and improve the general conversion of the website.

  1. Instant results! Setup takes less than 1 hour and you can see results right away.
  2. Vertical specific templates to speed-up setup even further.
  3. Easy to use drag-and-drop bot builder.
  4. Proven strategy to lower lead cost and generate more leads from websites by Chatchamp’s funnel optimization.
  5. Easy to use A/B-Testing to further improve the chatbots.
  6. Integrated retargeting for higher conversions.
  7. Easy-to-read dashboard to check generated leads.
  8. Comprehensive reporting tab to track campaign progress down to the individual message and response.

Generate Leads using Social Ads

By using social campaigns on Facebook / Instagram that lead traffic to chatbots in WhatsApp / Messenger, businesses can create leads and build their CRM-lists.

Improve Website Conversion

On-page chatbots can additionally increase the website conversion and create more leads. Using Chatchamp’s on-page chat, businesses are generating leads, without the need of additional customer support.

Create Appointments Directly

Use chatchamp’s build-in features to create appointments with potential customers directly in the chat.

Engage with your Audience before Selling

Create engaging quizzes and content your users like, to increase the time spent with your brand, and sell your product easier.

Build bigger Lists for your CRM

Get emails and phone numbers to engage with your potential customers and grow the audience of the CRM. 

Multiple Outlets/Interfaces

Choose the channel where to run the chatbot, e.g. WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, your website. Use the same chatbots in multiple channels without additional efforts.

Aggregate User Information between Platforms

Send Customer Information to emarsys and improve your CRM audience.

Why Lead Chatbots?

The future of marketing high-involvement products is starting a conversation with your potential client. Building on interaction and creating trust is what becomes super easy with messenger marketing. Lead chatbots replace long explanatory landing pages and slow lead questionnaires with a personal, interactive experience.

Automated lead generation, qualification and integration with your CRM means more qualified leads sent to your team faster.

Lead chatbots are the easiest and most time and money efficient way to generate highly qualified leads and data points of potential customers.

I use Facebook Lead Ads why should I use Chatbots?

Facebook Lead Ads are a good way to generate lead information directly from ads. Lead chatbots can be seen as the new lead ad.

They work very similar to lead ads but with following advantages:

  • Data can be verified before sending it to the CRM, resulting in much higher data quality
  • Chatbots can create additional data points, like product preferences or interests
  • Users can be retargeted directly in the chat to improve conversion rate

I don’t want to get additional Customer Support Tickets, can I still use Website Chat?

The advantage of chatchamp’s website chat is that it is fully automated. It only allows users to type a message when needed. In all other cases the user is guided by ready-made answers.

So there is no need of adding customer support if chatchamp’s website chat is used.

Why Chatchamp over other Softwares?

Chatchamp provides the customer with a user-friendly interface and focusing on deep analytics for optimization and tailored solutions for lead generation. If you are looking for the highest conversion rates and best optimization tools, you found your solution!

Who should use chatchamp?

Businesses which sales cycle includes lead generation, e.g. travel, insurance, finance, health, real estate and many more.

How can I learn more about Lead Chat Bots?

The best way to learn about how chatchamp can help your business is to schedule a free demo where one of our experts will show you how our solution works and how we can create first numbers to prove the success.

You want to learn more? Check out our webinars for in-depth tips and best practices. 👉https://www.chatchamp.com/en/resources/

Chatchamp was founded in Munich, Germany in 2017 with the goal of helping online businesses increase sales and engagement with automated chats. Known from media outlets like W&V, horizont and conferences like OMR & DMEXCO, Chatchamp established itself as the leading chatbot platform for lead generation and appointment bookings in messenger apps like Facebook Messenger and on the website.

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