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DQE Software

Data Quality Management

Stand out in a highly competitive market by offering a qualitative approach to your customers while enhancing your marketing and sales efficiency through the DQE Software Data Quality Management (DQM) solutions.
Take the right strategic decisions by using a single, trusted view of your customer data in an omni-channel and international context.

Why DQE Software?

Since its inception, DQE Software and all the company employees care about the satisfaction of their customers. We focus on high availability and responsiveness enabling us to consider our relationships with our customers as a partnership. This manner of thinking allows us to establish a relationship of trust, as is proven by the loyalty of our customers.
Our concern: your success.
Our drive: our passion.

How does it works?

Available in SaaS mode or hosted at the customer site, the solutions are quick to implement and easily interface with the existing CRM and ERP systems.

What does it do?

Since the data quality is essential to understanding a customer and building a lasting relationship, DQE Software provides its customers with complete solutions that simplify the collection of reliable data.


Input verification postal address RNVP

The real-time DQE ADDRESS solution simplifies and checks the entry of French and international postal addresses at all customer contact detail collection points.

DQE ADDRESS BATCH is the Postal address Restructuring, Standardisation and Validation (RNVP) solution for handling both the French and international postal addresses already stored in the database.


Assistance input verification correction Email

DQE EMAIL simplifies and checks the entry of international e-mail addresses at all customer contact detail collection points.

EMAIL DQE enables significant reduction of «hardbounces» in e-mail campaigns and a significant improvement in the sender’s reputation with the ISPs.

DQE EMAIL integrates multiple control points and features:

  • Auto-completion of e-mail.
  • E-mail syntax (double @, special characters /; etc).
  • Existence of the domain name.
  • Identification of disposable e-mails.
  • Validation of username (Words before the @).


Capture assistance verification telephone number.

DQE PHONE enables real-time verification of the existence of a French and international telephone line, landline and mobile, at all customer contact detail collection points.

DQE PHONE integrates several levels of telephone number validation:

  • Syntax formatting and validation of international telephone numbers.
  • Validating the existence of the line from telecom operators.

Our DQE PHONE solution is used to verify and format telephones on several points:

  • Telephone syntax.
  • Formatting.
  • Country-specific prefix.
  • Validation of the complete line in France or abroad.


Deduplication matching remove processing duplicate.

DQE DEDUP is the solution that is designed to maintain a continuous single view of customer contacts in a multichannel context.

DQE DEDUP enables :

  • Quickly finding a customer file in your applications in spite of spelling or typing mistakes.
  • Avoiding collecting duplicates in your databases.

DQE DEDUP is a data deduplication, matching and merging solution. The DQE DEDUP Batch engine can identify duplicates not only within the same database (Deduplication) but also in several databases (Matching).


Validation nominative BtoC.

DQE IDCHECK measures the quality of incoming customer information on a website or in a CRM: The captured Last Name, First Name, Postal Address, E-mail, Telephone fields are compared in real time with the nominal database in order to record the data quality and identify the information to be confirmed.

DQE IDCHECK consults our unique identity repository in real-time and sends confirmation about the existence of the person and/or his household based on the data entered.

Thanks to our powerful search algorithms, you receive an almost instant response and you can immediately decide on the reliability of the order in anticipation of a possible fraud attempt.


Segmentation profiling BtoC.

DQE Lifestyle helps in improving customer knowledge with real-time segmentation: we are offering you better understanding and knowledge of your customers from the moment they interact with you by using a segmentation of 25 types of different households.

DQE Lifestyle interacts with our demographic repository in real-time.

It allows you to propose targeted offers customised to the instant view of your customer profile, goes further in-depth by informing you about its potential based on multiple cross-linked information.


Siret processing enterprise real-time.

DQE BTOB is a solution that simplifies and enhances real-time capture of company data, in all application types (CRM, Internet, etc.).

DQE BTOB instantly auto-completes your form with existing data: postal address, SIRET, NAF code, level of turnover, workforce, telephone details…based only on: company name and postal code.

A powerful search tool, DQE BTOB enables you to enhance productivity of your teams by speeding up customer data entry and rendering the data more reliable, both in real-time and in curative mode, within your existing databases.

 DQE Geoloc

Geotagging Geocoding Geocoder real-time.

DQE Geoloc is a complete solution that enables worldwide geotagging of one’s internet users or mobile users connected by WiFi, in order to offer your customers or prospects a real-time message customised to their location.

DQE Geoloc addresses the needs of marketing and e-business departments whether to generate footfalls in store, increase sales, develop targeted marketing campaigns, retain one’s customers, or significantly reduce frauds on merchant site forms.

You can geotag your customer based on his postal address, or based on the IP address of the communication medium that he uses during his visit (computer, tablet, smartphone).

It makes you proactive and thus strengthens your marketing effectiveness thanks to a marked improvement in your customer knowledge.


Customer experience, an essential challenge in a multi-channel context to develop sustainable relationship between the brand and the consumer is linked to three factors:

  • Streamlining customer contact detail capture using form auto-complete solutions.
  • Reassure an Internet user on the professionalism of a merchant site, by integrating e-mail validation, address correction and phone number verification solutions on the its website.
  • Effectively recognise a brand customer and adapt to his consumption profile through targeted marketing that will reassure him in his decision-making process.


We believe that you are faced with multiple challenges:

  • Prioritising leads coming in on a website by integrating solutions to measure quality.
  • Offering an effective real-time marketing pitch, by identifying prospects in your target profiles.
  • Anticipating the risks of fraud to avoid payment defaults.


Retention at point of sale process is a key challenge because, the more customer data collected, the better the marketing efforts.

Streamlining customer contact detail capture by using form auto-complete solutions allows systematic customer data collection without affecting queues at the cash counters.

Real-time data check is essential because it is always more difficult to adjust the quality later on.


Effectively recognising a brand customer is a key customer relationship challenge. The customer’s consumption profile will help vendors in customising their sales pitches.

Reliability of data quality on input, regardless of the nationality of your customers, enhances the efficiency of the whole organisation from the point of collection to marketing actions.


Duplicates, non-standard data, incomplete databases and wrong data are symptoms of customer databases which need to be cleaned.

The DQE Software suite will enable you to communicate more efficiently by cleaning up the data.

This step, essential for ensuring information quality, can be carried out upstream of the installation of real-time solutions, or automated at the frequency required to optimise your processes.


It is good to have a healthy and reliable database, but would you perhaps like to have better knowledge of your customers and prospects ?

Thanks to a vast partner network, DQE proposes solutions that can enhance your databases with missing information, especially in your B2B relationships.

From SIRET to the name and contact details of the decision-maker that you would like to contact, we can support you in your endeavours.


A tool for service quality or for sales efficiency, it has become essential in the customer relationship landscape.

In a world of multi-channel communication, it provides you with a 360° view of your customers. With more relevant message and a linked profitability analysis, it adds value to your communications.

The DQE Software tools allow you to make the entered data more reliable, regardless of the input channel (telephone, website, point of sale, etc.) while speeding up their input through auto-complete.
Your address book is your most valuable asset.


DQE Software offers customer data capture solutions that will enable the operator to not only save time, but also to validate the collected information on input to improve marketing efficiency.

Gone are the days when your customer received the same message several times, the same promotional leaflet with a random address.

The captured Last Name, First Name, Postal Address, E-mail, Telephone fields are compared in real time with the nominal database in order to record the data quality and identify the information to be confirmed.


Founded in 2008, DQE Software handholds the company’s business divisions (marketing, sales, e-business, IT, etc.) in developing a single and reliable view of data of its customers, essential to the success of any multichannel strategy.

Since the data quality is essential to understanding a customer and building a lasting relationship, DQE Software provides its customers with complete solutions that simplify the collection of reliable data.

Available in SaaS mode or hosted at the customer site, the solutions are quick to implement and easily interface with the existing CRM and ERP systems.

DQE Software is multiplying the integrator partners of its solutions not only in France but also in Europe and the USA.

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