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Emarsys Loyalty

Increase revenue and customer lifetime value with Loyalty.

Members of a loyalty program generate between 12-18% more revenue per year. Offer varying reward types rather than blanket discounts with loyalty integrated with tactics. Improve customer retention and lifetime value by rewarding customers at every stage of their journey with more personalised omni-channel experiences.

With all your CRM, product analytics, customer analytics and sales data integrated into our platform you have all the data sources you need to be able to launch a loyalty program.  Therefore there is no implementation time and the activation of a loyalty program is quick.

You already have ready to activate tactics built into the platform and with loyalty integrated into tactics you are now able to convert non loyal members to loyal members and treat each customer differently with varying reward types across every stage of the customer journey.

Loyalty actions and formula are pre-built into the platform so you are now able to further drive repeat purchases and improve average order value or customer’s total spend without having to give away blanket discounts.  You can now convert a first time buyer into a an active buyer or convert a defecting customer into an active buyer or convert a low spender into a high spender. 

Emarsys Loyalty has three main elements:

Your Emarsys Loyalty account  

An intuitive interface in your Emarsys account allows you to set up and manage your loyalty program, including tiers, actions, rewards, settings, and more. 

The Loyalty Wallet 

We provide a simple pre-built Loyalty Portal for mobile and desktop e-commerce websites which requires no IT to set up. The Loyalty Wallet is customizable via the Emarsys Loyalty account and appears as a sidebar widget on your website, where customers can view their balance, earn and redeem points for gifts and other rewards. 

Alternatively, you can use our Loyalty API to create your own loyalty portal and website integration from scratch. 

Loyalty API / JavaScript commands 

You will need to install a set of JavaScript commands on your website, which will enable the website to establish a secure authentication and identification of the user on the website, utilize API and enable the Loyalty Wallet. 

For more detailed information, visit our documentation.

1:1  personalisation – With loyalty integrated into your tactics, you are now able to offer varying reward types for each individual customer at every stage of their customer journey.

Full CRM Visibility – with all your CRM, product, customer, sales data, and prebuilt loyalty actions and formula already in the platform you can now easily convert non-loyal members into loyal members. The platform will automatically distribute tiers based on each customers total spend.

Online Wallet – Have your loyalty program integrated into your website without the need for IT and development requests.

Loyalty and Tactics – with loyalty integrated into your tactics, you can now improve retention and customer lifetime value by converting a first time buyer into an active buyer,  or convert a defecting customer into an active buyer or convert a low spender into a high spender.  You can now activate tactics with built in loyalty blocks to improve strategic kpis such as First time to repeat buyers, average order value and churning customers to active customers by activating tactics in days,  not months.

Varying Reward Types – Offer varying reward types and further personalise the customer experience at every stage of the customer journey.  Rather than giving away blanket discounts, offer tier upgrading options, VIP customer care or exclusive products and pre-sale items.

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