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Superior digital experiences regardless of back end restrictions

Personalization, optimization, frontend for microservices or headless architecture, all can be done with Frosmo. The SaaS platform enables digital business teams to modify the digital experience layer regardless of limitations of undelaying platforms.

Why Frosmo?

Frosmo enables any customer facing change on your website without a traditional IT project regardless of the underlying CMS, eCommerce and marketing technology platform. ​First changes can happen within days; approved changes on a coffee break. Frosmo is flexible, scalable, connected, and transparent with an open API architecture.

How does it work?

The Frosmo SaaS Platform enables you to decouple your website’s digital experience layer from the back end and then uses JavaScript to deliver a fresh digital experience. By decoupling the two layers, digital business teams can use all their creativity to meet business targets and complement the weaknesses of the underlying platforms.

Frosmo also enables the finely controlled gathering of data, which can be used to make further development decisions or pushed directly to other website integrations.

What does it do?

Frosmo platform modifies the website content on the go as a user is browsing the site. This can be both directions: either pushing personalized content to a website user or collecting data of user’s behavior on the site. Use cases range from optimization and personalization to implementation of microservices or headless architecture.

  1. Unlimited segments – Create as many segments as you like, keep it broad or go all the way down to an individual level.
  2. Unrestricted modifications – Enhance, test, optimize, personalize, dynamicize, and replace any content on your site. Anywhere.
  3. Triggers – Detect particular events, such as specific views and clicks, and show related content accordingly. By combining several triggers, you can implement and personalize entire user journeys through the Frosmo Platform.
  4. Advanced tracking – Track users through clicks and displays to gain a better understanding of their journeys and how to improve them.
  5. Personalized product recommendations – Recommend products and content based on your targets and user behavior to increase conversions. Integrate product info from additional sources to create bundles without limitations.
  6. Supported software integrations – Frosmo can be connected to marketing automation platforms, analytics tools, CRMS, and more via the use of APIs.
  7. Automatic error tracking – Get notified when the Frosmo platform notices any anomalies in your site data.
  8. Development friendly and flexible – Use whatever JavaScript framework you prefer to further develop and optimize your site.

Use Frosmo to personalize and optimize. Run A/B tests and experiment to your heart’s content, picking your winners along the way.

Personalize entire user journeys with the help of segments and triggers to deliver a superior user experience and increase conversions,

Shorten purchase funnels to provide users with a painless checkout experience, regardless of your underlying platforms and frameworks.

Enrich your your CRM and marketing automation platform with customer behavior data gathered with Frosmo. Combine the data to really get to know your customers and target them accordingly.

Implement a microservices or headless architecture, separating backend from frontend where Frosmo is used for anything front-end, providing you with a multitalented head.

Run your ecommerce as usual during times of architectural change. Provide the digital experience your users deserve post-merger or while your new platform gets rolled out. It’ll be business as usual, regardless of the work that’s being done on the back-end.

How large part of the Digital Experience can I create with Frosmo? ​

As large as required by your business objectives. Frosmo can be used either to modify a limited section of your site (e.g. campaign) or for the entire user interface (e.g. headless architecture).

Are you utilizing machine learning in any features? ​

Yes, for example as part of the A/B/multivariant testing we are using machine learning.

Can I use Frosmo after GDPR comes to force? ​

Yes, Frosmo provides both opt-out features and documentation you need to make sure that personalization and other site modifications are compliant with GDPR.

FROSMO is a technology company on a mission for superior digital experiences with new technologies. Company headquarters are located in Helsinki, Finland and other offices are in Stockholm, London, Warsaw and Barcelona.
FROSMO is the forerunner in using a JavaScript framework to deliver the digital experience layer. With the SaaS platform digital business teams can achieve unprecedented freedom, speed and cost-efficiency in developing unique experiences for their online customers. FROSMO enables that the development of each website will be released to the fullest, bringing competitive advantage and increased ROI.

Email: ​partners@frosmo.com

Website: ​https://frosmo.com/

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