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Verify and Cleanse Your Contact Data to Reach More Customers

Global-Z verifies and cleanses global name, address, phone and email data. Better data leads to increased sales, higher ROI, and better business decisions.

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  1. Why Do I Need Clean Data?

    80-90% of all customer contact data has errors, and 2% of customer data becomes obsolete each month.  Inaccurate data increases costs, reduces sales and ROI, and makes it difficult to reach your customers with the right message at the right time.

  2. What About Duplicates?

    Poor data quality also leads to duplication of customer records in your database.  Duplication rates in CRMs can be as high as 30-40% of customer records or more.  This can reduce the effectiveness of your business analytics, and obscure your view of your customers.  Cleaning, matching and merging your customer data can help create a Single Customer View and maximize your customer intelligence.

  3. What Causes Data Quality Errors?

    Global contact data is complex and difficult to capture correctly.  Data errors are most frequently caused during data capture or conversion of data between systems.  Global-Z’s sophisticated algorithms are tuned to understand the complexities of global data, make the necessary corrections, and ensure validity.

  4. How Does It Work?

    Global-Z can cleanse all of your existing customer data through a bulk process, and can cleanse your new customers through a realtime API or through a daily, weekly or monthly batch process.  Every cleansed contact is returned with a validation score indicating the accuracy and whether corrections were made.

Global Coverage

Global-Z supports contact data verification and cleansing for over 240 countries, and supports Western and non-Western languages including Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Cyrillic, and Greek.

Address Verification

Our industry leading address verification technology corrects incomplete address values such as street names, town names and postal codes, and standardizes the address to the correct format for each country.

Email Verification

Our service checks for invalid email formats and values, checks for unknown or invalid domain names, corrects common errors, and verifies the email domain for successful mail delivery.

Phone Verification

Global-Z verifies the phone number to the regional level, corrects or removes invalid values, restructures the phone number to the correct format, and appends valuable metadata such as mobile or landline.

Name Verification

Global personal names are complex and difficult to capture accurately.  Our service screens for invalid values, correctly standardizes the format and appends a gender score, improving your segmentation and targeting, and improving the image of your marketing communication.

Data Quality Scoring

All contact attributes (address, email, phone, customer name) are assigned a validation score indicating the quality of the input data, specifying any corrections that were made, and whether the attribute is valid or invalid.

Digital Marketing

Your marketing communications is only as good as the ability to reach your customers.  Improving contact attribute data quality helps you reach your customers and maximize the ROI of your marketing campaigns.

Marketing Automation

Ever received an email with the greeting “Dear Customer Name”?  Marketing automation requires confidence in reliable, quality data.  Fixing data quality errors greatly improves the quality of your marketing communications.

Data Analytics

Invalid and duplicate data is the leading cause of errors in customer analytics.  Improving quality and customer-centricity in your data can lead to higher quality business decisions.

Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs are plagued by multiple customer accounts, unreachable customers, and an unprofessional marketing image.  Clean data allows you to nurture and develop your most important and most profitable customer relationships.

Direct Mail

Undeliverable and duplicate mail creates significant waste and unnecessary costs.  Mail delivery rates and ROI can be maximized by ensuring that only the cleanest data is used for mailing campaigns.

Fraud Protection

Poor data quality makes it difficult to tell the difference between a real customer and a fraud, particularly when capturing data through high-volume automated interfaces.  Data validation is key to identifying and flagging those customers that you don’t want to reach.

Customer Data Migration

Merging siloed customer databases into a single CRM can be a significant challenge.  Multiple customer data assets can originate from decentralized data sources, legacy systems, or merger & acquisition activity.  Data quality, matching and merging expertise is critical to the success of these strategically important CRM initiatives.

Regulatory Compliance

Identifying and reaching your customers can be key to meeting regulatory requirements.  Verifying and cleansing customer contact attributes helps ensure that you can reach your customers when you need to.

Customer Surveys

Correct contact information and accurate segmentation are important for ensuring the success and validity of your customer surveys.  Improving your data quality will help ensure that your surveys reach your target audience.

Single Customer View

Inaccurate, incomplete and duplicate customer data leads to a fragmented and misleading view of your customers.  By cleansing and matching your customer data, a complete and accurate view of your customer can be attained and leveraged to drive analytics and customer engagement.

How Do I Cleanse my Data with Global-Z?

Global-Z can cleanse your contact addresses, emails, phone numbers, and customer names in bulk or one customer record at a time.  Bulk cleansing is performed through file exchange, and realtime cleansing is done through our web services API.

Coming soon – our integrated plug-in will provide cleansing and updating directly from the Emarsys platform.

How Can I Remove Duplicate Customers?

Our data verification and cleansing services can optionally identify, match and merge duplicate customer records in your database.  Merging information from duplicate records into a single “golden record” is critical for obtaining a Single Customer view, which can drive powerful customer intelligence and analytics.

What Does It Cost?

We charge a small fee to verify and cleanse each customer attribute (address, email, phone or name), and you only need to cleanse the attributes and customers that you choose.  Discounts are applied if you cleanse multiple attributes, and volume discounts are available for large databases.

How Else Can My Data Be Improved?

We offer additional validation and enhancement options including change of address (mover tracking), geocode append, goneaway and deceased flagging, and more.  Enhancements vary by country.

Why Global-Z?

For 30 years Global-Z has been an industry leader in data quality.  Many of the world’s largest companies trust us to manage their global data, and we verify and cleanse billions of customer records every year.

Corporate Headquarters

Global-Z International, Inc.

395 Shields Drive

Bennington, VT 05201






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