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Digital experience delivery platform for marketers.

Accessible from a unified data engine, Insider enables marketers to leverage personalization, advanced segmentation and real-time technologies to boost loyalty and digital growth.

  1. Why Insider?

    Insider’s customer experience delivery platform InOne helps marketers deliver hyper-personalized experiences on web, mobile web and apps by leveraging advanced segmentation capabilities and real-time personalization technologies, helping marketers go beyond conversion optimization.

  2. How does it work?

    Insider’s platform can be integrated to your website, mobile site or app in less than 5 minutes. Once the platform is integrated, marketers can act on ready-to-use segments to deliver personalized experiences to their visitors using real-time technologies such as web push, mobile push, A/B/n testing, 1:1 messages, recommendations and more. Segments are only as good as the data underpinning them. Insider’s segmentation engine runs on an advanced machine-learning algorithm, tracking actions of visitors across all touchpoints, enabling marketers to easily act on auto-segments.

  3. What does it do?

    Insider’s platform brings together all technologies marketers need to deliver personalized experiences under a single, highly usable platform. Insider helps marketers take data-based actions and deliver hyper-personalized experiences to their visitors. InOne offers the next level in customer experience delivery and helps marketers optimize their marketing spend.

Visitor Segmentation

Act on powerful visitor segments to turn data into action: Custom Segments, Technographics, Weather Targeting, Geolocation, Psychographics, Purchase History, Behavioral Patterns and more.

Web Personalization

Engage your visitors with hyper-relevant web personalizations in real-time: Segmented Web Push, Smart Alerts, 1:1 Notifications, Urgency Messaging, Social Proof, Layout Optimization, Custom Personalization and more.

Mobile Personalization

Deliver highly personalized digital experiences on-the-go to drive interaction: App Modifications, Advanced Layouts, A/B/n Testing, 360 Customer Profiles, Engagement Analytics, Crash Analytics, Push API Geofence, Conversion, Push Rich Push, 1:1 Messages, Survey.

A/B/n Testing

Optimize visitor experiences continuously with A/B/n testing: A/B/n Testing, Multivariate Testing, Cross-device Testing.

Smart Recommendations

Create real-time interaction with data-backed product & content recommendations: Homepage, Product Pages, Category Pages, User-based, Exit Intent, Notifications, Checkout.


Rely on powerful insights to make better marketing decisions in real time:Click-through Rate(CTR), Number of Impressions, Revenue per Thousand Impressions (RPM).

Services & Full Account Management

With our global team of experienced marketing consultants, conversion optimization specialists, data scientists , UX specialists and account managers we walk the extra mile to provide extensive services, helping leading brands deliver personalized customer experiences.

  1. Optimize marketing budgets while driving conversions & growth

  2. Access actionable data & segments from a unified platform

  3. Leverage advanced segmentation capabilities to target key groups

  4. Deliver hyper-targeted personalizations across web, mobile web and apps

  5. Convey 1:1 real-time messages at every stage of the customer life cycle

  6. Test, personalize and optimize with A/B/n testing without burdening IT teams

  7. Increase engagement, drive loyalty and reduce churn

As a marketer, what products within InOne platform should I be using?

Unless you have a specific execution agenda, features within InOne platform that will benefit your business will be determined and shared with you by your Strategic Account Managers. Results from all CX scenarios will be constantly monitored real time within InOne platform for you to optimize through A/B/n Testing.

Is there a document which explains the technical capabilities of the Insider Platform?

We have documents of best practices to achieve with Insider Platform in various industries. However, it is not all of them. Insider platform offers limitless opportunities and it is impossible to present every personalization scenario. Still, you can find the best practices and valuable tips and tricks in our decks.

How do we get started with building a personalization and optimization strategy?

The scope of your brand’s personalization and optimization strategy depends solely on your business’ needs. Marketers usually start by mapping out the specific targets, KPIs, short-term goals and all elements of their digital marketing operations where there is room for improvement. Once a road map is designated, marketers can get started with the execution of personalization and optimization operations with the help of Insider’s Strategic Account Management Team. Insiders team of SAMs are trained to help enterprise associates alter their digital marketing operations thoroughly for more meaningful experiences and increased conversions.

What additional support do you offer?

Within Insider HQ, two different teams of account management works with enterprise associates to help brands map out their digital strategy and execute it with ease. Strategic Account Managers (SAMs) help brands with the overall development of their digital marketing optimization strategies, while Operational Account Managers (OPAMs) provide associates with 7/24 technical support with any technical challenge marketers might be having within InOne platform.

Is InOne compatible with single page apps (SPAs) and/or responsive websites?

Yes, it is. Thanks to adaptive initialization technology built within the platform, InOne offers enhanced support for SPAs and responsive websites.

Is Insider’s notification panel affected by Adblock Software?

No, it is not. Since any element deployed from Insider platform is not an ad, they’re not affected by Adblock Software.

What is the size of Insider’s API?

The API is only 34 KB when first integrated. Depending on the number and complexity of the experiments deployed, the size gets bigger as the platform collects more data in time.

How is InOne going to affect my page load times?

Your page load time doesn’t lag. Data on your conversion goal performance is collected through your visitors’ tracking requests when they land on a page containing Insider snippet. The requests are asynchronous, non-blocking and they are only active for visitors who are placed in at least one personalization scenario. The process is not expected to show any impact on your page load time.

Which operating systems are currently supported?

Insider’s InOne platform supports all major desktop operating systems (macOS, Linux, Windows, etc) and SDKs for iOS and Android.

Which browsers does your platform support?

Insider supports all widely used desktop and mobile browsers including Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, IE, UC Browser and more.

Insider is a digital experience delivery platform for marketers.

Accessible from a unified data engine, Insider enables marketers to leverage advanced segmentation and real-time personalization technologies to boost loyalty and digital growth.

Insider is a technology company with offices in London, Moscow, Singapore, Dubai, Warsaw, Istanbul, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, Sydney, Seoul, Tokyo, Ho Chi Minh City and Bangkok. Insider was listed as one of Europe’s 100 Hottest Startups in 2016 by WIRED Magazine, featuring European startups that are having an impact.

Helping world’s leading brands grow beyond the speed of customer expectations, Insider is trusted by over 300 businesses across various industries including Toyota, UNIQLO, Media Markt, Lenovo, Singapore Airlines, MasterCard, BBVA, Fiat, Carrefour, Ticketmaster, Air Arabia, Tune Hotels, Dominos, McDonalds, Avon and CNN.




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