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Lengow, Product data optimization

With Lengow, find the right marketing channels to scale, optimize and automate all of your online activity. Your feed management platform to sell on Google Shopping, Amazon, Facebook, eBay and optimize product data on marketing tools like Emarsys.

Selling on multiple channels can be complex but we are here to support you. Expand your market and discover new opportunities while staying in control with Lengow and its advanced features.

Our multichannel platform enables you easily publish your products data on more than 1800 marketing channels and tools.  Among them : Emarsys, Amazon, Google Shopping, Facebook, Criteo, Ebay, Rakuten, Bing, Idealo, Cdiscount,… and centralize orders coming from marketplaces.

No matter if you just started your ecommerce journey as an online merchant or if you are an established brand: we give you access to one centralized platform to diffuse a quality product catalogue and sell your products on multiple marketplaces.

Export your data from any ecommerce solutions you are using (we have direct connections with Magento and Shopify for example) but also import directly your product catalogue from a CSV file, HTML link, FTP server or through our API for example.

We are helping you to format your product feed to meet the requirements of all marketing channels (images, titles, descriptions …), to organise your catalogue according to the categories expected and to enrich your product sheets to boost your sales.

Lengow also centralises all marketplace orders for you: carry out all actions in our platform (automatic acceptance of orders, launching the shipment of the parcels,…).

Plus, you can monitor your performance from a single dashboard: with our interface track sales, ROI, etc, and  thus adapt your strategy by excluding some products from your diffusion or on the contrary optimize even more product sheets of item that perform really well.

  1. Import your data

    Easily import your product data. Lengow supports most ecommerce solutions, adapts to your custom build platforms and accepts all feed formats available.

  2. Optimize your product data

    Use Lengow to target and exclude the right products for the right channels and tools (marketplaces, price comparison engines, product ads, retargeting, affiliation) and automate the process of product diffusion. Manipulate your feeds (categories, titles, descriptions, rules…) without any technical knowledge.

  3. Reference your products and control your marketplace orders

    Adapt your catalogue to publish your products on the channel of your choice: define price, presentation and available stock size. Lengow takes care of the centralisation of your orders coming from marketplaces and synchronises them with your ecommerce solution. Track your demands accurately and set rules to avoid running out of stock.

  4. Maximise the rentability of your marketing channels

    Integrate Lengow easily to your analytics and tag management system and get the data directly in your analytics tool. Get all relevant statistics in Lengow – clicks, CPA, sales and rentability. Adjust product diffusion in a few clicks, depending on their success. Review your digital strategy and make considerate decisions.

  5. Simplify your tasks with our various applications

    Thanks to our API, Lengow is compatible with many applications among them Emarsys, so you can access the functionality of all your ecommerce tools in one single platform. Already more than 40 available applications: marketing platform, translation, customer review, email, merchandise, price watch, web-to-store, product recommendation and many more.

  6. Outstanding Support

    Our international sales and support experts will be happy to show you how Lengow can help you achieve your goals and grow your business. You’ll be independent and in control, but never alone.

Bring value to your product catalog

Lengow provides you with infinite possibilities to transform your data. Use rules to manipulate, clean, merge and enrich your data:

  • Merge multiple files, for example your product catalogue with your inventory data and other media
  • With our conversion lists, easily adapt your data to the requirements of each marketing channel
  • Edit the text of your product listings individually before publishing
  • Draw in the other values ​​of your catalog to complete titles, descriptions or missing fields.
  • Filter the sending of your products according to their price, their quantity, their profitability, their seasonality.
  • Use the search and replace function to modify the values ​​of a specific field.
  • Insert a mathematical formula to change your prices, shipping costs and discounts.
  • If you have a low stock or work in a just-in-time fashion, opt for a depublication rule to avoid running out of stock.
  • Automatically fill in missing attributes like size, color or material

Lengow is the e-commerce automation solution that helps brands and distributors improve their performance, automate their business processes, and grow internationally. The Lengow platform is the key to strong profitability and visibility for products sold by online retailers around the world on all distribution channels: marketplaces, comparison shopping engines, affiliate platforms and display/retargeting platforms.

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