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Push Planet

Create Email Preference Centers and Lower Your Unsubscribe Rate by 30%

Push Planet allows you to easily create email preference centers that are fully integrated with Emarsys.

Push Planet is the easiest way to reduce your unsubscribe rate with hosted email preference centers. It is fully integrated with Emarsys and can handle even the most complex Emarsys setup.


On average clients see a reduced unsubscribe rate by 30%. Allow your subscribers to pick which list they want to unsubscribe to instead of just unsubscribing them from all your lists.

Easy to Use:

User our drag and drop builder so any marketer can easily create their own preference center in minutes. You will be able to use your own custom domain, fonts, and CSS so it matches your brand.

Integrated with Emarsys:

We will do all the heavy lifting on your Emarsys integration. Included in all plans, for no extra charge.

Bonus, Create Landing Pages too:

You can also use Push Planet to create landing and registration pages. These are also integrated with Emarsys and push new emails in real-time.

  1. Create an Email Preference Center. Allow customers to opt-out of specific lists rather than all your lists. Average customers see a 30% lower unsubscribe rate

  2. Drag and Drop. Easily make changes and updates to any text with our drag and drop editor.

  3. Add Custom Fonts and CSS. Your preference center will look just like your website.

  4. 100% Integrated with Emarsys. We can handle any Emarsys client, even complex setups. We will do all the integration work for you at no additional cost.

  5. Integrated with your Google Analytics. We can push custom events into Google Analytics or any analytics dashboard. We can do this because we can fire custom javascript events.

  6. Create Landing and Registration Pages. This is great way to point people to different surveys, capture leads, and more.

  7. Use your own Custom Domain. This way your customers know they are on your site.

  1. Create Email Preference Center

  2. Create Landing Pages

  3. Lower Email Churn Rate

  4. Build Your Email List

  5. Create Registration Pages

  6. Collect Survey Responses

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