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Send Check It

Catch email errors before they're sent

Send Check It stops mistakes like broken links, missing images and other easily made but hard to detect content issues before you hit Send

Every experienced digital marketer has made a mistake when doing a big email send: a broken link, a missing image, or maybe just addressing everybody on your list as “Hey {{FNAME}}”.

Send Check It stops mistakes like broken links, missing images and other easily made but hard to detect content issues before you hit Send.

Every check that we do is with one goal: for you to send with confidence. That’s why we perform all the following on every email we inspect:

  1. Never send a broken Link

    Too often we see emails sent with blank targets, pasted URLs that don’t work or properly formatted URLs that don’t actually load the page when clicked. Every URL in your email is checked to make sure it works correctly and loads quickly.

  2. Make sure every image is seen every time 

    Email authoring has never been more complicated. Assets, edits and revisions are the standard and it’s easy to make a mistake where an image you intended to include just doesn’t load.

  3. Get higher open rates 

    More emails than ever are read on mobile devices used on the go. Oversized images, HTML/Plain body issues and other content factors kill open rates as they stall how quickly your message gets loaded.

  4. Break out of the Promotions tab

    Indicators like sending from a no-reply address and other ‘tells’ may be landing you in Gmail’s Promotions tab where messages go to die. Find out what may be preventing your messages from being seen.

Check Broadcast Emails before sending

You most likely send yourself a preview of your email as a quick “sanity check” before pushing your email out to your whole list. Send with confidence by also sending your preview to Send Check It, you’ll get a report back about any missing links, images or issues in a few seconds.

Continually Check Emailed Links

Automated drip campaigns, behavioral emails or templated email responses are all write once, near evergreen assets. That’s great for you, but means that the links in them probably aren’t checked as often as you’d hope they would be.

Send Check It can continually check a list of links pulled from your emails and alert you if one should stop working.

1 – How often are serious issues found in emails?

Approximately 25% of all emails contain either a broken link, a missing image or a content error serious enough to affect open rates.

2 – How do you detect broken links before my email is sent?

We tie into the Send Testmail feature of Emarsys Email Campaigns. Your emails are inspected prior to your

3 – Who are the reports sent to?

By default reports are sent to the ‘From’ address of the test account, but additional notification email addresses can be configured.

4 – How quickly do the checks happen?

Most email checks take just seconds.

5 – Is this automated or do I need to wait on someone to manually look at this?

The service is automated and relies upon the knowledge gained from the hundreds of thousands of emails we’ve checked for other users.

6 – Does this work within Emarsys.

Yes, you request Send Check It reports directly from within Emarsys via the “Send Testmail” feature.

7 – How detailed are the responses?

Reports cover exactly what was checked and how to fix it.

8 – Does Send Check It check for broken links?

Yes. Every link is checked for issues like inaccessibility, the site being down or extremely long loading times.

9 – Does Send Check It check for oversize images?

Yes. Email editors and modern email templates make it very easy to include oversize images large enough to affect open rates. Often these will be thumbnails that are forced to a smaller size in the email, but where the image itself isn’t actually resized.

With more people reading emails on their mobile devices every day, sizing is a hugely important factor for email opens.


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