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Stop guessing - start optimizing today

Why Sessionly?

About 97% of all visitors leave the website without converting – so stop guessing what your users want. Sessionly tells you why!

We enable you to visualize the website behaviour of your visitors online instead of guessing why your visitors are not converting. Currently, Sessionly combines Multiple Tools in 1 platform and enables like this a better marketing approach for conversion and UX optimisation. Last but not least: our server is based in Germany, so your data is stored safely according to GDPR.

How does it work?

Our All-in-one Feedback and CRO Platform allows you to launch different campaigns to improve your user experience and analyze user behaviour in real time.

Our tool is an addition to the common analysis tools such as Google Analytics and can be used in the everyday workload of your employee.

What does it do?

To improve your conversion rate and customer experience, we provide the following tools:

–        Sessions

–        Heatmaps

–        Session Recording

–        Conversion Funnels

–        Website Feedback

–        Polls

–        Surveys

–        Customer Reviews

–        Error und Anomaly Detection


  1. Heatmaps – Sessionly offers a full suite of heatmaps that cover clicks, movements and scrolling behaviour – including link analysis, date filter, download and share function.
  2. Website Feedback – allows your visitors to report bugs & errors in real time. Analyze your feedback with Meta, HTML data and real screenshots.
  3. Polls & Surveys – create highly customized surveys and target them to a specific Onsite audience, including targeting, triggers, and several evaluation steps.
  4. Conversion Funnel – track user behaviour from page to page. This allows you to analyze key processes to identify key points that lead to lost revenue and bad user experience.
  5. Company Reviews – with Sessionly, you can collect real and independent company reviews after a transaction. Increase your trust with your potential customers with our independent customer reviews.
  6. Analytics – evaluate your data through our easy-to-understand reporting.
  7. Error und Anomaly Detection – see on which side visitors have problems and errors. You can analyze it in real time and fix problems.
  8. Sessions – See what your users are doing on the website. Which pages do they visit, where do they leave the website? What problems and errors do they see in the session?


Analyze your user behaviour on your website. With Click and Move Heatmaps you can see which areas of the website are being noticed. Which graphics and content attract the highest and lowest attention.

–        The scroll heatmap shows how far down the page is scrolled – do visitors find the information that matters most? Are the CTA visible?

–        Do you see a lot of traffic in the checkout process but the conversion is bad? Move and Click Heatmaps show you where the customers are clicking and if you have areas that create the distraction.

Website Feedback

Helps to quickly find and replicate the errors or bugs.

Your visitors see the website with their own eyes. Give your users the opportunity to give you feedback on the processes and content. With Screenshot Function, Metadata and HTML Code you can replicate any bugs in an instant.

Polls & Surveys

Allow you to start onsite surveys as well as send out shopping-based surveys. Encourage your users to give you feedback, share their opinion, and end the action with a CTA at the end. There are endless possibilities, with different triggers and targetings, devices and much more…

How well do the campaigns perform? Where do the users leave the page? Conversion Funnel helps you answer these questions – whether it’s a simple journey or analyzing user behaviour on landing pages – Funnels lets you see where the users are stepping away from your site.

Trust is the new currency – Company Reviews

Helps you gain the trust of your potential customers. You have an open and closed system at your disposal. Invite your customers to rate you after the transaction and show your transparency to other users.

Only 3% of all visitors converted – what can we do even better to increase the conversion rate? Analyze every session on the website, see what your visitors do and witch errors they see. With Sessions you can better understand your customer and optimize your website for higher conversion.

How does the implementation process look?
The integration of Sessionly is easily done via our Javascript with no setup fee involved. The implementation can be done via the GTM or directly on the website in the header.

Does the tool need to download or can I use it online?
Sessionly is a SaaS tool so you need to have an internet connection and you can log in to your dashboard from anywhere in the world.

Do you have a free trial?
Yes, you have 10 days free trial included, limited to 50.000 Pageviews and 1.000 Sessions.

In which countries can Sessionly be used?
You can customize and write all the texts yourself, so Sessionly can be used independently of the language worldwide.

Where is my Data storage?
Our servers are based in Germany, therefore all data is stored GDPR compliant.

Sessionly is an all-in-one feedback & CRO platform from Vienna. We combine analytics and feedback on a single platform to give companies the opportunity to understand why website visitors behave the way they do.

Our platform is complete GDPR compliant with servers in Germany and Austrian data protection. You can find our imprint here.

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