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CRIF is a global company specializing in credit bureau and business information, outsourcing and processing services and credit solutions.

About Us

CRIF is currently the leading group in continental Europe in the field of banking credit information and one of the main operators on an international level for integrated services for business & commercial information and credit & marketing management.

CRIF GmbH is the leading provider in Austria of credit risk management, fraud prevention and decision management solutions for every phase of the customer relationship cycle. CRIF is the market leader for B2C information and has the largest database of negative payment information in Austria.

Our Mission

CRIF’s mission is to create value by supporting businesses to perform better and consumers to manage their credit health with a comprehensive range of professional skills and solutions.

  • Credit Management B2B & B2C
    • Business and consumer information
    • Local and international credit reports on companies
    • Monitoring Service
  • Fraud Prevention
  • Digital Workflow
    • Video-identification with e-signature
    • ID scan and authentication
  • Compliance Solutions
    • AML and Beneficial Owner Check
  • Decision Management
    • Complete business rules management platform and decision scoring engine for enabling right targeting, managing risk and implementing business and regulatory policies and procedures
  • Process Management
    • flexible and innovative business process management (BPM) suite built specifically for credit processes like customer onboarding and loan origination.
  • Risk Management & predictive analytics
  • Advanced & Big Data analytics
  1. Success Story T-Mobile

    Need: ensuring a balance between the maximum acceptance rate and minimization of bad debts due to non-paying customers and fraudsters

    Solution: the Fraud Prevention Kit, which can be integrated as an extension to Consumer Credit Check, allows the verification of customer applications based on selected criteria – in real time, meaning right at the start of the application process

    Results: the Fraud Prevention Kit was able to identify a significant number of applications made to T-Mobile web shops, which in turn identified and prevented fraudulent cases in the lower double-digit percentage range, translating into five-digit savings (in euros) per month.

  2. Success Story AWS

    Need: Development of a modern solution to integrate into one system the existing balance sheet analysis and rating with the simultaneous compatibility of economic impact and rating.

    Solution: With the help of CreditFlow and StrategyOne, six existing rating modules were integrated into the process-driven settlement software.

    Results: The business processes for assessing creditworthiness and economic impact are mapped in a system with high usability and which has led to clear, transparent and faster decision-making processes.

Diefenbachgasse 35
1150 Vienna, Austria

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