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Feed Dynamix

Perfect Product Data. Everywhere. Anytime.

Realize the full potential of your product data. Feed Dynamix allows to optimize and manage product data for the Emarsys B2C Marketing Cloud.

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Feed Dynamix is your expert partner for product data handling, optimization and management. We consult retailers, manufacturers and e-commerce platforms to realize the full potential of product data, reduce complexity and improve the use of internal resources.

With our technology and complementary consulting services we provide a central platform for optimization and management of product data. Optimized product information can be shared automatically with Emarsys. We make sure, that your data are available at exactly the right time and in the right quality.

  1. Easy product data integration from different sources

    Feed Dynamix allows easy and comfortable processing of product datasets from different sources and merging them to a comprehensive and consistent master feed.

  2. Comfortable product data optimization

    Products can be clustered according to specific characteristics and can be enriched with individual content by using standardized functions or individual templates.

  3. Validation ensures consistency and correctness

    Feed Dynamix protects you from inconsistent and faulty data, e.g. price variance, quantity deviation and GTIN consistency can automatically be verified through the platform.

  4. Efficient management of your assortment

    Define black & white lists for products or categories that are to be removed from or added to your listing. You can also configure individual filters and rules in order to manage your assortment for Emarsys.

Why choose Feed Dynamix?

  1. Compatible with your systems

    Consolidate your product data from different sources and create a consistent database.

  2. Large datasets. No problem.

    Efficient handling of large datasets: We provide your data at the right time and at the right place.

  3. High-quality product data

    Optimize your product data in a speedy and targeted manner.

  4. Avoid mistakes

    Comprehensive validation enforces data consistency and ensures smooth data transfer.

  5. Pay less, sell more

    Manage your assortments manually or automatically. You will maximize profit and reduce costs.

  6. Save time and resources

    Thanks to its intuitive graphical user interface, our platform is easy to use. If necessary, our expert team will support you.

Feed Dynamix GmbH

Ludwigstraße 31

6327 Frankfurt


Phone: +49 (0) 69 25 49 49 10

Fax: +49 (0) 69 25 49 49 39

Email: info@feed-dynamix.de

Web: https://feed-dynamix.de/en/

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