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More accurate prospect scoring with kontextURLs

kontextURLs enable digital marketers to gain complete visibility into audience engagement with their content, both off-site and on-site. This brings your audience’s digital journey into focus with a more accurate prospect scoring capability.

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gShift’s industry leading Web Presence Analytics Software platform helps brands and agencies efficiently understand and improve on the impact and engagement of  content across web presences. We are passionate about simplifying the lives of digital marketers and have built the Content Performance Cloud, a collaboration of modules and integrated technologies in one platform.

Our Smart URL module, kontextURLs, provides marketers the ability to understand all off-site and on-site content engagement metrics – including by social channel and influencer. Think of kontextURLs as off-site analytics and influencer analytics. Whether this engagement data is used to improve lead scoring, dynamically serve content or attribution modeling, it provides marketers a deeper understanding of content performance and prospect behavior, in real-time.

Our integration with Emarsys will provide you with a much stronger picture of the prospects coming to your site by combining off-site lead scoring data with the on-site scoring in your Emarsys platform.

  1. Real-Time Measurement and Monitoring of Off-Site Content Engagement

  2. Influencer Marketing Analytics

  3. Vanity Short URL Domains

  4. Content Tags & Taxonomy

  5. Content Keyword Optimization

  6. Dynamic URL Tags

  7. Conversion Paths

  8. White-Labeled Reporting

Using kontextURLs with Lead Nurturing to Show True Prospect Scoring

The Problem:

The customer journey has changed. Modern buyers have the ability to educate themselves long before they make the decision to reach out to your sales team via social media, influencer marketing and other content marketing channels.

This evolution has impacted the industry, causing a lack of insight into where a prospect truly is in their buying process and how informed they may already be when they enter the traditional sales funnel. We call this lack of data and insight the Dark Funnel.


The Solution:

gShift has been paying close attention to this evolution. We understand the multichannel attribution challenges facing marketers today and we are on a crusade to illuminate the Dark Funnel.

We have created technology to give marketers and sales teams a more accurate picture of their prospects’ engagement patterns.

Recent studies show up to 90% of content engagement happens beyond the website. gShift’s Smart URL technology, kontextURLs, enable marketers to track on-site, and more importantly, off-site prospect interactions.

Combining this data with on-site analytics and Emarsys’ lead nurturing insights, brands gain a much more accurate picture of a prospect’s true score. This enables marketers to tailor personalized content and sales conversations based on where the prospect actually is in the buying journey.

  1. What is a kontextURL?

    A kontextURL is a unique link generated as a redirect to an original URL. These “Smart URLs” include a shortened version of the original URL and enable automatic click tracking. Smart URLs provide additional features beyond the simple mapping and click reporting of traditional Short URL services. Smart features can include link tagging for advanced segmented monitoring and reporting, dynamic conversion paths and integration with web analytics, lead nurturing and CRM platforms.

  2. What is a taxonomy and content tagging?

    A taxonomy is the logical grouping of a set of content tags and tagging. Taxonomies are used to categorize the content in a way, which makes sense for organization, analysis and reporting. For example, a common taxonomy is Campaign based and may include Channel, Content Type and/or Content Creator Content Tags.

    Content tagging refers to a set of variables, which are used to label a piece of content, so it can later be categorized and reported on in a logical fashion. Tags may include campaign (tag values = Spring Promotion, Product Release), channel (tag values = social, email, print), document type (tag values = blog post, web page, banner ad), influencer (tag values = John Smith, Sally Jones) or any other dimensions used by marketers to segment audiences, understand consumer behavior and measure channel effectiveness.

  3. Why are kontextURLs important?

    kontextURLs provide insight into the performance of your content, both off-site and on-site. 70-90% of the customer’s journey happens off-site and marketers have no viability into this portion of the journey. Therefore, when a prospect arrives at your site, you may not have a true score to reflect how warm or cold the prospect really is.

  4. How can I see my kontextURL data?

    You can view your kontextURL data in custom configured Data Beacons or generate custom reports reflecting the kontextURL metrics, which matter most to you, broken down by each kontextURL, Content Tag or Tag Value. Using our white-label feature, digital agencies can also brand all reports using their own logo.



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