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Persuade your online visitors to buy

Combining Behavioural Psychology and AI to psychologically profile your visitors to increase revenue and achieve an in-depth understanding of how your customers think

The most powerful content optimized by our persuasion strategies.

  1. Consumer Psychology

    Behavioural psychology from evidence-based research predicts your consumer’s every move.

  2. Psychological profiling

    Go beyond traditional behavioral profiling. Understand each individual consumer’s psychological make up.

  3. Seamless integration

    Integrate within minutes. Works with your existing personalization vendors.

  4. Boost your ROI

    PlusMargin has boosted conversion rates, basket size and margins of clients by 32%!

Persuasion Strategies that will power your e-commerce.

We create optimized content based on verified persuasion strategies influencing your users across web and mobile platforms.

  1. Smart messages respond intelligently to user behavior

    PlusMargin’s smart messages are crafted based on tested-and-proven consumer psychology. They appear on your site as users navigate between pages. Each message is tailored to your brand voice and aesthetics.

  2. Drive user action with PlusMargin labels

    Labels affixed to your products have great potential influence on buying behavior, making each word precious and powerful. We know the best words to incite the optimal response from your users. Use our labels to have gain mastery over consumer’s buying behavior. You can now influence the type, volume, and frequency of purchases to boost your revenue.

  3. Install within minutes

    The PlusMargin API syncs seamlessly with your existing personalization vendors. We provide a guided, fuss-free integration process. PlusMargin is optimized for full-scale, enterprise-grade businesses.

  4. Mobile Optimized

    By 2018, mobile transactions will take up 27% of all e-commerce. PlusMargin’s API is fully optimized for mobile sites. Our messages and labels are scaled for a mobile-friendly display, ensuring a reliable and responsive experience for mobile users. We integrate with your existing mobile vendors for a smooth, fuss-free transition.

Every Interaction is an Opportunity: Maximize It.

Imagine having the power to convince each unique user on a per-click basis. No potential consumer lost to generic marketing.
We create psychological profiles to persuade each consumer, with every interaction, at the highest probability of success. With PlusMargin, your business will ride at the forefront of cutting-edge persuasion technology.

PlusMargin is a ventured-backed predictive analytics platform for e-commerce merchants. Utilizing advanced machine learning techniques, we help retailers increase their bottom-line.

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