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The intelligent e-commerce search box

Intelligent eCommerce search tools to increase conversion and improve user experience. Did you know that customers who use the search function on your website are 6x more likely to make a purchase?

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What is Prefixbox?  

Prefixbox is a SaaS (software as a service) product that can be plugged into an eCommerce store’s search engine to instantly improve the search box, search results page, and user experience.

How does it work?

Prefixbox provides products that optimize the search box, recommend related searches, and a comprehensive search engine – all of which are built upon a detailed analytics platform. The Autocomplete feature optimizes search suggestions and recommends popular products and keywords based on previous user behavior. Related Searches helps disambiguate user’s intent by providing suggestions that let users navigate to other products with just one click. Prefixbox’s Search Engine is a comprehensive solution that can be used in conjunction with the other products. Based on detailed Search Analytics, we provide information on everything related to search in order to improve the suggestions and inform your business leaders. Our solution learns from search user behavior, so it continually improves and gives better suggestions day-by-day.

Why choose Prefixbox?

  • Guaranteed ROI. A more efficient search visibly increases revenue.
  • Easy integration with JavaScript, no coding required.
  • No risk involved with our SaaS solution and one month free trial.
  • Monthly subscription puts you in control of your spending.
  • Mix-and-match products let you find the solution that fits your needs.
  • Global service.
    • Instant, relevant, and intelligent search suggestions
      • Quality search suggestions for keywords, products, and categories based on you website’s popular products.
      • Relevant suggestion ranking specifically for your website that update daily.
      • Instant search suggestions even before the first keystroke.
      • Full-text search that highlights the searched expressions in the suggestion text.
      • Language independent and typo tolerant.
    • Detailed analytics provide insight into every aspect of your search
      • Analytics are broken down based on search box usage, search suggestion usage, and general metrics.
      • How often users choose from the search suggestions, whether suggestions were available at the time of searching, and detailed user and search counts are all provided.
    • Increase cart value and quickly redirect people from 0-result pages
      • Related Searches provides product and keyword suggestions to disambiguate original intent.
      • Recommends related products and keywords when no results appear.
      • Provides synonymous and complimentary products when results appear, so users can hone in on their original query or easily add products to their cart.
    • Complete customization for your search tools
      • Customize the look and feel of your search box and relates search suggestions to match your website design.
      • Configure the number of product and keyword suggestions you want to show and easily change them in the self-service portal.
      • Decide where to place Related Search results.
    • Configure and manage everything easily from the self-service portal
      • Create search boxes and suggestion lists.
      • Analyze search metrics and use them for your business decisions.
      • Fine-tune and change any settings and see the results instantly on your site.


  • Easy and flexible integration
    • With only a few simple steps, your search will be up and running.
    • A dedicated customer success team is there to walk you through the integration process and address any questions you may have.
    • Import search terms seamlessly from Google Analytics or your own search history to create a relevant suggestion list from the start.
    • Integrate your product data feed through scheduled and automatic updates.
  • Enhanced mobile user experience
    • 12% of web searches contain misspellings, and on mobile this happens even more frequently.
    • Prefixbox is able to show relevant suggestions even when users make a typo.
    • The super-fast response times make Prefixbox ideal for websites that have many mobile users.
  • Robust performance for smooth operation
    • Instant responses in less than 100 milliseconds after every keystroke.
    • A Service (SaaS) solution, so you don’t have to deal with installing servers or paying hosting costs.
  • High availability
    • Every search box is supported by at least 2 servers to ensure the service is always available. Our team takes care of the service monitoring. Our SLA guarantees 99.8% availability.
  • Technical support, when you need it
    • Our team is there to help you through the onboarding process, so you can start using Prefixbox as quickly and easily as possible.
    • We provide technical support via email and phone.
    • Our service includes continuous cooperation with every client, so we can help you improve your eCommerce search.
  • Security above all
    • We take data protection seriously, which is why our infrastructure is hosted in Microsoft. Access to your data is highly secure since you manage the specific permissions give to your colleagues.

Case study available here.

  1. What’s the language of your business?

    Our self-service portal and customer support is available in English.

  2. Can you share more information?

    Please contact us via the form or feel free to read more on our website.

  3. Is there a minimum number of products we need to have?

    There is no minimum, but we have found that the search function is most impactful when you have more than 500 products listed on your site. The more products you have, the more people use search to find what they’re looking for.

  4. Can we A/B test Prefixbox and our current solution before we purchase?

    Of course! We’re glad to prove our value before you commit. You can easily implement an A/B test between Prefixbox and your current solution and monitor the changes in Google Analytics. We have an A/B testing process for each of our products.

  5. Can I use one Prefixbox subscription for multiple domains?

    Our most basic packages allow 2 domains per subscription. Our more advanced packages allow for 3, 5, and unlimited domains.

  6. How long does it take to integrate Prefixbox?

    Prefixbox is easy to integrate. Depending on your webshop and the services you have purchased, integration can take from 4 hours to 3 days, but can usually be completed in 1 day. Our 3 major independent components: autocomplete, related searches, search engine – need to be implemented individually. *link to integration page.

Prefixbox is headquartered in London, UK with offices and partners across Europe.



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