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The most engaging emails in the world

Send interactive emails and understand what your users are doing in realtime. Allow your subscribers to take a quiz, add to cart, or complete a survey all within the inbox.

Email is our primary mode of communication online and generates billions of dollars in revenue annually. The modern consumer has radically evolved, yet email as a platform has remained largely stagnant. Our product powers secure interactive experiences in the inbox to increase consumer engagement and conversions.

Email Has Been Around For 40 Years 
and it is still all about taking people out of the inbox. The problem is that email doesn’t provide all the functionality of the web. Rebel-powered interactivity allows marketers to keep the subscriber decision making process in the inbox. Decreasing conversion drop-off is easy with interactivity and interactivity is easy with Rebel (Ne don’t need any integrations)

Support for all of the major clients
Our email campaigns work beautifully on all major email clients and display elegantly on less capable ones

Simple eCommerce Integration
Complete the entire purchasing process with our Rebel Shop product
Bring your users one step closer to purchase with add-to-cart capability directly in the inbox

More Than Just Open and Clicks
Rebel enables marketers to track every action that is taken in an email campaign

Rebel allows you to create compelling, smarter emails and get in depth insights into subscriber behavior:

  1. Preference Collection – collect user preferences using Rebel’s preference center solution
  2. Favorites & Wishlist – Favorite or wishlist items in your email
  3. Profiling Quiz – Understand your subscriber upon opt-in
  4. Reviews – Bring your onsite review forms to the inbox
  5. Photo Gallery – Showcase multiple products and product views in a single content block
  6. Interactive Reveal – Feel the element of surprise
  7. Hot Spots –  Spotlight unique product features and reduce copy
  8. Filter – Let recipients filter what’s relevant to them
  9. Search –  Keyword searches are now email friendly!
  10. Tabs – Let recipients the content that’s relevant to them
  11. Add-to-cart – Increase conversions by reducing friction
  12. Shop 1-click Checkout – Increase conversions by reducing purchasing friction
  13. NPS / CSat In-email – Enhance your existing feedback flow by allowing your customers to respond in-email

We get real results:

  1. Increase preference collection by 60% 
  2. Increase reviews submission by 55% 
  3. Increase reactivation by 30% 


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