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Webbula True Data Intelligence

The authority in email threat mitigation. Most comprehensive, industry-leading, bundled approach to hygiene + verification + social media authentication.

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What We Did?

For a decade we have delivered the industry’s most comprehensive, email quality platform, Webbula Multi-Method Hygiene. Multi-Method Hygiene bundles email hygiene to identify deliverable email threats like honey pots, spam traps, malicious moles, and bots plus email verification to identify risky undeliverable email threats like bounces, greylistings, and duplicates.   All designed to protect your brand from active reputation, fraud, and delivery threats. This is the all-in-one solution to help your brand’s campaign succeed.

Why We Did It?

Webbula’s customers come to us to identify email threats that are negatively impacting their marketing campaigns. Sending to a stale list, or even your responder list, can cause bounces, complaints, and greylistings, resulting in a low sender reputation and even blacklisting. Because spam traps deliver, open, click, and develop everyday, it is essential to protect your email marketing resources with regular email list cleaning.

What makes us better?

  • Data Protection – Consumers expect their rights are being protected, and it is now best practice for companies to show they are leveraging the best, most comprehensive and complete technology to respect consumer rights.
  • Spam Trap Mitigation – One Spam Trap could be the damaging factor stopping your campaign and damaging your brand’s reputation. Webbula protects your brand by having an exclusive relationship with the world’s largest honey pot purveyor. Making sure that we can identify and flag spam traps that may harm your campaign. Something no one else can deliver.
  • Fraud Protection: Webbula’s phishing detection technology helps brands avoid phishing attacks by identifying bad domains and IP addresses that destroy brand reputation and marketing revenue.
  • Bounce Protection – We can identify 95% or more of the bounces that could damage your campaigns overall return on investment.
  • Typo Prevention – Research shows up to 30% of a list contain typos and we specialize in correcting these mistakes.
  1. Email Hygiene

    Mitigate deliverable email threats like honey pots, spam traps, moles, bots, and more.

  2. Email Verification

    Identify risky undeliverable email threats like bounces, greylistings, and duplicates.

  3. Bundled Email Hygiene + Email Verification

    An all-in-one, easy to use, fast solution to clean your emails before you hit send on a stale list, or even your responder list. Unidentified email threats can cause bounces, complaints, and greylistings. This can result in a low sender reputation and even a blacklisting. Since spam traps will deliver, open, click, and develop everyday, it is essential to protect your email marketing resources with regular email list cleaning.

  4. Email Social Media Authentication

    Identify your “Best” emails by validating which ones are connected to social media accounts. Social media accounts that are connected to emails are more likely to be a consumer’s primary email address.

  5. Exclusive Partnership

    Partnership with the world’s largest Honeypot purveyor, who works with us by taking your list and running it through their elaborate database, removing those harmful emails.

  6. Flexible Access

    Check emails one at a time, in real-time, from your customer acquisition form via our API or submit a batch file of emails via our API, Self-Service User Portal and SFTP.

  7. Global B2C & B2B Email Data Quality

    Webbula’s clients are a true testament to the usability and scalability of our services and to the creativity and productivity we enable. See some client logos at https://webbula.com/clients/.

Reactivate Inactive Customers

Healthcare Open Enrollment, Tax Filing Season, Black Friday Holiday Shopping Season Kick-off, Seasonal family and holiday celebrations, … all require you to reactivate those unengaged audiences to target campaigns to customers who have not responded to emails in over 90 days. Bring those customers & prospects online and make some noise and money with them.

Drive Loyalty Program Sign-ups

Make sure you hit the inbox and don’t damage your sender reputation with emails that have no email intelligence. Send campaigns and other time-sensitive notifications to identify, engage, and retain your best customers. Ensure your program offer of points, rebates, or discounts reach your customers inbox.

Get Aggressive with New Customer Acquisition & Lead Generation Programs

Every business needs new and loyal customers to succeed – and as customer’s needs change so do the means and ways of attracting and retaining them. The most valuable “Customer” data point is a valid, deliverable email address. Get aggressive but protect that valuable email address at all points of acquisition including: at the Retail Store’s Point of Sale (POS), Free Trials (Freemium), Affiliate Networking, Email Marketing, Search Advertising, Social Media, Display Advertising, Customer Referrals … Get Aggressive but be safe!

Execute Recall Campaigns Faster – Automotive or Consumer Products

Maintain customer loyalty and limit legal liability by ensuring your email data is ready for a comprehensive recall campaign that includes access to enhanced email data so you can quickly fulfill your recall requirements with current/historical owners.

About Webbula

We are data scientists.

We are marketers.

We are data intelligence.

Passion and technology drives our email and data quality.  We believe data is more than just the future because it is here today and one of the biggest challenges you face daily. Because data changes all the time, our data vault works 31,536,000 seconds a year to provide the best data quality on planet Earth.

Webbula, LLC.

5000 Stonewood Drive, Suite 310

Wexford, PA 15090

888.993.2285 x1


Connect with us online:

Web:  https://webbula.com

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/webbula/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Webbula/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/webbulapgh/

Blog: https://webbula.com/blogging/


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