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Individualize your package inserts and increase your after sales revenue!

With „Target Packaging“ by Adnymics you can print your own package inserts with individualized product recommendations for every online-shopper: fully-automated and produced right at your logistic center.

What is „Target Packaging“ by Adnymics?

„Target Packaging“ by Adnymics enables online retailers to produce individualized package inserts, which are customized to online shoppers‘ interests and printed directly in logistics of mail order businesses. By combining digital printing with a web analytics and recommendation software it is possible to print tailor-made product recommendations for every single online shopper: on demand, just-in-time and directly at the logistic center. „Target Packaging“ can be integrated to every order picking process as an all-in-one system and easily connected to common shop software.

How does it work? 

  • Step1: Customer Journey Analysis

    Your customer is looking around in your online shop and decides on a product. Meanwhile, we analyze his surfing behavior.

  • Step2: Printing the insert in your logistics

    At the same time, a personalized insert based on his interests will be put together, printed and placed inside the package.

  • Step3: Your customers will continue to order

    Your customers will find their personalized inserts when unpacking and be incentivized to purchase ,again.

Why choose „Target Packaging“ by Adnymics? 

  • Re-purchase and sales increase

    Personalization + print works! Achieve high conversion rates ( up to 13%) and increase sales.

  • Personalized self-promotion

    Take advantage of the full potential of package inserts and promote your products, fully customized for each customer.

  • Realtime Performance Monitoring

    Yep, it’s possible! Even printed advertising material can be measured. You have access to precise information about the sent package inserts and its effect. In addition, you can quickly configure and easily change content in your inserts.



  1. Personal Address

    Increase the effectiveness of your package inserts by personally addressing the recipient!

  2. Re-Targeting & Cross Selling

    The right product recommendations and editorial content, fully-customizable for each of your customers!

  3. Flexible Recommendations

    Use fully-automated product offerings or place top-sellers for all recipients, for instance. The choice is yours!

  4. Dynamic Couponing

    Decide how much the customer in question is worth for you. Dynamic couponing by Adnymics allows you to specifically issue coupons with different values.

  5. Layout & Format

    Determine the design and format of your package inserts. We will provide you with advice and find the ideal insert layout for you together with you or your agency.

  1. How do I integrate „Target Packaging“ into my online shop?

    Target Packaging“ by Adnymics can be easily integrated into the online shop by a JavaScript Snippet. The corresponding printing system(s) for your package inserts are also provided by Adnymics and set up in your logistic center.

  2. How long does the integration of „Target Packaging“ take? 

    The integration of „Target Packaging“ can be finished within 2 weeks, depending on existing software environment and logistic processes.

  3. Do I need to buy consumables like paper and toner by myself?

    All consumables (paper, toner, staples) are provided by Adnymics.


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