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Annex Cloud

Transform Customers Into Brand Advocates With Customer Loyalty, Referral Marketing, and User Generated Content Solutions

We help you get more from your customers. Whether your goal is to increase customer lifetime value, drive more referrals from each customer, or earn more and better quality user generated content, we help you get more out of your customers with the only platform of Customer Loyalty, Referral Marketing, and User Generated Content solutions.

Why Annex Cloud?

Since 2010, Annex Cloud has provided more than 250 leading brands and retailers, including Hewlett-Packard, Bed, Bath & Beyond, G.H. Bass, Olympus and VF Corp., with the ability to engage tens of millions of their customers  one-to-one at scale.

Annex Cloud’s customer marketing platform provides fully integrated Customer Loyalty, Referral Marketing, and User Generated Content solutions that work together to optimize the customer journey and deliver a unified customer experience, a greater quantity and quality of referrals and content, and more high-quality and resilient customer relationships.

Feature by feature our enterprise-class solutions consistently outmatch competitive products while offering enhanced flexibility and proven omni-channel configurations, delivering a more powerful and customer-centric experience.

Supported by our forward-thinking team of product, customer success and marketing experts, the Annex Cloud platform, has consistently helped leading brands and retailers solve the challenges of acquisition, retention and conversion while consistently adding measurable value to the buyer journey.

“Annex Cloud’s custom solutions and support were excellent during the implementation process and post-launch. Their solutions are promoting engagement, loyalty, and retention, and most importantly are driving results. The scalability of their solutions will continue to allow us to take our marketing strategies to the next level.” Jennifer Schmell, Director of Web Strategy & Development, Olympus

What do we do?

Our unified platform of Customer Loyalty, Referral Marketing, and User Generated Content solutions work to foster true customer loyalty, turn your loyal customers into vocal advocates and a referral engine, and create a channel to collect valuable user generated content to boost conversion and engagement.

We strongly believe in a customer first approach. Through our unique and complete platform, our goal is to help you create a customer experience that fosters true and lasting loyalty and advocacy.     

Customer Loyalty Cloud

Proactively boost customer retention and lifetime value with a loyalty program that facilitates rewards for purchases and advocacy actions across all online and offline channels.

Our comprehensive Customer Loyalty solution delivers full online, in-store, and app-based loyalty functionality to help engage customers and motivate them to choose your brand no matter where they are shopping. Our experience based approach to loyalty empowers you to reward your customers throughout the customer journey–from purchasing to writing reviews, referring friends, connecting to your social media channels and much more–to build genuine, lifelong loyalty.


  • Customizable loyalty actions and events
  • Flexible rewards and inclusive rewards management
  • Targeted campaigns supported by advanced segmentation and RFM data integration
  • Comprehensive omni-channel capability including our proprietary Receipt Data Aggregator: allows customers to take a picture or upload their physical receipts to earn rewards
  • Advanced segmentation and campaign building capability: create intelligent campaigns powered by highly targeted customer segments to accomplish any number of goals such.
  • Native User Generated Content, Referral Marketing, Social Login integration
  • Pre-built ESP and marketing eco-system integrations
  • Comprehensive reporting and analytics
  • Full mobile support including app integration, and responsive and adaptive design

Referral Marketing Cloud

Strategically grow email and customer acquisition channels and expand your customer base from your loyal customer community with a referral marketing program.

Build a strategy that works for your team and delivers on your goals with our flexible Referral Marketing solutions.

Whether you want your referral solution to reward for referral-driven purchases, offer an extra treat to your customers who just bought, or reward customers for signing up for your email list, you can implement a variety of referral actions across numerous channels.


  • Customizable referral actions and rewards
  • Advanced segmentation and campaign building capability
  • Fully mobile responsive and adaptive and supported with iOS and Android SDK’s
  • Powerful anti-fraud protection
  • Native A/B testing
  • Native Customer Loyalty integration
  • Native User Generated Content integration
  • Native Social Login integration
  • Comprehensive reporting and analytics delivered via intuitive dashboards

User Generated Content Cloud

Increase conversion and deepen customer insights with comprehensive UGC solutions including Visual Commerce, Ratings & Reviews, and Questions & Answers.

Collect more effective user generated content with our comprehensive solutions. A powerful solicitation engine, robust A/B testing, inline SEO integration, and intelligent reporting combine to create the strategy and functionality necessary to make a measurable impact your bottom line. Plus, innovative sentiment analysis unearths customer insights to help improve everything from merchandising to marketing to customer service.


  • Ratings and Reviews
  • Flexible and customizable reviews forms allow you to collect the most relevant and useful information
  • Annex Cloud’s proprietary Smart Engagement Algorithm makes timing your post purchase review solicitation email easy and increases the likelihood of customers responding
  • Intuitive Moderation Dashboard makes sure your your UGC content is always appropriate and on brand
  • Review Sentiment Analysis allows you to review content, identify customer sentiment for products and inform marketing and merchandising teams to assist in future planning
  • Native Customer Loyalty integration boosts participation by enabling you to reward customers for participation with loyalty points
  • Fully customized design ensures the solution fits seamlessly with your product pages

Question and Answers

  • Q&A workflow makes it easy to route customer questions to the person most qualified to answer the question, be it a fellow customer or in house product expert
  • Q&A workflow allows questions to be tagged and send triggered emails to solicit answers
  • Intuitive Moderation Dashboard makes sure your your UGC content is always appropriate and on brand
  • Native Customer Loyalty integration makes collecting answers easier by easily offering a way to reward customers with loyalty points
  • Fully customized design ensures the solution fits seamlessly with your product pages

Visual Commerce

  • Collect thousands of high-quality images and video of your products and brand from Instagram, YouTube, and via customer uploads.
  • Flexible image display capabilities
  • Flexible collection capability, customers can hashtag on social media or upload directly to site
  • Fully mobile responsive and adaptive and supported by iOS and Android SDK’s
  • Hot Spoting makes highlighting and linking directly to product pages easy
  • Dynamic cropping
  • Native A/B testing
  • Internationalization
  • Cloud storage for Visual Commerce assets
  • Native Customer Loyalty and Ratings and Reviews integration

Annex Cloud’s Unique Unified Platform

You can effortlessly combine User Generated Content solutions with Customer Loyalty and advocacy solutions including Referral Marketing and Social Login to boost engagement across all solutions and streamline customer communication

Benefits of Unified Platform

  • A more seamless customer experience
  • Comprehensive and unified analytics around customer engagement
  • Native Referral Marketing capability enables you to easily add sharing buttons to your reviews
  • Native Loyalty Integration makes it easy to offer incentives and reward customers for participation
  • Native Social Login allows you to collect and tie social graph data to customer reviews for better insights and relevance sorting capability
  1. Engage your customers beyond purchases and foster long-lasting relationships with your loyal customers

    Annex Cloud’s Customer Loyalty solution is enhanced with advocate marketing solutions that work together to reward customers not only for purchasing, but also for taking any type of action you can think of. You can reward your customers for referring friends, writing reviews, submitting photos of your products, liking or following your brand on social media, taking pictures in-store, and for taking virtually any other action. Enhanced Loyalty doesn’t just keeps your customers entertained and engaged, it also helps foster stronger relationships, and ultimately increase customer lifetime value. Go beyond mere points for purchase and show your customers that they’re a part of your brand identity.

  2. Recognize and reward your advocates who refer their friends and create excitement around your brand

    Annex Cloud’s Referral Marketing solution allows you to offer your customers incentives, and reward them whenever they introduce your company to new customers. Customers can refer friends in numerous ways; email, social media, and receipt codes are just a few options. Refer a Friend is the best way to grow your customer base quickly at lower costs. Referred customers are a lot more likely to convert into paying customers who bring more interested shoppers back to you.

  3. Amplify brand authenticity and credibility by collecting and displaying consumer generated images, videos, and content

    Customers click and share thousands of exciting and unique photos of the products they buy through social media and more. Annex Cloud’s Visual Commerce solution collects these high-quality images of your products from Instagram and other sources, and enables you to curate these brand-centric images to highlight your products across your site, social media platforms, and any other marketing efforts. You can create galleries of trending products to inspire customers as they shop, add themed banners to your home page and product pages to promote special product categories, and much more.

Customer Loyalty

How do I decide on the actual incentive and structure of my loyalty program?

Our team will assist you to determine the best loyalty structure for your brand. With the help of Loyalty Calculator and the following metrics: Average Order Value, Cost Per Acquisition, Average Conversion Rate, Repeat Purchase Rate (12 months), Monthly Unique Visitors- we will be able to propose the loyalty structure around Actions and Rewards.

What are some popular ways to incentivize customers?

“Actions” as we call them, can range from a variety of different things. Here are some of the most popular actions:

Create an Account, Subscribe to the Newsletter, Purchase (pt/$), Social Media Connect (FB/IG/TW/PIN/G+), Social Media Referral (clicks), Referral to Purchase, Write Review, Ask Question, Answer Questions, Hashtag Photo, Upload Photo, Social Login, Visit to the Site, Completion of User Profile, Comment on Blog, Create Wishlist, Enter Contest, Complete Survey, etc..

An exciting thing to keep in mind-the actions are not limited to the above, based on your buyer’s persona and target market you can decide and select actions that will give you maximum traction and engagement.

Can I send segmented emails out to my customers to remind them to earn/claim rewards?

Yes, from the dashboard we can pull client lists and sort by user point standing. From there, you can target the specific segment with a personal email. For example, “You are 50 points away from a reward! Come back and take X action to earn your next reward!”

Additionally, if we go through the process of ESP integration you will be able to set specific rules around the users so that you can trigger of emails automatically.

Can I customize my Landing Page presentation?

Yes, the images, color, text and layout can all be customized to your tastes and what would work best for your business and branding. This should be a page that is completely managed by the client, this way they have free range to make creative updates as needed.

What Third Party Systems does your loyalty solution integrate with?

Our Loyalty program can integrate with a number of third party systems. These consist of various eCommerce Platforms, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Tag Management Systems, Email Service Providers (ESP), Analytics, Point of Sale Systems (POS), and A/B testing Systems.

Referral Program

What is the better incentive for my Refer a Friend program – $ discount, or % discount?

As a best practice, the RAF incentive should be $ off and it should be greater than anything I can find on discount websites. The main reason we want to offer a $ off incentive is so that users have the ability to “stack” their rewards. The discount can be provided via the following methods:

Unique Coupon Code – Client will need to provide us with a file full of coupon codes that will be used for the RAF incentives. Request 2000 coupon codes for each reward level. Request 10,000 coupon codes for the Friends Incentive

If Coupon API – Client will need to provide us with an API that can be used to retrieve the coupon code that will be presented to the customer

If Generic Coupon Code – Not Recommended** Client will need to provide a generic coupon code for each reward level

What are your gaming of the system or fraud protection measures that are available?

Fraud protection is of utmost importance for Annex Cloud. We have a number of checks and balances set in place:

       COUPON CODE MANDATORY FOR REFERRAL REWARD – This means that the coupon code that is provided to the “friend” MUST be used on the order in order for the original referrer to receive their reward. If the friend does not use the coupon code the referrer will not earn their reward.

       EMAIL MANDATORY FOR REFERRAL REWARD – Similar to the requirement above, this means that the “friend” must use the same email that was used to “unlock” the code, when they are purchasing. If this customer uses a different email, the original referrer will not earn their reward.

       HOLD REWARD UNTIL PRODUCT SHIPS – In this case the reward will not be delivered to the original sharer until the product has shipped. This is to eliminate the chance for a user to refer their friend, have their friend purchase, receive the reward, and then have their friend cancel that purchase. Essentially gaming the system to get a free reward.

       HOLD REWARD UNTIL RETURN POLICY HAS PASSED – Similar to the user case above, we have the ability to hold the reward for say 30 days, until the return policy has passed, to ensure that we don’t have a user returning the purchase in order to earn a free reward.

       MUST BE “NEW” CUSTOMER à Many clients want to be sure that they are only giving rewards to those who have referred BRAND NEW USERS. I should not be able to be rewards for referring my friend who is a consistent shopper of the site. The goal is to acquire brand new users so this functionality is meant to ensure that.

If I am running a loyalty program can I provide points to customers for the Referral action?

Yes, Annex Cloud’s solutions are designed in way to work together efficiently. We recommend including the RAF in the loyalty structure and actions if you are running a loyalty program with Annex Cloud. To learn more about loyalty please connect directly with your CSM.

Visual Commerce

How do I send my Product Data to Annex Cloud so it can be associated with photos?

You can send it to us in a .CSV file. Annex Cloud will provide you with a sample file so you can see the correct format that we require.

What are the best ways to solicit photos from people?

Order confirmation emails, Review solicitation emails, shipping confirmation emails, package inserts, seasonal hashtags, and in store call to actions. Also, using incentives such as contests or combining with loyalty.

What Social Networking sites should I make available for users to upload photos from?

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and also include an option to upload images straight from their device.

Do I have control over the images that appear in my Gallery?

Yes – you can moderate the images and they will be displayed on your site only after you click ‘Approve’ and ‘Publish’ in the dashboard.

Can multiple products be associated with one image?

Yes, you can add as many products to one image as you wish.

Do I need to request image rights?

It is not mandatory, but we highly recommend that you do request image rights. If you are thinking of using these images for marketing and other material it is a MUST.

Can I award loyalty points for uploading an image?

You can, indeed. If you want to award points for a user who “uploads” photos this can be done and the points will be awarded immediately after the image is approved. If you want to award points to a user who hashtags an image on instagram you will need to make sure that they first “connect” on instagram before being able to earn points. Why? Because we need to make sure we have their email address associated with that instagram handle.

Ratings & Reviews

Can I customize the review form?

Yes, you can add whatever fields you’d like. Your Customer Success manager will help you to decide on the best options.

Can have multiple review templates?

Yes, you can have as many review templates as are needed. For example, if you are a clothing company that sells a variety of products you might want to have different review templates for Shoes and Sweatshirts/Jackets. It would exactly make sense to ask customers the same review questions for both products, as they are so different. It is better if you tailor the review template to the category of the product.

Can this be incentivized through a Loyalty Program?

Yes, if you are running a Annex Cloud’s Loyalty Program, we can, and should incentivize writing a review. It has also been seen that incentivizing these reviews can lead to increased review submission rates.

Can I let my customers include photos/videos in their review?

Yes, this is something we can support for reviews. If you would like, we will add a upload functionality for the video and we will support a field for the URL of YouTube videos so these can be added to the review as well.

Social Login

What information does Annex Cloud collect when I use social login?

When you choose social login, you will be presented with an authorization screen asking your permission for us to collect certain information from your existing social-networking account. If you confirm, we will collect (for example) your email address, first name, last name, gender, region (city, state), and profile photo.

We do not store or utilize the names of your friends or followers even if they are given to us by a social-login service in the initial registration process.

You can control what data you would like to make public and share through the privacy controls and settings on some third-party social-networking sites. We encourage you to review the privacy policies and terms of use on these third-party social-networking sites and to explore how to customize your privacy settings.

Can I request additional data from the Social Networks?

Yes, networks like Facebook allow you to request additional social data. There is a process that you will need to follow and you can reference the “Social Data Request” document for the next steps.

Can I award loyalty points to my customers for logging in socially?

Yes, as long as Annex Cloud is powering the Social Login we can award loyalty points for this action.

Annex Cloud is the only company offering a unified enterprise grade platform of Loyalty Programs, Referral Marketing, and User Generated Content solutions that work together to deliver a unified customer experience, a greater quantity and quality of referrals and content, and more resilient customer relationships. Supported by our forward-thinking team of product, customer success and marketing experts, the Annex Cloud platform, has consistently helped leading brands and retailers solve the challenges of acquisition, retention and conversion while consistently adding measurable value to the buyer journey.

Annex Cloud is headquartered in Los Angeles, CA with offices in the UK and India.

If you’d like to learn more about Annex Cloud, fill out the Request a Demo form and our team will be in touch with you shortly.

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