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Antavo Loyalty Management Platform

Increase Customer Retention In Store, Online and on Mobile

Antavo is a loyalty management platform for B2C retailers & brands to create gamified loyalty programs where customers can earn points and redeem those points for rewards.

  1. Why Antavo?

    Did you know that 72% of customers would buy from a retailer with a loyalty program over one without? Satisfy this customer need by creating a winning loyalty strategy that grows purchase frequency and customer spend.

  2. How does it work?

    The Antavo Management Platform allows you to launch a loyalty program online, on mobile and in store. Customers can collect points for various actions, from purchases and referring friends, to social activities and watching videos, then redeem their points for rewards.
    In addition to the loyalty technology, Antavo provides client success management, program planning, point logic calculation and loyalty data analyses for clients to ensure their success.

  3. What does it do?

    Antavo’s loyalty incentives increase brand engagement and customer spend, as well as help retailers collect customer data to run more personalized email campaigns. The solution provides a multi-channel activation set to connect customers through all the channels you own.


Loyal customers spend 10 times more than average customers. Use the following incentives online, in store or on mobile to encourage customer spend:

  1. Grant loyalty points for purchasesGive customers a great reason to become repeat buyers. This mechanism is at the heart of every loyalty program, to help you achieve your revenue goals.
  2. Activate customers with promotional campaignsEncourage impulse purchases by offering limited-time double and triple points events. Align these events with your sales strategy by offering bonus points on specific products or for certain customer segments.
  3. Reward customers differently based on achievementsMake customers feel special. Show your best customers gratitude with a tier structure that lets members unlock new rewards at each new tier they reach.
  4. Keep your customers with engaging rewardsGive customers what they truly want. Branded products, free shipping or discounts on future purchases? Exclusive experiences or VIP customer service? Or keep it simple and offer e-gift cards right from our loyalty system.


64% of loyalty program members want to earn rewards for activities other than purchase. Meet their needs with a loyalty engine supercharged with gamification functionalities that allows you to reward any trackable customer action.

  1. Increase social presence & reach new audiences
    With our 12 contest types, social share & follow and friend referral modules, you can create buzz around your brand, and encourage customers to spread the word through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or email, and also invite their friends for points.
  2. Get user generated content & data
    Build trust and strengthen SEO by encouraging customers to leave more product reviews for loyalty points. Plus, with surveys and forms you can collect additional demographic data about your customers.
  3. Deepen brand engagement
    Reward customers who interact with you. Give them points for viewing videos, opening and clicking your emails, visiting webpages, interacting with mobile apps, playing with content quizzes and doing treasure hunts in your store.
  4. Reward custom events
    With Antavo’s flexible system, you can reward any kind of trackable customer activities that support your business goals.



We are more than a technology provider. Our top priority is to lead you to success.

  1. Personal loyalty strategist
    Build a successful loyalty program from the very beginning. A dedicated Client Success team will guide you in determining the program design, user experience and reward scheme. We help optimize program performance during regular meetings.
  2. Point logic consultancy
    We help you build a program structure that pays off. Our data analysis specialists will prepare the right point logic for you, based on industry standards and individual business needs, so you get the real value of the data generated by the loyalty program.
  3. Data analysis & reporting
    Understand the data your loyalty program generates. Get actionable insights, as well as the knowledge on how to use the data well in your marketing campaigns, so your customers will feel you talk personally to them.



Our technology has evolved with a clear vision in mind, to offer loyalty functionalities that meet your needs, even at the most complex level.

  1. Powerful loyalty engine
    Our loyalty engine includes classic purchase-driven modules that increase customer spend, and engaging modules that gamify the shopping experience. Both types of modules communicate through the channels you already own.
  2. Stable technology backbone
    Our plugins, SDKs, APIs, webhooks, and mobile SDKs enable you to wire our solution with all the tools you use. Depending on your policies and priorities, we can store your data in the cloud or work in private servers on premises.
  3. Reports & insights
    Identify customers on an individual basis and run segmented communication accordingly, to increase engagement and profit. We monitor activities and growth in your program at every moment.
  4. Integrations
    Antavo supports integrations with third-party providers like Emarsys, Magento 2, Magento Enterprise, Shopify and others. Antavo beacons are powered by kontakt.io and gift card rewards are powered by companies like TangoCard.


  1. Increase enrollment with an appealing Membership Site
    Show members how they can earn and redeem points, and explain the benefits of reaching higher tiers. Run your membership site as a standalone, or embed it within any of your webpages.
  2. Acknowledge customers by rewarding their purchases
    Display the number of points that can be earned with purchase prominently on your product pages. Let customers use their point balance for a discount, right at checkout.
  3. Reward the behavior you seek
    Thank your customers for completing any trackable online activity. Reward members for reading posts, watching videos, or answering questions about your products.


  1. Connect offline, then stay in touch online
    Encourage customers to join your loyalty program, using a tablet in your store. Or get your employees involved, with the option to enroll new members through Antavo or your POS system.
  2. Track customer purchases with loyalty cards
    Identify customers and track their purchases whenever they visit your store. Use traditional plastic cards or offer digital cards on mobile, which update automatically with the customer’s current point balance and display the latest offers.
  3. Encourage purchases using digital coupons
    Sure, you can mail coupons or ask customers to print them out, but mobile coupons can do a lot more: notify customers when coupons are about to expire and send reminders when customers are near your store.
  4. Automatic in-store experience with beacons
    43% of loyalty members leave their physical cards home when they go shopping. On top of that, 40% of members forget that they’re even part of a loyalty program! Push proximity geo-fenced messages with beacons to remind customers to use their mobile loyalty cards when checking out.
  5. Create an interactive shopping experience with treasure hunts
    Gamify the in-store experience for customers. Shoppers can open up the loyalty hub or got notified through beacons and take on fun challenges, such as locating products in your store. They can complete the challenge by scanning product barcodes, or by typing in special codes placed next to your products.


  1. Always stay within reach with pass campaigns
    Provide a frictionless experience for customers with downloadable loyalty cards, which also show the member’s current point balance and latest offers. Members can show their card while checking out in your stores, use it as a ticket for event entry, or use it to earn extra points at events.
  2. Connect with customers using push notifications
    Reach your customers in an instant. When customers save Antavo passes into their mobile wallet or passbook app, you can send push notifications about new offers and in-store events, or send simple reminders.
  3. Track purchases with receipt scanning
    Find out who your customers are and learn about their product preferences and purchase behavior. This is a handy tool for brands selling their products through retailers. Customers can scan their receipts to get points or instant rewards.
  4. Enable loyalty in your mobile app
    All elements of the loyalty program and any loyalty mechanism can run on mobile. They can be built into your existing apps with the help of our mobile SDKs, or just run a responsive site. You can also reward check-ins and other interactions on mobile.
  1. How does the implementation process of the loyalty program look?

    Our implementation consultants propose a roadmap based on your requirements. Then a small part of your development and marketing team should allocate time to work with our consultants to thoroughly plan the program’s mechanism and implement it technically.

  2. Are the loyalty programs provided by Antavo responsive?

    Yes, they are. We always follow the latest trends affecting today’s consumer browsing and shopping habits. The modules and their customer-facing design elements are mobile-friendly, too.

  3. Can Antavo handle multiple languages and currencies?

    Our loyalty management platform includes an option to translate all of the program-related texts into preferred languages, then display the right languages according to country. Moreover, loyalty points can be calculated in different currencies.

  4. Where can I find more information about Antavo’s solution? 
    Contact us using the form and our sales team will reach out to you, or visit our website, read more about the best loyalty marketing practices in our industry use cases, or check out our technical documentation.
  5. What kind of support do I get?Our implementation consultants help you to technically integrate the Antavo Loyalty Management Platform with your system. While our Client Success team, including loyalty strategists and data analysts, will guide you in planning the whole program structure and point logic, and hold regular sessions with you.
  6. Can I use segments from the loyalty program in Emarsys, and vice-versa?

    Yes, you can. Antavo has a deep integration with Emarsys, which means you can use the same customer segments in the loyalty program and, for example, limit specific rewards to certain Emarsys segments.

  7. How does the loyalty program handle product returns? 

    You can set up a “pending points” option, which means that loyalty points for purchases will be awarded once your return deadline has passed. For example, if you have a 30-day return policy, the points will be awarded on day 31.

Antavo was founded in 2012 with a marketing software for lead-generation. After identifying the need for a solution that helps retain customers, they entered the world of loyalty reward programs in 2015, and launched their loyalty platform for ecommerce companies in 2016. Moving beyond rewarding exclusively online customer actions, their latest product helps multi-channel retailers reward loyalty online, mobile and in store.

Clients include leading brands such as Toys“R”Us, LUISAVIAROMA, and Escapes.ca. Antavo is headquartered in London and has offices in Hungary.

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