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Keep the good ones! Quarantine the others!
Audience-Optimizer provides a real-time glimpse into how active an email address is utilizing the AudiencePoint Global Data Pool. Engagement data is processed by the activity algorithm and generates a single score, indicating how active a given email address is.

Why Audience-Optimizer?

Deliverability issues happen in Email Marketing.  Best practices can reduce the pain caused by undelivered emails. The most common practice is to remove subscribers no longer interested in receiving email.  Re-engagement campaigns effectively accomplish this goal by sending a single message to the inactive subscribers asking if they are still interested in receiving the email.  The subscribers that respond “Yes”, continue receiving emails, those that click “No” are unsubscribed, but what about those that don’t respond?


Are they still reading your email!

Just because a subscriber doesn’t respond to your win-back campaign, doesn’t mean that they won’t read future messages. Studies find that even though subscribers may not have responded to a brand’s win-back campaign, 45% of subscribers do read subsequent messages.


How can you decide which email addresses should be kept?

Opens and clicks are only part of the email engagement equation. Subscribers may be reading your email, but you don’t have visibility into this. It is important to look at all activity for an email address (reads, purchases, etc.) and not remove subscribers immediately after a re-engagement campaign.


Identify expired emails and remove them from your list

Email addresses with no activity within their mail client, can leverage the 2+ Billion user profiles in the AudiencePoint Global Data Pool and the associated engagement data to identify email addresses with no engagement history in the data pool.

Improved Deliverability

By eliminating the subscribers that are not engaging anywhere, your sender reputation with the Mailbox Providers will improve and more emails will be delivered.

Better data

Pulling from 2+ Billion unique user profiles to identify the subscribers that are engaging with brands and those that are not. Better data leads to better results.

Increase list size

Instead of purging your list of non-performing subscribers, only purge those that aren’t engaging anywhere. By not removing subscribers that may engage, you are effectively growing your list.


“Not all abandoned email addresses are being used as spam traps, so while these addresses may get through validation and hygiene, the inactivity from these addresses counts against you in the eyes of the Mail Box Providers (MBPs). Audience Point can differentiate addresses that can hurt your deliverability and ones that won’t.”

-Jody Horvath, Mindable


“The major ISPs look at the overall population of recipient’s senders are mailing. One sign of a poor list is that the addresses being mailed are unused. They were created and used for a short time and the recipient forgot the password or stopped using the address or, in some other way, just doesn’t actually check mail there anymore. The challenge is identifying these addresses as different from addresses belonging to users who are interacting with your mail/brand and just not clicking links or loading images.”

– Laura Atkins, Word to the Wise

  1. The marketer acquiring leads at Point of Sale

    Example: A subscriber signs up for an offer at the point of sale. She uses an email address to get her offer. AudiencePoint determines how active that email address is through our database of activity and returns a score to the requesting service to help determine the value of the email address.

  2. The retailer with an aging list

    Example: A retailer wants to scrub their list for unengaged subscribers. A batch file is uploaded to AudiencePoint, which scores each email address in the file with how active each address is. The retailer can make decisions about what the minimum threshold of engagement is for interaction. The inactive emails can be quarantined until the point that they have shown activity in the AudiencePoint network.

  3. The marketer using a contest to generate subscribers

    Example: A lead generation tool is set up to identify leads to grow the email marketing program. A lot of leads are generated, but there is no way to evaluate how “good” a lead is. A price is determined per lead.  The Audience-Optimizer score could be used to “vet” and underwrite the value of a lead. The higher the score, the more the lead would sell for.

  4. The marketer trying to avoid spam traps

    Example: A valid email marketer is attempting to send email to his/her subscribers and spam trap seed emails are added to the list unfairly, threatening a valid sender’s reputation. The Audience-Optimizer Score would show which email addresses are interacting with content and not just receiving it, thus reducing likelihood of a trap.

  5. The marketer changing sending IP address

    Example: A brand is moving their email deployments to new IP Addresses. The top 40% of the Audience-Optimizer can be used to warm the new IP addresses.

  6. The marketer driving sales through promotions

    Example: The more engaged subscribers should receive better offers. Each Audience-Optimizer is derived from real, current activity and could be used to segment offers.

When will the technology produce results that I can use?


How long does it take to set up?

Setups usually take around 30 minutes

How does it work?

This tool has been built for the marketer, upload a CSV file to our SFTP server, 15 minutes later, the file will be scored and waiting for you? Faster if you want to use our UI or API.

What other users are there for this technology?

There are a lot of ways to use actual engagement data to drive marketing decisions, contact sales@audiencepoint.com to create your plan.

What Geographic regions are represented in this Data Pool?

AudiencePoint has customer from around the world.

Is it secure?

Yes, all AudiencePoint data incorporate hashing + Salt.  For the non-technical crowd this means that data is secure and able to be matched but not queried.

What kind of support is there?

AudiencePoint will pair you up with an individual Email Success consultant who will help you leverage best practices.


AudiencePoint was founded in 2010.  The belief was that historic behavioral data was valuable and could be predictive for consumer behavior.  From this thesis, AudiencePoint built the industry-shifting Send Time Optimization technology.  In the seven years that they have been working together, they have amassed 2 Billion + User profiles and the associated data. Customers report up to a 30% increase in engagement and conversions.


More industry quotes about AudiencePoint:

“Data is the basis for decision in marketing. AudiencePoint is the gold standard in data for email marketing.”

– Hari Saini, Taxi for Email


“Few companies in the email marketing space have the capacity for disruption more than AudiencePoint.  It’s innovation data solutions target exactly the right people at the exact right time leading to better engagement and better inbox placement.  And, of course, and higher ROI for email campaigns.”

– Chris Marriott, Marketing Democracy

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