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People-Based Marketing Cloud

BounceX Unlocks the First Scalable Revenue Channel in 10 Years

Why BounceX?

Marketers are responsible 
for driving growth for their businesses, but outside of Google, Facebook 
and batch-and-blast email, there hasn’t been a new option for driving meaningful revenue in over a decade. We’ve created a new revenue channel, one that adds 6-10% of new top-line revenue. We are activating People-Based Marketing (PBM) as a new channel with definitive results you can measure in your own analytics.

How does it work?

Identification is the foundation of BounceX’s People-Based Marketing Cloud. BounceX’s proprietary identification engine identifies users even in a non-logged in state. With that, brands can market to the right person at the right time across all their devices and sessions using Behavioral Email, Browser-Level Push Notifications and Behavioral CMS, ultimately driving major revenue growth for brands.

What is People-Based Marketing?

People-Based Marketing (PBM) is a strategic approach to marketing in which marketers target individual people, rather than groups, with relevant messaging across different channels and touchpoints. An optimized PBM strategy leverages both consumer identification for accuracy and automation for scale.

  1. ConsumerID Graph

    The BounceX ConsumerID Graph enables you to market to people, not cookies. It uses cookie-less technology to identify 40%-70% of your users (industry average is 5-15%) and remembers them across every device and session. With 98% accuracy across devices, you can market to your audience effectively across multiple sessions to drive untapped revenue.

  2. Behavioral Email

    Behavioral Email uses the BounceX ConsumerID Graph to reach an unprecedented number of users and leverages their onsite behaviors to provide the most relevant email messaging at the right time, offers a 6-10% increase in revenue from triggered email measured in your own analytics.

  3. Behavioral CMS

    The BounceX Behavioral CMS enables you to mirror a real-world buying experience online. Behavioral CMS identifies each user’s purchase intent and position in the buyer journey to provide continuity across all devices and sessions. Using automation, this product enables marketers to generate a larger send pool for triggered emails and maximize revenue per user.

  4. Browser-Level Push Notifications

    With Browser-Level Push Notifications, including Behavioral Opt-Ins, you now have a new marketing channel that enables us to intelligently push notifications to our customers through the browser. Push campaigns are simple to build, easy to execute and have the highest opt-in, open and conversion rates of any marketing channel, ever.

Brands spend a lot of time, money, and energy to drive traffic to their website. The bulk of that traffic is unknown. BounceX can be used to identify the majority of the anonymous traffic coming to a brand’s website.
Subscriber list growth is challenging, through BounceX’s platform, customers can grow their active subscribers by 6x to 8x of their current list size.
A brand wishes to increase the scale and sophistication of their triggered email program by identifying more new subscribers and their specific onsite behaviors.
An online retailer needs to improve onsite and email conversion rates and increase overall digital revenue for their brand.

Founded in 2012, BounceX’s People-Based Marketing (PBM) cloud is the first new revenue channel with scale in 10 years. With offices in NYC, San Francisco and London and named the fastest growing software company in America by Inc Magazine in 2016, we currently power thousands of digital properties across a multitude of industries. For the first time, brands and publishers have a meaningful paid channel outside of Google and Facebook. We are trusted by global enterprises such as Forever21, JetBlue, Samsonite, Clarks, Hugo Boss and many more. www.bouncex.com

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Get in touch: partnerships@bounceexchange.com


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