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Multi-Channel, Multi-Language, Personalized Communication

A Universal, Smart Content Management platform that enables global brands such as Dyson, Jaguar Land Rover, Kohl’s and Hearst Magazines to engage their audience.


Why censhare?

censhare enables the management of digital transformation through multi-channel, multi-language, and personalized communication. It efficiently manages a variety of content types such as photos, videos, text documents, presentations, PDF files or product information, for publishing to multiple channels (including web, print, email and social) in multiple languages on a very large scale.

How does it work?

We use an innovative, patent-pending semantic database technology that is incredibly fast at delivering contextualized, highly personalized content similar to that used in cutting edge AI and virtual assistant technology. All your digital assets and other information can be ingested from existing systems like your ERP, PIM, CRM, Marketing Automation or Analytics solution, as well as from local workstations and PCs. As a result, your marketing team has all its assets and information available in a central place, enabling them to run personalized cross-channel marketing campaigns and programs on web, mobile, email, social, and innovative online and offline channels, including print.

What does it do?

The centralized censhare platform helps clients significantly improve the efficiency of their marketing organization, speed up marketing processes and production from start to finish, and reduce marketing related IT cost as well as external agency spend. It also enables clients to consistently manage their brands on a global scale, both internally and for external partners.


Manages all media assets such as images, videos, text documents, PDFs, or presentations. It is the single solution for handling the full lifecycle of assets from creation, to editing, transformation and use in various media both internally and externally.

  1. Utilize content to the max – all processes are optimized to make best use of existing resources and unlock the full potential of your valuable content.
  2. Efficiency – Transparently create, find, edit, retrieve, transform, and distribute content.
  3. Manage large sets of digital assets – Provide a consistent customer and brand experience for all file types like images, brochures, videos, presentations, and more.
  4. Improve internal and external collaboration – This reduces the risk of duplicating work and associated agency costs.


Manages and enriches data for material and immaterial products to streamline and improve marketing activities. Our PIM links all information objects with available sales and marketing material and related information like product specifications, prices, customer service information, media, or usage rights.

  1. Connect your marketing team to your product information systemOne intuitive system provides your marketing team with the latest product information for consistency across all marketing campaigns and programs.
  2. Intuitively enrich product dataEnrich product information with digital marketing assets and other relevant data and information.
  3. Easily and quickly localize product informationEnable your marketing team to use localized product information including translations, legal requirements, currencies, and more.
  4. Reduce product returns and increase customer satisfactionAlways using complete and accurate product information.
  5. Extremely fastcenshare’s semantic database has been optimized for search and ensures super fast responses even for large datasets.


Translates and automatically transforms digital assets for specific channels and applications like print, mobile, and other digital outlets. The optional Web Content Management portion of the solution enables users to author both simple and complex websites, microsites, and communities, as well as manage their content.

  1. Combine omnichannel execution with product information and digital assetsWhenever information is added or edited, censhare can automatically update, transform, publish and syndicate the new information to digital and print channels. Information will always be consistent, helping to provide an exceptional customer experience throughout the entire customer journey.
  2. Cut the costs of publishing omnichannel contentFree your marketing team from the ‘channel treadmill’ of managing channels manually and reduce associated agency costs for transformation and syndication of content.
  3. Free up creative resourcesEliminate mundane tasks and focus on improving the user experience and producing attractive content that entices customers.
  4. Use proven workflows, processes, and tools for all your marketing projects – Get rid of cumbersome, error-prone manual processes. This includes the integration of Adobe® InDesign® and Adobe® InCopy® software for the creation and editing of layout files for printed media.



Provides workflows for all print related assets and content, allowing catalogs, magazines and other printed items to be created, edited and produced in a seamless, collaborative manner.

  1. Improve the efficiency of your print productioncenshare simplifies content production for all channels, including print, and reduces the production time for print material. This enables brands to save money and better respond to market trends.
  2. Achieve full transparency on print related tasks, projects and budgetsThis increases your ability to understand team workload on print projects as well as current spend.
  3. Treat print just like a digital channelDesigners can place required content objects, like product photos or descriptions, into their Adobe® InDesign® layout files or other documents, directly from censhare, just as their online colleagues do.
  4. Let your team work in parallel on the same print publication – Merge the different parts in censhare right before print production.
  5. Reduce your software costThe solution can be used across the organization without generating additional software cost for occasional contributors.


Manages brand assets such as logos, pictures, templates, best practice examples and brand guidelines.

  1. Achieve a consistent customer and brand experience across all channelsSynchronize the transformation and use of brand elements in online and offline channels.
  2. Ensure brand complianceWith censhare you can be sure that only approved assets are used across the organization.
  3. Reduce costEliminate agency spend for managing brand assets and making digital assets available online as this task can be performed inhouse using a centralized asset repository that can be accessed through a brand portal powered by censhare.
  4. Control the use of digital assetsSophisticated access permissions make sure that specific functions, teams, partners, and external resources can only access the assets as needed.


Enables clients to manage the entire lifecycle of digital assets including marketing budgets, projects, campaigns, and their execution.

  1. Harness the complexity of marketing projects and processesUse a single platform centered around content assets, from content production and marketing campaign creation to execution and results tracking.
  2. Achieve full transparencyTasks, projects, budgets, and campaigns – with censhare it’s easy to track performance and increase your ability to engage contacts with consistent and accurate information.
  3. Easily assign internal material to each projectSupport smooth project execution by adding internal material like moodboards, recordings of project meetings, meeting notes, presentations, photos and more.
  4. Manage budgets and resourcesCentralize budgets, broken down by region, department and branch offices with budgeted and actual cost comparisons. Review and manage the availability, capacity, and cost of internal or external staff at a glance and in detail.
  5. Plan and orchestrate omnichannel campaignsUse the same foundation for every touchpoint, from photos and artwork to product information and collateral.


  • The challenge: A leading European retailer with more than 600 outlets in one country has to support four languages in its customer communications. It was using a large number of systems to produce a wide range of advertising materials and processes were convoluted and complex.
  • The solution: A new solution that could handle the entire production process through automated workflows, enabling easy communication between different departments and agencies. The company chose censhare for its modular solution concept and flexible configuration to meet its individual requirements. The software guarantees the consistency of the produced materials, connects to the retailer’s central Product Information Management system and transfers all information required by marketing teams to run effective campaigns.
  • The benefits: The solution ensures that all required data is available and up to date for each campaign. censhare also improved the management of the product information with more than 600,000 images and visuals. Today, a user friendly platform links its teams to external studios via workflows. As a result, the retailer’s marketing related IT and ad agency costs have been reduced significantly while the number of marketing campaigns can be increased.


  • The challenge: A leading publishing group in one European country owns various media, including a weekly print magazine and its online edition. To future proof and prepare its business for an omnichannel world, the publisher wanted to streamline the content production for both online and offline channels by using the same content management and workflow tools across all its channels with just minimal or no extra training required for new channels.
  • The solution: censhare proposed moving all content assets to its Universal Smart Content Management Platform, a strict segregation of content and output channels. censhare offered fast dynamic content delivery that would work without HTML pre-rendering. Each page should be generated on the fly. This would enable firstly publishing news ‘as they happen’, with users unaffected from caching issues, and secondly granular personalization for each visitor, e.g. on the level of pages, widgets, or data sources. As a side effect, the site could be relaunched whenever needed without having to migrate any content assets.
  • The benefits: Shortly after switching to censhare the magazine’s online edition quickly became one of fastest growing online media in the country, establishing new records for visits and unique clients. A main driver behind this development has been the production with censhare and its many SEO functions which have helped achieving top rankings with search engines.


  • The challenge: A global furniture manufacturer publishes a huge catalog annually that customers actively seek out and want. The company approached censhare to streamline the global production of the catalog. Keeping the brand consistent across several local variants had become an increasingly big challenge, especially considering the time and cost pressure to produce the catalog.
  • The solution: censhare created a central repository for product images, related product information and layout templates for the catalog. censhare implemented all digital production workflows that removed inefficiencies caused by manual tasks.
  • The benefits: Today, 600+ marketers around the globe can fill centrally created templates with content while brand managers and designers can be sure the catalog will be fully brand compliant. The results have been impressive: the manufacturer is enjoying significantly reduced production time for new catalogs and saves costs while keeping the quality of the catalog high and customers satisfied.


  • The challenge: One leading European airline was looking to solve four central challenges: managing multi-lingual content, achieving consistency across all media, reducing costs, and controlling the use of digital assets.
  • The solution: Implementation of censhare’s centralized solution for managing, organizing, transmitting, distributing, and displaying marketing material in all channels – essentially a ‘single source of truth’ for the entire company and its external partners. Its sophisticated, intuitive, and fast search function significantly reduces the time spent finding appropriate digital assets. In addition, the solution also inspires users by suggesting related topics.
  • The benefits: Collaboration vastly improved through the distribution and exchange of information. The detailed roles and rights logic ensures that partners can only access assets provided for them. The airline now plans to go even further by deploying a translation memory, integrating more systems, and using the marketing and budget planning capabilities of censhare‘s Universal, Smart Content Management platform.

Do I have to shift my entire organization to censhare all at once?

No, censhare grows at the speed that fits your organization best. You can start, for example, with a simple Digital Asset Management system and add further capabilities such as Web Content Management, Brand Management, or Product Information Management over time.

How long does it take to implement censhare?

The implementation time depends largely on your individual situation. Our experienced project managers will start off with the typical schedule and adapt it to your exact requirements. Important factors are, for example, the number of systems that need to be accessed (e.g. ERP, PIM, DAM) and the number of digital assets that need to be transferred from those systems. Once the project plan has been agreed upon, we will track and regularly report the implementation progress.

Which hosting options are available?
censhare can be hosted in your data center operated by your staff, in a 3rd party data center operated by your staff, or in a censhare data center operated by our staff. The software also supports hybrid installations where one portion is hosted in your data center, and another portion is hosted with a 3rd party provider.

Which licencing options are available?
censhare can be purchased as a perpetual license (at a one-time fee) or rented (at a low monthly rate).

What kind of support do I get?
Clients can chose between three support packages, offering hotline support Monday – Friday 9am – 6pm, Monday – Friday 8am – 9 pm, and 24/7/365.

Do you offer additional services?
On one hand, we offer training sessions to enable your teams to make the most out of censhare. If you need help with the definition of your digital transformation strategy, our experienced consultants can develop that strategy and a project plan that perfectly suits your business and experience. We can also operate the system on your behalf in our data centers, so you can focus on your creative marketing campaigns and programs.


censhare is a universal, smart content management software vendor that provides a single content and marketing platform to global brands such as BMW, Dyson, Jaguar Land Rover, Kohls and Hearst Magazines UK, as well as local champions like Migros, Rewe, Obi, and Gräfe+Unzer. The platform enables managing the digital transformation through multi-channel, multi-language, personalized communication. The company was founded in 2001 in Munich, Germany, and has offices in the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, France, The Netherlands, and India.

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