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Supercharge your campaigns with influencer video marketing for ecommerce

Enhance your cart abandonment and product retargeting email campaigns with automatically matched influencer videos, across your entire catalog.


What does the Creatable integration for Emarsys do?

Creatable enhances your Emarsys campaigns by automatically incorporating engaging influencer  videos into your cart abandonment and product targeting email automations, at scale across your  entire catalog. All videos have a dedicated, shoppable landing page in your online store.
Creatable enables you to invite and manage influencers and store associates to fuel your influencer  marketing program.

Why Should I Use Influencer Video in my Automations?

Because it works. User-generated video is proven to significantly outperform traditional ecommerce  marketing forms, across all metrics including conversion rate, engagement, and lifetime customer  value. Consumers today expect authenticity, and influencer-generated content is the best and only
way to meet that expectation at scale.

What is Creatable?

The only influencer marketing platform for ecommerce that enables influencers and store  associates to sell in your online store. Creatable enables you to:

1) Turn on personal video storefronts for influencers and store associates in your online store.

2) Moderate, own and control all content posted by influencers and store associates.

3) Bring shoppers from social and search to engage with influencers in your online store.

Influencer Video Enhanced Email Campaigns

Automatically match and insert influencer product video into your cart abandonment and product  retargeting email campaigns.

Storefronts for Online Salespeople

As a brand with an online store, storefronts are deployed on your subfolder or subdomain. They form  a new, shoppable video-centric destination on your domain with the ability to sync with your header  and footer for a seamless experience.

Salespeople Management

Enable your salespeople (employees, customers, and industry influencers) to share shoppable  videos with their social audiences, driving new traffic and sales. Launch and run branded storefronts  program and manage commission payouts to all salespeople.

Influencer Network

Leverage​ ​our pre-screened community of highly talented social media content creators who are  passionate about your products and ready to become your online salespeople.

Video Coverage for Products

The platform operates as a powerhouse to grow your video library and obtain video coverage across  your catalog, whether the content comes from your internal production efforts, your vendors, or your salespeople.

Video SEO and Site Search

Creatable enables you to​ ​deploy SEO optimized video-centric pages that will compete with Youtube  pages and other video-centric pages for Google search results.

Video Catalog

The Creatable platform extends your catalog to incorporate video, at scale. The platform maintains  optimal product matches for any given video, and optimal video matches for any given product.

Video Recommendations

The Creatable video recommendation engine automatically determines which videos to deliver to each  page on your site and marketing channels, driven by (i) page context (pass any variable from the  page/domain), and (ii) conversion and/or engagement optimization.

Video Player

Built upon the most versatile adaptive streaming technology (both HLS and DASH compliant), the  Creatable online video player, and the platform integrated video hosting and delivery service, ensure  the highest quality broadcast-grade customer experience.

Video CMS

Easily source, manage and moderate all video and photo assets, and publish content directly to your  site in a manner that works seamlessly with your existing commerce platform.

Analytics and Reporting

The platform supports a complete suite of real-time analytics, providing core metrics and KPIs to  follow engagement and conversion metrics that stem from your Storefront program and shoppable video experiences.

Commissioning and Settlement

The platform empowers you to manage, track, and commission your influencers and store  associates. Commission is generated on actual sales from shoppable content created and posted  by your influencers and store associates.

Cart Abandonment

The vast majority of consumers today turn to user generated content before making a purchase  decision. While cart abandonment email campaigns do work, they lack the authenticity that  consumers have become accustomed to seeing when deciding whether to buy a product. By  automatically inserting matching product videos from your influencers and store associates into  your cart abandonment campaigns, you will see a significant increase in conversion rate.

Product Retargeting

Consumers are inundated with product retargeting and have learned to tune out the bland product  content used by most of these campaigns. By automatically inserting matching product videos from  your influencers and store associates into your product retargeting campaigns, you will grab their  attention, and drive them back into the purchase funnel.

Engage Customers

No form of content today is more authentic and engaging than influencer generated product video.  With Creatable, your influencers and store associates can seamlessly create and post shoppable  product videos to their own storefront on your site, driving new traffic and sales via their social  media audiences. In addition, you can repurpose the highest performing content across your  automation campaigns, as described above.

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