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Your contact database is a goldmine!

CRM Ads can unlock the hidden potential in your data and help you create hyper-targeted smart ads to boost retention, reach and ROI.

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  1. Why CRM Ads?

    Retention is often limited to active and opted-in customers only, and acquisition mostly driven by 3rd-party segmentations and data models. CRM Ads merges your CRM marketing data with your ad strategy to reach your entire customer base.

  2. How does it work?

    Emarsys CRM Ads integrates seamlessly with Facebook (Facebook, Instagram) and Google (Gmail, YoutTube and Google Search) to find your customers on the web and target them in real time via automated and ad hoc data-driven advertising campaigns.

  3. What does it do?

    CRM Ads leverages the power of your CRM data within online advertising.

    Better retention: Drive customers to visit your site, and initiate repeat purchases, by creating retention-focused ad campaigns targeting your entire CRM database.

    Smarter acquisition: Use lookalike audiences to clone your best customers and start scaling your returns.

  1. Automation Center Audiences

    Use social media as part of a multi-channel customer engagement strategy. Add and remove contacts from the audience dynamically via the Automation Center.

  2. Segment Audiences

    All the contacts in the source segment whose email address matches a profile on the network are automatically added to this audience.

  3. Lookalike audiences

    Let the social networks create bespoke audiences of leads with similar profiles to those in your source segment.

  4. Integrated reporting

    Enjoy a complete overview of the campaigns and their performance with reports fully integrated into the advertising platforms.

  1. Reach your entire contact database

    Easily engage your entire CRM database regardless of engagement levels. Target inactive contacts or those who have not bought or browsed in a long time.

  2. Orchestrate multi-channel engagement campaigns

    Easily create a powerful, synchronized customer experience across ads, email and other channels.

  3. Find new Platinum leads

    Your best customers all share certain characteristics in common. Create a segment from your most lucrative contacts and the network will create a lookalike audience of people with similar profiles.

  4. Boost your retention

    Ads are a powerful way to target churning customers and drive your active customers to buy again and again.

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