Emarsys Enhance

Add value to your Emarsys Marketing Platform



Unifying Customer Data in Real Time

Build meaningful customer relationships at scale and across channels.

With the fastest customer data platform featuring the highest degree of integration imaginable, you’ll have a real handle on all your data and be able to understand every customer as an individual entity.

Integrate all of your data sources

No matter whether it’s CRM systems, data warehouses, web-tracking solutions, or response data from channel-specific marketing tools: CrossEngage is capable of integrating any and all conceivable sources of data smoothly.

Know every single customer

Our platform combines all user data into comprehensive 360° customer profiles, which marketing personnel can access directly, without the need for any support from IT. In addition to fundamental profile data, this also includes data related to customer history and current user behaviour.

React in real time

Our high-performance data infrastructure makes it possible to react to customer activity in real time – even when dealing with very large quantities of data and highly complex data structures. This allows particular events within the customer journey to serve as triggers for corresponding marketing measures.

Enhance Emarsys

CrossEngage integrates seamlessly with your existing Emarsys infrastructure, offering integration for emerging channels such as WhatsApp or direct mail so you will stay flexible whatever comes up.

Segment like a data specialist

Our Segment Builder gives you the opportunity to create the most complex customer segments you can imagine in just a few clicks, with immediate feedback regarding their size. This will have you planning your campaigns more efficiently and quickly than ever before.

Automate campaigns in real time

Roll out specific campaigns to just the right customer segments and react to user behaviour in real time. Our Journey Builder allows you to track and respond to detailed user journeys, and automate all of your campaigns.

Feel secure about your data

Our platform follows the new European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and we have been audited by external data security experts. CrossEngage is certified by ePrivacy and your data is hosted on secure servers located in Germany.


Engaged customers are good customers

With unified and persistent data storage, CrossEngage supports multiple use cases across the customer journey that will increase your ROI and customer lifetime value.

Activate customers

Turn your website visitors into customers with advanced automated cross-channel browse and cart abandonment campaigns.

Prevent churn

Target customers who are about to slip away before they do, as well as win back inactive customers.

Increase customer loyalty

Increase customer retention with individual up- and cross-sell promotions for your high-value customers.

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