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DemandJump’s customer acquisition platform enables companies to outmaneuver the competition, acquire more customers, and optimize digital spend by revealing the real dynamic customer journey of their target audience.

Traffic Cloud® – customer acquisition platform helps brands to capture and convert more of their target audience. Traffic Cloud™ does this by first identifying the dynamic customer journey of your audience and your competition’s audience. Traffic Cloud® then makes actionable recommendations so marketers can drive more, qualified traffic to their site and increase revenue.

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Traffic Cloud® is for digital marketers that want to increase revenue and eliminate wasted spend across marketing channels. DemandJump customers on average identify and eliminate 25% of wasted spend, and grow revenue across channels by +109%.

DemandJump enables companies to improve their online marketing investments with unprecedented purpose and precision. The company’s award-winning Traffic Cloud™ platform uses artificial intelligence, data science and complex mathematics to analyze a customer’s competitive digital ecosystem. The platform then delivers prioritized action plans of where, how and when to invest marketing dollars in order to drive qualified traffic across channels, resulting in new customers from direct competitors.

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